Summer Challenge



  • misticache
    misticache Posts: 364 Member
    CW: 172.6
    GW: 150

    For cardio I plan on just walking and running upwards to 20 miles this week.

    Mediterranean Chick Pea Salad Makes 4 servings (1 cup is a serving)

    In a large bowl, combine everything and toss to mix ingredients. Let stand at room temperature for about 10 minutes to allow flavors to blend. Substitute veggies that you like for the ones you don’t.


    Bush's Best - Low Sodium Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas), 1 container (2 cups ea.)

    Raw - Red Onion, Diced, 1 cup sliced

    Cucumber - Peeled, raw, 0.5 large (8-1/4" long)

    Parsley - Raw, 2 tbsp Or Cilantro

    Generic - Garlic Cloves, Minced, 1 clove

    Athenos - Reduced Fat Feta Cheese- Crumbled, 1/4 cup(34g)

    Lemon juice - Raw, 0.25 cup

    Great Value - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 0.75 Tbsp

    Generic - Plum Tomatoes, 1 oz.
    Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
    Total: 662 104 23 34 992 5
    Per Serving: 166 26 6 9 248
  • Cateyes0831
    Cateyes0831 Posts: 172 Member
    CW: 277.6

    I did really good on the water and staying under calories for at least 5 days but never got around to my new exercise :cry: I'm going tonight to a new class (for me) called Dance Step. A little late is better then never....right? Lol. Hope everyone is doing well :happy:
  • AngelKH
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    That's can do it:happy:
  • renaegry
    renaegry Posts: 1,258 Member
    Love the challenge this week.

    I usually weigh in on Fridays and was 153 then, weighed in today and I was surprised I had lost another 0.6 pounds.

    SW: 154
    CW: 152.4

    I will check in this evening. Hope everyone has a good day.
  • twistyBee
    twistyBee Posts: 63
    Good Morning everyone, scrolling through and seeing all of the success is such great motivation! This week I am weighing in at 146lbs - 1lb down! :happy: I did really well with drinking 2 more cups of water and not so well on staying below my calorie goals (4 days under). I tried out a few new moves from the Tone It Up workout plan, my favorite was the Rainbow Side Crunch. I look forward to this weeks challenges, especially seeing all of the recipes. Here's to another good week!
  • redfox43
    redfox43 Posts: 39 Member
    Count me in - I need more motivation!
  • kschoono
    kschoono Posts: 344 Member
    I would love to join this awesome challenge. :) I need the motivation too. :)

    Week one weigh in :
    C.W. 150

    My goal weight is to be 138 in August. :) I would love to lose 12 lbs or more. :)

    Thanks for doing this challenge. :)
  • sullabye
    sullabye Posts: 7 Member
    5/29: 147.4
    6/5: 146.2
    Goal weight: 135

    I think I was under my calorie goal 4/7 days. Didn't do super well with the water drinking thing. But hey, I lost a pound!

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  • jennyhynek
    jennyhynek Posts: 17 Member
    The scale didn't move as much as I wanted it to this week. I also was super hungry and had a hard time staying under my daily calories. I'm looking forward to the challenges of the coming week... Cardio 4 days this week and increasing fruits and vegetables. Great job to everyone else!

    SW: 151
    CW: 150
    GW: 135
  • creech6317
    creech6317 Posts: 869 Member
    I didn't lose any weight this week.
    I did increase my water, I tried a new exercise (30DS)
    I was only over 1 day this week, but that was on purpose. I have decided to up my calories to try and get loosing weight again.
  • kyrstin__1188
    kyrstin__1188 Posts: 170 Member
    SW: 139
    GW: 129

    Week One Challenges:
    Under Calorie Goal: 6/7 days
    New Exercise: Added in a new wii game
    More Water: I drank more water 3/7 days

    *I'm at work now, so I will update my current weight when I get home tonight! :)
  • cherriewilliams
    cherriewilliams Posts: 118 Member
    SW 220.8

    CW 219 Down 1.8 Lbs

    GW 205
  • bleistiftspitzer
    bleistiftspitzer Posts: 19 Member

    I was actually pretty diligent about exercise, did almost every day. New exercise is elliptical. I don't know if I got enough water, tried at least to drink more. The problem I had was staying under calories. I was pretty good most of the week until two days ago. I just wanted to eat a lot, or I didn't track my calories because I knew I'd be over and I felt bad. That's frustrating, and it's going to be my biggest hurdle to overcome and lose the weight. Well a loss is a loss, so I'm at least happy I lost a pound.

    Also, I'm going to beg for friend requests :)
  • annttvldz
    annttvldz Posts: 21
    Wow. Thought I replied to this, guess not. Hope its not too late.

    How often do you post challenges? I just started 30 DS today after a 1 1/2 week rest from P90X. I loved it but was so worn out at the end of the week after 5 days of it. Plus it was hard for me to get in 1 full hr straight.

    I do good with my eating and water, I need major motivation to exercise.

  • I would also like to join this challenge. I am feeling so good and burn most of my fuel doing farm work on my farm. I need to focus of water intake because when I feel like snacking its generally because I am thirsty.

    This week, I signed up for a tribal fusion belly dance class and am really looking forward to it. Belly dance is awesome! I have seen lots of woman of all shapes and sizes do it, and I hope to gain more confidence of my body while getting in touch with my inner goddess and sexuality. 11910548.png
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  • arkendale
    arkendale Posts: 6 Member
    Hello All,

    Checking in for the week.

    SW 240
    CW 236

    Under calories for 3 days this week. Exercised 6 days which made a big difference

    Thank you all for posting. Reading about small triumphs and little failures has kept me motivated. You are all an inspiration. It has also made me realize that this journey we have embarked on is best taken with fellow travelers.

    Good Luck to all for next week.
  • raph97
    raph97 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the challenge! It will keep me motivated for my 10K training!

    Challenge SW: 236
    CW: 234.6
    Challenge GW: 219

    So far so good!
  • zerbe6982
    zerbe6982 Posts: 68
    5/29 Update:
    Water - No
    Exercise - Yes (I added pushups to my routine)
    Calories - Under
    5/30 Update:
    Water - Yes! Drank 6 cups instead of 4
    Exercise - Yes (I added pushups to my routine)
    Calories - Under by 46
    5/31 Update:
    Water - Yes! Drank 6 cups instead of 4
    Exercise - Yes (I added pushups to my routine)
    Calories - Under my calories; That's 3/7
    6/1 Update:
    Water - No ;(
    Exercise - Yes
    Calories - Over today; 3/7

    6/2 Update:
    Water - No ;(
    Exercise - Yes
    Calories - Over today; 3/7

    6/3 Update:
    Water - Yes; 8 cups today
    Exercise - Yes
    Calories - Under today; 4/7
    6/4 Update:
    Water - Yes; 6 cups today
    Exercise - Yes
    Calories - Under today; 5/7
  • zerbe6982
    zerbe6982 Posts: 68
    SW: 196
    CW: 193.6
    GW: 170

    Loss: 2.4 pounds

    Great Start!

    Feel free to add me. :)
  • ElaineP
    ElaineP Posts: 17 Member
    SW 136
    CW 134

    I did okay with the water most days. I added a new exercise. I did okay with my calories until the weekend when I didn't track. I had a graduation party at my house so tracking kind of fell by the wayside.