Summer Challenge

This summer is the time to get on track and lose weight! I used to be very active on MFP and lost a ton of weight with these challenges providing great support. Unfortunately life got in the way and I've gained back about half of what I lost, so I'm starting over.

WHAT IS THIS CHALLENGE? I'm going to set a goal that I lose 15 pounds by AUGUST 28TH. You set a goal that works for you! There will be weekly challenges posted to encourage us to EAT healthy and get MOVING!

HOW DOES THE CHALLENGE WORK? On MAY 29TH check in to this post with your starting weight and your goal. Every week on Tuesday you will check in with your current weight and how the challenges went for you that week. I will be keeping track of everyone's loss and how close they are to hitting it on a spreadsheet on google docs.

WHO CAN JOIN? Anyone can join! However much weight you have to take off, you're welcome to join! I just want this to be an encouraging and supportive challenge.

HOW LONG IS THIS CHALLENGE? It runs from May 29th to August 28th. Check-ins are every Tuesday. But feel free to weigh whenever works for you and comment as much as you want on the forum!

Any questions? Who's going to lose weight with me this summer?


  • mattysmom
    mattysmom Posts: 82 Member
    I'm in! The more support the better!
  • I'm in. I live in Key West so it's always summer here....already gotta be bikini ready. I'm reached my goal but now i want to go for an even 100 pounds lost. Add me :)
  • devonette
    devonette Posts: 263 Member
    Count me in, too! I like your 15 pound goal for that time frame, I think that will be my goal, too. (perfect timing -- I'm currently in a Memorial Day Challenge that ends on the 28th!)
  • i think i'll have piece of this!
  • LovetheNewMe
    LovetheNewMe Posts: 29 Member
    Count me in I have 13 lbs left to lose to get to goal!
  • balancejenn
    balancejenn Posts: 234
    Sounds great.... count me in please!
  • reeyak
    reeyak Posts: 4 Member
    I am in. I really need motivation to put my workout shoes on again.
  • devonette
    devonette Posts: 263 Member
    Are we going to use this topic, or will you be starting a group for the Challenge to make it easier for us to find?
  • inskydiamonds
    inskydiamonds Posts: 2,519 Member
    Are we going to use this topic, or will you be starting a group for the Challenge to make it easier for us to find?

    I think I'm just going to use the topic. The best luck I had with the challenges was in the topic and not when I tried it in a group.
  • inskydiamonds
    inskydiamonds Posts: 2,519 Member
    That can be reevaluated though if things start to get confusing. :) Glad to see some people joining!
  • JustPeachy044
    JustPeachy044 Posts: 778 Member
    I'm in too! I'm 18 lbs down but have 26 to go, so this will be perfect!
  • dmzf
    dmzf Posts: 47 Member
    What a great idea! I love the encouragement aspect and look forward to seeing everyones numbers melting away by the end of summer. See you on the 29th.
  • reeyak
    reeyak Posts: 4 Member
    :drinker: Bump
  • SunKissed1989
    SunKissed1989 Posts: 1,312 Member
    I'm in - I've been losing a pound a week recently and found out this morning that I've put on 3lbs which really got me down :frown: Hopefully this challenge will keep me going - August is also my goal date so it's perfect for me :smile:
  • RiverMelSong
    RiverMelSong Posts: 456 Member
    I'm in! I want to lose 22lbs before my graduation ceremony in september :)
  • deeanna13
    deeanna13 Posts: 10 Member
    Count me in too please! I would love to lose15lbs!
  • luvinmefirst
    luvinmefirst Posts: 160 Member
    I am in...I would like to lose 30 pounds by August 28th!!!!
  • bunjijk
    bunjijk Posts: 44
    I would like to take part in this challenge. Joined MFP a while back, but never really posted anything so I am new to this site. Bare with me as I try to figure things out on here. I lost weight last year through a challenge at work, but gained it ALL back and then some. I really need this motivation to get back on track. I need to lose 40-ish pounds, but realistically speaking I will set my summer goal for 18 - that will put me back in Onederland!
  • atasha82
    atasha82 Posts: 21 Member
    Im in i have been MIA for a while now. And i have done well with challenges before. Good luck everyone.
  • I am in. I love a good challenge. I have lose 30 and have 55 to go.