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  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,784Member Member Posts: 2,784Member Member
    Hi Ladies! I did a long, tough workout today. I went off-script on the rotation today and started my workout with Cathe Live Legs for Days. This is a long workout (61 minutes) but I felt like doing it today because it is slower and emphasizes range of motion. The slower part is what appealed today. :D For cardio, I did a 60 minute Peloton ride followed by a quick 5 minute core workout from Peloton. I think my legs may be screaming at me later today. :p

    Thelma, great workout. I bet your legs felt it! I don’t know why, but the lower body work in the S&S Total Body Giant Sets really taxes me. I will do it again next week per the rotation because it is so good. But my tired body just couldn’t seem to work up the enthusiasm for it today. B) I am glad your DH made it home safely and your dinner sounds wonderful! I really hope they can find you another medicine that works. I can’t imagine your frustration if you start going backwards again.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  • fitzfourfitzfour Posts: 1,223Member Member Posts: 1,223Member Member
    Hi Ladies...where has the time gone!!

    Still doing the Cathe rotations, but have been fighting a bug since Thanksgiving that is causing a lot of dry coughing so working out has been a little challenging. Hoping I'm nearing the end of it! We've had off and on snow and cold and then not-so-cold temps, so it's been interesting. Good news is work is slowing down a bit and I've got all my Christmas shopping done, so I can relax a bit for the rest of the month.

    Hockey is in full swing, and it is so aggressive this year. My DS has been injured 3 times in 3's going to be a long season!

    Thelma, good work on your rotation, it sounds perfect. I hope things are going well with your hubby's new job in PA, but that has to be tough having him gone most of the week! Glad you have friends nearby to keep you busy!

    Tami, I must have missed the trip announcement, but I'm sure it's somewhere fun. I hope you enjoy your time away!

    Laurel, sounds like a good trip, and glad it all went well. Nice that you have all of your Christmas decor up and will have a low stress month.

    Laurie, sounds like you are getting all of your doctor/dentist visits checked off for the year and yay on the contacts! I've worn them for years so can appreciate that. I hope the tooth work wasn't painful!

    Hopefully I will be on more...I'll certainly try. Seems like all of a sudden it's been 2 weeks since I've been on! I miss you ladies!

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,481Member Member Posts: 1,481Member Member
    Hi Ladies! I hope you had a great weekend. We had a nice weekend but I got sick. I am coughing and my head was all congested. I think I am doing better but still, have a cough. I really didn't want to workout today but I did it so I'm happy about that.

    On Friday I received a notification from Cathe's team that a package had been shipped out to me. This means the two DVDs from the new series are going to be here soon!

    Friday's workouts: Restorative Healing yoga and S&S Total Body Giant Sets Upper Body Premix, Spinning and Stretching. My spinning ride was lite and only 20 minutes long because I hadn't ridden that bike in what feels like years now. My legs felt it because I upped the resistance so it wouldn't be too easy. I can't do standing work yet but I worked up a pretty good sweat and I was a little winded. I felt good about the 20-minute ride. I went a lot longer than I thought I could.
    I really like this S&S Total Body Giant set upper and lower body premixes. Very effective exercises in a short period of time.

    Saturday was a rest day. I really felt sick that day.
    Sunday's workouts were RWH Back, Biceps, Shoulders and Walking with Leslie Sansone.

    Laurel, your workout on Friday does sound like a killer leg workout! Great job!

    I hope your body is able to do the S&S Total Body Giant Sets Lower Body workout this week.
    My doctor called me on Friday and the new med is injectable. She says it's like an Epi-pen. She will have a nurse come to my house to show me how to inject myself. At least it's once every two weeks.

    Erika, good job doing Cathe's rotations! Sorry about the dry cough. I hope you feel better soon. Congratulations on being done with your Christmas shopping!
    I'm sorry your DS got hurt during his hockey games. I hope he recovers soon.

    It's been hard not having DH here but it's getting better for me.

