Thigh Gap: Not possible for some??? Is this true?



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    It's not going to happen here. When I was 15-29 and weighed 110 I didn't have one. We have what our family calls drumstick legs. IE TURKEY drumstick. I used to regularly wear out the insides of my pants from my thighs rubbing together and I was a normal weight. I also walked at least 4 miles a day on a regular basis. Oh well, luckily I've never considered the thigh gap a standard of beauty.
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    I love the thigh gap! Or maybe I just like seeing women in their underwear.

    Mike - You clearly need more time at the gym and less at The Chive website. LOL KCCO

    Gap, No Gap, doesn't make a difference to me.
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    I'd never heard of such a thing until I joined MFP (I guess I must live under a rock). Great, just when I'm starting to feel good about my 50lb weight loss, society tells me I'm less than desireable now because my thighs make contact with one another. It was a lost cause anyways, what with my stretch marks and destroyed boobs from breastfeeding.
    I'm pretty sure I won't be on my death bed worrying about whether or not I achieved 'thigh gap'. I'll be proud that I led a healthy, enjoyable, kind, generous life. The rest is inconsequential.
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    When I struggled with eating issues and weighed 92 lbs I had a very tiny thigh gap. What that tells me is at a healthy weight of 125 I doubt very seriously that I will have a thigh gap. Oh well.........
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    And for the record, Mike, you're literally the first guy I've ever seen on here or heard in real life say they even pay attention to the "thigh gap" lol


    Agreed. I have a thigh gap mainly due to having wide hips. Regardless I have never in my life had a man tell me "babe I love your thigh gap". In fact, I think it would creep me out.
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    *Raises hand*

    *Love* the thigh gap..

    But it isn't a negative if you don't have one. Its hot and everything but that doesn't mean its a big factor...
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    Yeah, there's no way in hell I'm ever going to have a thigh gap. Even when I was a scrawny teenager weighing 110 pounds, my thighs rubbed together and I always wore through my jeans in that spot. It's just how I'm built.
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    I don't get it, I literally hadn't ever heard of a thigh gap until I joined this site. I have one, I've never given it a second thought one way or the other but my hips are not narrow so I never expected my thighs to touch. I've never been heavy so I don't know whether that makes a difference but honestly I could give a *kitten* and it's not something my partner has ever commented on. Focus on your health and your strength and your personality.,,,, feck this whole thigh gap crap!
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    It's something I have been hearing women obsess about more lately and prior only ever saw on women who I thought were TOO skinny (to where it was unattractive, like unhealthy thin).. so I associated it with being unhealthy in my mind.

    However it seems like the thing one must have no NOT to be considered fat. Even when I was in high school at 5'7" and 118 lbs, I never had a thigh gap.. so I don't think it is important.

    In the case of my husband, he finds it disgusting... though he can't stand bony looking women either (and I mean that literally, not in a "I'm a fat girl who calls girls skinnier than me bony" way like SOME people accuse all bigger women of) especially if they have the ribs under their clavicle near their sternum exposed.
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    I was reading on a different post and I was wondering if the thigh gap thing takes in account many factors and it is not possible for all women to have this. I could lose all the weight I need to be at the low end of the healthy range and STILL not have one?


    That's a bummer.

    How would you know if it's something that's possible for your body to do? I don't want to obsess about something as a goal if it's not something I can change

    I am not sure I understand why this would be a goal? I really don't get it. If you are healthy and look and feel good, why the heck do you need a thigh gap?
  • It definitely depends on your body shape. I'm still not in the "healthy" weight range and if I'm just standing "regular", I have one. That's only because I have super wide hip bones lol..I don't know anyone whose goal is to have a thigh gap and I think the ultimate focus should be on healthy looking thighs:) It depends on the person b/c I've seen some women with a thigh gap and it looks sickly, as well as I've seen some women who look incredible with no gap at all.
  • 8123547020_a21f92cb6c.jpg
    beautiful-thigh-gap-photo-gallery-thechive-6-ed409c57-sz624x675-animate by woahitsangie, on Flickr

    Not me, but wish it was. perfect example of a good "thigh gap"

    Just wanted to point out that she already had a small gap in the BEFORE picture. It's all bone structure.
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    I think a large part of it is genetics. Some girls will get it much easier than others. Natural muscle toneness and bone structure play a big part in it.

    Men love the thigh gap though. Just like how women love the V on a man, we like the thigh gap. (at least I do!)

    please don't speak for all of us.

    i never even heard of the thigh gap until i got on MFP.

    but it is one of those genetic things, like a V, or abs, or chest, or butt. some people are predisposed to have these more pronounced the others.

    i know personally, even when i started losing weight, i pretty much always had the V.
  • men don't focus on the thigh gap......... i never hear a man say "omg how nice is her thigh gap!" hahahaha! although, i would like a thigh gap. my boyfriend thinks it looks ugly :)
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    Size 0 shorts, NO thigh gap. I have narrow hips and muscular thighs, it's not in the cards for me!

    A bit off topic, but are those the gold/linen shorts from Express? I love them.
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    I have one if I tilt my pelvis forward.
  • DontStopB_Leakin
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    Every woman has thigh gap when she spreads her legs.

    Problem = solved.
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    Every woman has thigh gap when she spreads her legs.

    Problem = solved.

    The best thigh gap is the one i make with my face.
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    Said it before and I'll say it's not the thigh gap, it's what is between them that REALLY counts :drinker: \m/