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ladies at 5'8 what is your ideal weight target?



  • louigie15louigie15 Posts: 7Member Posts: 7Member
    a lot of factors go into this like bone structure and body type, but if you can get toned and stay around 140 that should be great for you. Just remember that runway models look better with clothes on. The camera is adding weight and they still look like pretty skeletons. I would prefer a toned 140 5'8'' every time..:happy:
  • rawhidenadzrawhidenadz Posts: 254Member Member Posts: 254Member Member
    5'7, large frame, ultimate goal is between 140 and 145.
  • jacy8907jacy8907 Posts: 2Member Posts: 2Member
    I'm 5'8 and my goal is between 145 and 150.
  • kimber0607kimber0607 Posts: 991Member Member Posts: 991Member Member
  • mariiyahmariiyah Posts: 138Member Posts: 138Member
    im 5'8
    CW: 172
    GW: 125
  • VespyrVespyr Posts: 112Member Posts: 112Member
    5'8 - I remember weighing 145-150 in my first few years of University so I think that would be attainable for me. I thought I was fat then.../faceplam
  • krislshoekrislshoe Posts: 459Member Member Posts: 459Member Member
    im 5'8"..current weight is 140 but i would be super happy to be 135
  • leahnoelle31leahnoelle31 Posts: 79Member Member Posts: 79Member Member
    I'm 5'8"
    CW: 126-127
    GW: 123-125

    I have a really small frame and I'm a runner so that weight doesn't look too thin on me.
  • pixelberrypixelberry Posts: 167Member Member Posts: 167Member Member

    CW: 149
    GW: 140

    So close yet so far away!
  • JoyousJustine67JoyousJustine67 Posts: 50Member Member Posts: 50Member Member
    I am 5'7 my ultimate goal weight is 140 i am getting close :) I am 153 right now and size 8 and BMI is finally in Healthy range this alone is a miracle for me :) now if i could firm up the flab LOL
  • shrinkbacktomeshrinkbacktome Posts: 10Member Posts: 10Member
    I'm 5'8 and hoping for 135/130lbs, plus if anyone wants to add me it would be nice to meet some people with the same goal!
  • shima20shima20 Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    Hey there
    I'm 5'8", 21 years old and about 178 lbs.
    I've lost about 65 lbs within 2 years.
    My goal weight is 140lbs ( I'm large frame)
  • notworthstalkingnotworthstalking Posts: 531Member Member Posts: 531Member Member
    I am about 5 8. 172 cms. My lowest adult weight was 66kg or 142.5 pounds and felt too skinny. I wasn't eating great and wasn't strong enough. On the first of January I was 79.2kg or 174.2 pounds. I want to get to 68kg or 149.6 pounds. I am mostly stressed about my tummy. As I have lost weight it is shrinking but is still flabby. My overall boody fat looks better. I also want to be strong and am getting there slowly.
  • demonlullabydemonlullaby Posts: 526Member Member Posts: 526Member Member
    goal weight 145-150!
  • msaestein1msaestein1 Posts: 268Member Posts: 268Member
    I'm 5'8" and currently weigh 179 and I wear a size 12,some 10s. My short term goal weight is just to be a healthy BMI of 164. Some of the goal numbers on here look so low, its making my head hurt thinking about how much weight I would have to lose to get there. let alone how long it will it take; like a year! So, my goal, weight for now, is based on being a consistent size 8, so whatever weight gets me there. I think it will about 155. Makes it look more attainable; less stress.
  • BarbaraCarr1981BarbaraCarr1981 Posts: 905Member Member Posts: 905Member Member
    5'9". CW is 148lbs. Working towards becoming toned and strong so I don't care if I lose any weight now. Before my baby, I was 139lbs but never lifted heavy. Just light weights/highreps and some cardio.
  • cappricappri Posts: 1,559Member Member Posts: 1,559Member Member
    I'm 5'8" 160, I want to lose another 10-15 pounds, my ticker is set for 148.
  • BarackMeLikeAHurricaneBarackMeLikeAHurricane Posts: 3,416Member Member Posts: 3,416Member Member
    I'm 5'8", current weight is 113lbs, goal is around 125lbs.
  • 2013sk2013sk Posts: 1,319Member Member Posts: 1,319Member Member
    Im just under 5 ft 9, was 138 lbs a few weeks back. Now I'm 133lbs/134lbs..... Would probably like to loose 2 or 3lbs.....I wouldn't look right under 130.....more about toning and weights now
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