Down 73 lbs. in 3 months: Ops Shirtless and Shameless



  • vestarocks
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    I think you have put words to the feelings of so many of us. I was on a plane last week and the woman in front of me had to ask for a seatbelt extender. My heart broke a little for her but at the same time I looked down and had a lot of room on mine for the first time in a long time.

    You are an inspiration fine sir. To accomplish so much in 3 months is extraordinary. You are a superhero for your children.

  • Paula21666
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    Incredible! Thanks for sharing your story!
  • Wow! You look like you've made AMAZING progress! I wish you continued success, you look fantastic :)
  • tnrown87
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    Amazing story!
  • mrob81
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    You bounced back hard! Nice work man. Keep it up.
  • ssgrimes7
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    Amazing and inspirational keep up the great work!
  • cici1028
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    So inspirational! Well done!
  • Tators
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    WOW! Truly awesome! You hit the nail on the head with your post. Thanks for sharing what a lot of overweight people go through. I have noticed how uncomortable weight gain can be in the last couple of years. Being at my heaviest ever...i have learned the leaner is better and easier. Its getting easier for me to roll over in my bed, to get up out of a chair....oh my goodness the list goes on. Overweight is a motivation w/ in itself to make the change. Good JOB
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    Amazing Progress! WOW!
  • Wow! Impressive! Good job!
  • dalmiechick45
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    Ya Look AWESOME! WTG! and Keep up all the hard work!!!!
  • nxd10
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    You DO look fantastic. Congrats! Keep it off by EXERCISING. Tone that body.
  • bejuled74
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    Thanks for posting. Awesome insight, and great job on your loss and dedication.
  • AshleyKP87
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    Your story is so inspiring. Keep up the good work and even though I don't know you I am very proud of you :)
  • 2012asv
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    I would say 73lbs loss is more than "a little" progress! Keep up the good work!
  • engodwin
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    AWESOME results!!! You are an inspiration to so many!! Keep pushing you're almost there!!!
  • sunnykb
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    Such an inspiration! You are doing GREAT!!
  • annokoye
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    Oh My Gosh Sir,

    You look great. Hang in there and you will surely see your goal met. Not only will this be a boost of confidence and inspiration to you but also to your children and definitely all the MFPs that read these stories. I am training for a Fitness Exam myself and everyday I read these stories for encouragement on my run. Each day I am getting better and better. So, thanks so much for sharing. We can do this.
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    My HERO!!! Great job sir!!! PRESS ON!!!
  • lastchance2010
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    For anybody who has ever started sweating bullets while walking onto an airplane wondering if their seatbelt would fasten or have to suffer the embarrassment of asking for a belt extender. Not to mention sitting with your arms folded the whole flight so as not to infringe on anyone else’s space. For anybody that has ever waited hours with their kid to get on a thrill ride in a theme park just to be turned around because the buckling mechanism wouldn’t fasten for you; having to disappoint your kid while walking back down through the line. Or the private pain of suffering through holding your breath long enough to tie your shoe, this may be comical to some but I’ve experienced it all. I’m here to say you can make a change. There’s no need for fad diets, gimmicks, purging, pills, or surgeries. With the right dedication you too through only diet and exercise can lose the weight. I promise after getting up to 363 lbs, I felt I was a lost cause but I found my motivation on 2/27/2012 and since then there has been no turning back! I’ve made a little progress but until I can go out to the pool with my kids and be “Shirtless and Shameless”, I’ll keep pushing. Good Luck to all My Fitness Pals that read this! Let’s Go!!

    LOVE!!!! :love: Congrats on your success. I went gung ho in Feb 12 also...with persistance and dedication...everything you just said, I also lived and even with my 43lb loss just yesterday on the bus I had a lady him and haw about sitting in the middle seat of the 3 seat bench at which point my hips musta been too much...eventually she huffed one last time and got up to move...stupid lady..but yes there is victory there is a silver lining and the light is at the end of the tunnel...I just keep pushing for it...

    Congrats to you and your progress!!! You look really great! Awesome in fact!!