Down 73 lbs. in 3 months: Ops Shirtless and Shameless

redcollins78 Posts: 95 Member
For anybody who has ever started sweating bullets while walking onto an airplane wondering if their seatbelt would fasten or have to suffer the embarrassment of asking for a belt extender. Not to mention sitting with your arms folded the whole flight so as not to infringe on anyone else’s space. For anybody that has ever waited hours with their kid to get on a thrill ride in a theme park just to be turned around because the buckling mechanism wouldn’t fasten for you; having to disappoint your kid while walking back down through the line. Or the private pain of suffering through holding your breath long enough to tie your shoe, this may be comical to some but I’ve experienced it all. I’m here to say you can make a change. There’s no need for fad diets, gimmicks, purging, pills, or surgeries. With the right dedication you too through only diet and exercise can lose the weight. I promise after getting up to 363 lbs, I felt I was a lost cause but I found my motivation on 2/27/2012 and since then there has been no turning back! I’ve made a little progress but until I can go out to the pool with my kids and be “Shirtless and Shameless”, I’ll keep pushing. Good Luck to all My Fitness Pals that read this! Let’s Go!!


  • jcamby
    jcamby Posts: 200 Member
    Fantastic! Way to go!! Such great it. Your story is so inspiring! :)
  • ilarrotta
    ilarrotta Posts: 160 Member
    Congrats!!! You are an inspiration to me!! It shows me that i can also get there! Thanks!
  • thamre
    thamre Posts: 642 Member
    absolutely love your story and your dedication! Keep it up, you look fantastic!
  • bartman52
    bartman52 Posts: 7 Member
    Rock on!! I have experienced all the above and it does suck. You are looking great. Thanks for sharing.
  • neon8919
    neon8919 Posts: 46
    Keep up the good work!
  • forever28
    forever28 Posts: 374 Member
    Congrats so far! Your story is so inspiring! Keep on keepin' on! :flowerforyou:
  • Proud of you. Keep up the good work!
  • iWaffle
    iWaffle Posts: 2,208 Member
    Dude, you're inspiring all of us. Awesome work.
  • rocakes
    rocakes Posts: 44
    That's amazing!!!!
  • Jugie12
    Jugie12 Posts: 282 Member
    Sir, you have just inspired the hell outta me.
  • cmeade20
    cmeade20 Posts: 1,238 Member
    When you hit your goal you should take your kids to an amusement park to celebrate!
  • supplemama
    supplemama Posts: 1,964 Member
    Great post! Very inspiring and congrats on your weight loss so far!
  • Doing a HAPPY DANCE for you!!! Nice job my man!!! Be very proud of yourself and keep up the great work!!!
  • mitchipooo
    mitchipooo Posts: 85 Member
    Congratulations, you've made an amazing progress, very inspiring. I'm looking forward to the day I can sit comfortably on the plane, lower the tray table and enjoy the flight!
  • watercolormama
    watercolormama Posts: 131 Member
    Wow, wow, Wow! It's stories like yours that really get me excited. There is so much emotion that is inside an overweight person, and no one sees it - we just feel it. Thanks for sharing your journey - you look younger, and now you can enjoy all the activities that previously faced with trepidation!
  • rchupka87
    rchupka87 Posts: 543 Member
  • redcollins78
    redcollins78 Posts: 95 Member
    Thanks All,

    All I can do is try my best to inspire where I can! Thanks again!!
  • iamfranniefierce
    iamfranniefierce Posts: 305 Member
    U go, Boy! Happy Father's Day also! You're making your children proud!
  • Curvimami
    Curvimami Posts: 1,852 Member
    Congrats on your loss!!! I wish you continued success on your journey! :happy:
  • SmallMimi
    SmallMimi Posts: 541 Member
    Congrats on the wonderful changes you have made and your dedication to continue. I'll be watching for those shirtless and shameless pics!!
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