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,576Member Member Posts: 2,576Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Had a really nice weekend with shopping, baking cookies and just doing some projects. Added a new favorite cookie. Oatmeal with the new Hot Cocoa Kiss. ;) No workout for me on Friday or Saturday. Yesterday was Kelly's Cardio Pump Workout 2 and Monday was her Cardio Quick Fix Workout 2.

    Laurel, Great job on all the workouts! That really is a very long leg workout, and then you got on the bike to and more torture. Hope that your legs where okay. My shopping was very painless, and the wait lines not to bad. Felt sorry for the people checking out when they experienced the register malfunctioning. Everyone was very patient and waited.

    Thelma, Sorry to hear that you are sick, not fun at all. You did some great workouts though, and nice that you where able to get back on the bike. Your chili sounds really good, I have had some pumpkin chili before and it was delicious. Hope that you are able to get the meds worked out, that has to be a pain when you get something that works and the insurance doesn't have the product on their list. :/ Congrats on your order being shipped.

    Erika, Nice that you are working though your Cathe rotation, but dang on the cold. DH has been working through that cold, he still has that cough too. Good job on getting your Christmas shopping done, we have been doing a lot of on line shopping. Just way easier. So sorry to hear about the aggressive hockey, and that your son has sustained injuries in the games. Your temps sound about what ours have been. We woke up to snow this morning, but just a dusting. The snow has been concentrated up north this year. :D No tooth pain whatsoever since it was only putting a cap on the titanium screw that was already in my mouth. This whole tooth implant has been fairly painless.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,784Member Member Posts: 2,784Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Ours was pretty quiet but good. We got some last minute Christmas shopping done on Saturday and yesterday I finally convinced myself to do some Christmas baking. DH helped out which made it so much more enjoyable. We only baked two kinds of cookies, but, boy, did they taste good last night. :)

    For workouts, on Saturday I did Cathe Live Low Impact HiiT plus Upper Body followed by 45 minutes of yoga with Peloton/Kristin McGee. Yesterday was RWH LIHI Legs right into Cathe Live Lower Body HiiT plus abs for a tough combo. Today was RWH LIHI Chest, Shoulders and Triceps x4 premix followed by Party Rockin’ Step 2. I did the latter in anticipation of Step Boss arriving later this week. :)

    Erika, great to see you! Great job with the workouts despite having a cold. Coughs are so hard to get rid of this time of year, especially when the weather keeps changing. Hopefully you will be fully recovered by Christmas. Sounds like you are all set for the holiday, which is nice. I only have two more letters/cards to send and then all my Christmas ‘duties’ are done. I always feel such a relief when that last card or package is sent. I am sorry to hear about your DS’s hockey injuries, though. Hopefully that doesn’t keep happening all season. Like you said, that would make for a very long season.

    Thelma, I am sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well this weekend. Hope you continue to improve. Good job with the workout! You are making amazing progress, especially with 20 minutes on the bike! I am glad you enjoyed that upper body premix from Total Body Giant Sets. I may do that one this week instead of the Push/Pull premix. Or I may go completely off the charts and do the new PHA workout if I get it in time! I am really looking forward to that one. I just saw that all the DVDs will be shipped tomorrow so fingers crossed they get here quickly. I am glad your doctor has a solution for your medication. I imagine it will take a little time to get used to giving yourself injections, but once every two weeks isn’t bad.....especially if it works.

    Laurie, sounds like a perfect weekend! And those cookies sound good! I haven’t tried the hot cocoa kisses yet. But I like the hot cocoa m&m’s. :) I am glad your shopping experience wasn’t too bad. Once again on Saturday we found the stores busy but everybody was perfectly pleasant. Made for a nice day because of that. Great workouts!!

    Tami, hope your trip went well.

    See you tomorrow.


  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,481Member Member Posts: 1,481Member Member
    Hi Ladies! I'm still not feeling well but I managed to drag my body to Barre class and to my home gym downstairs to do RWH Legs. The cardio part was hard on my throat so I kept it low impact. I didn't think I could finish the leg workout so I told myself I would do 20 minutes. Then, I said five more minutes and just like that, I was able to finish the workout. No cardio for me today.

