Down 73 lbs. in 3 months: Ops Shirtless and Shameless



  • julieh391
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    You are so inspiring. Amazing work.
  • leidgreen
    leidgreen Posts: 42 Member
    WOOOW! Awesome job!! Keep up the great work!
  • mgraue82
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    SO AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing your story!!!
  • pleytem
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    Love, love your story you are truly inspirational :) Keep up the great work, good luck on your continued journey :smile:
  • jezmarie89
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    woww great job!! that was veryy inspiring
  • cmriverside
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    Congrats! Great story.

    Where's the shirtless guys? :mad:
  • senyosmom
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    wow - 73 lbs since February!!! sounds like you are well in your way!! Great job!
  • beebee0925
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    Very awesome. My starting weight was 374 so I understand perfectly how you feel. I have the same kind of goal like you and I'm determined to reach it as well.
  • sobit1970
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    Wow 73 pounds?! Thats awesome! Amazing! Congratulations! Keep up the good work. I have 80 lbs to lose total. I wish i could do it in 3 months but for me that isn't going to happen :(
  • skinnyeascolady
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  • Great job! What an inspiration you are!
  • Empressmee
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    Congrats you look great!!!
  • Papillon22
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    Amazing work. Well done! :flowerforyou:
  • ElleOQuent
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    Color me impressed!! 73 pounds in three months is all sorts of crazy.
  • jenj1313
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    Awesome story! Thanks for brightening my day!
  • 2FattyXFatty4
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    :drinker: YOU ARE AMAZING!!! (yes, I am screaming!) What a wonderful job you're doing.

    Friend request coming through!
  • losermomof3
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    You are doing awesome!!!
  • You are kicking *kitten* and taking names!! You are legendary!!!! GREAT JOB!
  • snix1024
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    Great inspiration! Thanks you for sharing your story.
  • TiffanySuscheck
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    You're such an inspiration!! Thanks for sharing your shamelessness!!!!