    I spent a couple of hours on the phone with the Humira nurse and their insurance specialist. They have quite a nice process. My med hasn't been approved yet but they already are getting the ball rolling. I was assigned a nurse who will come to my house to train me to inject myself. She will also be on the phone with me the first few times I do it solo. Their insurance advisors are very good too about helping you navigate the insurance companies.

    We are getting hit with heavy rain, lightning, and loud thunder tonight. I believe it will continue to rain most of the day tomorrow.

    Laurie, I'm glad you had a nice weekend. That new cookie sounds good! I will not bake cookies because I will eat them all!
    Nice workout combo yesterday!

    I am very happy with my workout progress for the last 2 weeks. I'll have to try the spinning bike again when my throat is better. I hope I'm able to get the med this year but it seems that the process could be long. It really is a pain to have to switch meds.
    I'm excited about the new Cathe DVD's. Did you order them too?

    Laurel, I'm glad you had a nice weekend too. Good job with the Christmas shopping and cookie baking! I have no will power when it comes to sweets but I would like to learn to make oatmeal raisin cookies because DH loves them.

    Great workouts! I hope the Step Boss DVDs arrive this week too!

    Thanks so much for the kudos about my workouts. I am so happy to be able to workout like this again! The Total Body Giant Sets upper body premix is very good. I am loving all the workouts for these first 3 weeks. The new PHA workout looks really good.
    It will take time for me to get used to injecting myself. Humira will send me a training epi-pen which doesn't have a needle or med so I can practice. I agree that once every two weeks is not bad.

    Hi Tami, I hope you had a great trip! I can't wait to read all about it!

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,576Member Member Posts: 2,576Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was Kelly's Trim Down Workout 1, and now my upper body is really feeling it. :)

    Laurel, Your weekend sounds oh so similar to mine, except for the exercise. :D I made three types of cookies, and am still going to make my cut outs some time this week. Those are a family favorite, so a must. The cocoa kisses melt a little differently than a normal kiss, probably because it isn't solid chocolate. But really good, and probably is now one of my favorite kisses. My favorite cookie is called a fruitcake cookie. :) So I have to make that one every year. :D Great job on all your workouts, the weight workout x4 must have been a tough one but good. It is nice that you have been having such a nice experience shopping. So far I have also, but I'm sure that will change as it gets closer to Christmas. I still have to get groceries for Christmas Eve. The girls are coming over, and I'm going to make lasagna. It will be easy for my dd to pop in the oven while we are at church. The youngest has to work that day. Awesome that you will be receiving your Boss workouts this week. It seems like we just heard about those workouts yesterday. :D

    Thelma, Good job with the workouts despite not having the energy. Nice that the insurance company is working with you on the meds. The insurance information is so complicated sometimes, that the average person can't understand everything. I allow myself a couple of cookies each night, and that really helps to not over indulge. I do love my cookies though. :D I didn't order the new workouts, my order at least the PHA workout at some point in the future. That one looks really good. The best oatmeal raisin cookie recipe that I have tried is from Quaker oats. :D

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,784Member Member Posts: 2,784Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a 45 minute Tabata spin ride from Peloton followed by Ellen Barrett’s Yogini. Both felt great.

    Thelma, I am sorry you aren’t feeling well. I hope you recover quickly. Good job with the workout and good idea to skip the cardio right now because of your sore throat. It will be there when you recover. I am so glad your insurance people are being helpful with this medicine change. Honestly, I can’t figure out the medical system anymore, so having somebody helpful is so good! You must have gotten the same storm we did last night. It was bad! Thankfully where we live in town, we just got the really high winds, lightening, thunder and rain. But on the north side of town, they had the tornadoes and power outages and all that stuff. I just walked our yard and except for two fallen Christmas decorations and a pretty large branch on one of the porches, everything seems to be fine. But it was one of the strongest storms we have had here with the wind gusting until dawn. I was so thankful, though, because DH beat the storm home by no more than 3 minutes. I was talking to him during his drive while watching the weather and just kept saying ‘maybe a little faster would be okay!’ :) But he made it! I know there are a lot of people today waking up to a lot of damage to their homes which makes me so sad, especially this time of year. Anyhow, I made this Oatmeal Raisin cookie this summer, and it was SO good. Just in case you want to give it a try. :)

    Laurie, great workout! My MIL makes a version of fruitcake cookies that is really good, especially when they are just out of the oven. So good. I made coconut macaroons (my DHs favorite) and Spritz this weekend. I still want to do some shortbread and then my favorite....amaretto fudge. :) And that will be it this year.....I think. B) I, too, was thinking this weekend that I really need to figure out what groceries we need for Christmas. Of course that means planning the meal first. :o It just seems to be coming up so quickly this year. Thankfully we do the same Christmas breakfast every year (Eggs Benedict) so that one I don’t have to plan. :)

    See you tomorrow.

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ We made it back …. 2:00 AM on Sunday! :s YIKES, what a late night and loooooong travel home. We had a really good time and the weather was much better than Hawaii, that is forsure. We had some overcast days and rain here and there but always warm, so I will take that over our Hawaii trip any day. Even had a pool day one of the days. Workouts were only 3 mile walks on the beach in the a.m. with my friend who we travel with. Her and I would get up around the same time and head out. Felt good to actually move a little bit and the sand counts for something . . . right?!?!? LOL So after arriving Sun a.m. and to bed at 3 AM I woke up only a few hours later to do a nice Peloton ride which felt amazing and then off to unpacking, laundry and groceries. Yesterday was another Peloton ride because I just didn’t have it in me to go to BootCamp. Feeling the tireds forsure. Hoping tomorrow a.m. I get up for some weight work ~ my body is craving that forsure.

    Laurel: Way to get in some Christmas shopping. I have done close to “zero” shopping and we don’t have a tree up. Lets just say my cubicle is more festive than my house. :( Not helping with the holiday sads at all but it is what it is. Will get my gifts bought this week. Luckily only have DH and my MIL to buy for along with a few other little gifts for my step sons girlfriend. Your workouts sound AMAZING as always. I hope to get back on track (as I said above) tomorrow, so that will be good. I will be a little behind you in our rotation. I am looking forward to receiving Step Boss as well. I am sure you will be getting in most of the workouts before me so I am anxious to hear what you think. PHA will be #1 on my list of course. One will maybe not even be opened …. LOL unless you tell me my choreography challenged self will be able to do it. LOL It sounds like your whirlwind trip to Florida was very busy and a lot of driving but the fact that your in-laws were appreciative and you had quality time with them I am sure it was worth it all. So that is awesome to hear. 😊 YUM on the recipe, I will print that off and definitely try it. I love Oatmeal Raisin cookies. ~ thank you!!!

    Laurie: Excellent job with your workouts as well! Sounds like you are getting all ready for Christmas .. sounds so nice to have your girls there and yummy food. I am dreading my shopping this weekend with everyone out and about but no choice really at this point. As I mentioned to Laurel, luckily I only have a few gifts to buy. I thought we were hosting Christmas this year but it sounds like we are going to my in-laws on Christmas Day. I will be working Christmas Eve and the 26th so that will be fine I suppose. Just doesn’t feel like Christmas. I will definitely report in about PHA after I try it. Really looking forward to that one. Hopefully I don’t regret purchasing the whole set. {yikes}

    Thelma: I am sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well but it sounds like you have had some great workouts last week and into this week despite the sickies coming on. So way to go!! While I was on my trip and saw your workouts I was feeling happy for you as well, knowing you have had some challenges and wanting to do more ….. so YAHOO for you my friend. Hopefully you are better very soon and can keep feeling those benefits of the workouts you are loving so much.

    Talk to you ladies tomorrow :)

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    Hi Ladies! My body finally said get some rest woman! I didn't workout today. I was just exhausted and I think yesterday's workout irritated my throat more. I took it easy today and my throat feels better.

    It rained pretty hard the entire night. The thunder was so loud that it scared my cats a little bit. They kept looking at the ceiling! LOL. It was 60 degrees early this morning and tonight it's 30 degrees and very windy.

    Laurie, that KCM workout is a good one! Good job!

    I am glad I'm being helped to navigate this health insurance world. It really is complicated. That is a good idea to allow yourself 2 cookies each night. I do love my cookies too!
    I ordered two of the new workouts, PHA and I can't remember what the other one was called. Thanks for letting me know about the Quaker oats cookie recipe!

    Laurel, great workouts today! I still need to give Ellen Barrett's workouts a try!

    I am finally feeling better. The cough was driving me insane and it woke me up at about 3 am today. Resting today has helped for sure. The medical system is incredibly complicated. My med costs 5K a month for 2 doses but my co-pay will be $25 BUT if I fill out the 'discount card' info it goes down to $5 a month! Incredible! This is possible because we have commercial insurance.

    Sounds like we got the same storm! Thankfully, we didn't lose power. Thank God you don't live on the north side of your town! Poor people! That kind of storm seems common here in BR because we've had storms like that in the past. I'm glad you didn't have any big damage at your house and that your DH was able to beat the storm home! WOW!

    Thanks so much for that cookie recipe! I love how she explains the ingredients and her instructions are also good!

    Tami, welcome back! I'm so glad you had a great time! You did arrive so late though! Yikes! No wonder you're tired! Great job getting back into working out! The sand counts for a lot when it comes to walking on the beach!
    I wonder chich Step Boss may not be opened??? OH, I know! The one I didn't get! LOL

    Thanks for the kudos on my workouts! I've been trying hard and it's felt so good. I think I'm doing better and definitely coughing less!

    Goodnight ladies!!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,784Member Member Posts: 2,784Member Member
    Hi Ladies! This will be a pretty quick check-in as I am headed out to get my hair de-aged in a minute. Workouts today were LIHI Back, Shoulders and Biceps x4 premix followed by Cathe Live Move It.

    Tami, welcome home!! I am SO glad you enjoyed the trip. Morning walks on the beach are the best, aren’t they? And, yes, walking through sand counts. :) I am glad the weather cooperated for you as well. I am sorry you are feeling the Christmas sads this year. It is probably good you got some sunshine for awhile. No worries on the rotation. How would you feel about pushing the start of the Meso 2 phase off a week? In other words, starting it three weeks from this coming Sunday (January 11)? With the holidays and the new workouts coming in, I wouldn’t mind an extra week of wiggle room while doing Gym Styles.....just for fun. Let me know what you think.

    Thelma, I am glad you listened to your body and took the day off. Keep doing that! Hope your weather improves. We have sunshine today, though it is still chilly. But the sunshine gives me energy. I will ask you the same question as you mind doing the next part of this rotation (doing Gym Styles) over three weeks instead of two? Let me know!

    Laurie, hope you are well!

    Must run!

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member
    Hi Ladies ~ RWH Legs this a.m. I will probably be sore tomorrow but that is ok with me. LOL I did feel a little more “normal” this a.m. when I got up, so I think the "tireds" I was feeling has moved on. ;)

    Thelma: Way to get some rest! I think sometimes our bodies will definitely scream at us if we don’t. I am glad you are feeling better today. DH came down with a sore threat and stuffed up sinuses last night. Poor guy. He thinks it was from being on the plane for so long. Hopefully it subsides quickly.

    Laurel: Love that you call it “De-Aged” that is perfect for a hair appt! Excellent job with your workout combo today! Thank you for the Welcome Home. It feels nice to be back. Such a strange time to take a trip, but I do appreciate having that time away. It did help take my mind away from things. Not sure why the sads have come back, probably because of the holiday season and just missing loved ones I guess. Plus work has been feeling a little "off" with my supervisor being cranky (again).

    That sounds just fine to me to push the start of Meso 2 off a week. I will make a note of it. Again, since I am behind you ladies I will have some catching up to do …. ;) No worries on my part for pushing this out a week.

    I did find out last night my step son and his girlfriend and little girl will be coming over for an early Christmas this weekend (if DH is feeling ok) so that will be very nice. That way they don't have to make so many stops on Christmas. Looking forward to it.

    I will talk to you ladies tomorrow ~ Tami
  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,481Member Member Posts: 1,481Member Member
    Hi Ladies! My workouts today were: Beginner Gentle and Sculpted-Movement Fusion.

    I couldn't sleep last night because of the dry cough. The medicine doesn't work anymore for some reason but on top of things it dried up my mouth. I have Sjogren's syndrome which dries up the moisture-producing glands and I need a medicine to help me produce saliva. Needless to say, I don't need any help with dry mouth. My mouth is super dry and so is my throat. My saliva med is having a hard time working but I hope it will get better. It really stinks to be me. I am in an "I feel sorry for myself" trip. I can't believe I have all these autoimmune diseases and now I have to take meds that can cause me cancer, infections, and God knows what else. I'm freaking out.

    Laurel, great job with your workouts today! I hope your hair looks great! I should've de-aged my hair last week but didn't feel like doing it. I hope to feel better tomorrow so I can do it before DH gets home.

    I have to learn to listen to my body when it needs rest. I have to remember that my body is compromised and it may take me longer to recover. The weather did improve but it remained on the cooler side. It was very sunny though.

    I'm OK doing Gym Styles for 3 weeks. I think these were the first Cathe DVDs I bought and I haven't done them in years so they will be like new workouts for me.
    Laurel, any suggestions for these workouts because I don't have either of them - Body Blast Supersets Upper Body premix OR Muscle Max upper body premix.

    Tami, great workout! I'm glad you felt better this morning. I hope your DH feels better soon! How nice that your stepson and his girlfriend will be visiting this weekend!
    I'm sorry your boss is acting cranky again!

    Goodnight ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,576Member Member Posts: 2,576Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    Wasn't feeling well yesterday had a horrible headache, thought I was coming down with a cold. Tell the truth I don't know what is up with my sinuses, because I can still breath but I have a cough. Weird. Anyway no workout yesterday, because I didn't get a good nights sleep. Much better sleep last night, and was able to do Kelly's Stepboxing Dumbbell & Kickbox Only Premix.

    Laurel, Love all the workouts! I'm going to do a yoga workout tomorrow, it just feels like something that needs to be done, and I think I will pull out one of Kristin's. ;) I love Eggs Benedict, but have never been brave enough to actually make the sauce. ;) Might have to try one of these days. ;) Spritz are one of my favorite cookies, and of course fun to make.

    Tami, Glad to hear that your trip went so well, and that you had such nice weather. I bet just getting back into the workout routine was nice. I know I felt that way after our trip. It is going to be nice having the girls over, we did invite DH's mother. She doesn't want to stay overnight with what she says are her medical issues. :| Oh well, I offered so that she isn't by herself on Christmas Eve. It just means more running around on Christmas Day to go pick her up. I'm sure it will all start feeling more like Christmas as you get closer, and of course having family stop by on that day will help. Can't wait for what all of you think of the new workouts.

    Thelma, Glad that you are listening to that little voice. :D Great job on the fusion workout. I just had to deal with our insurance yesterday, they didn't pay the recent bill that I had with my doctor. For some reason they needed to know if I had any other insurance. This is the first time this has ever come up in all the years that I have been on DH's insurance. :p One would think that this question would have surfaced a long time ago. Have fun with those Gym Style workouts. I actually enjoy the premix versions on those DVD's the most.

    Have a great day!
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,784Member Member Posts: 2,784Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Well, I went completely off-script today. I woke up to a Facebook post from Cathe saying today’s live class was going to be called ‘Jingle All The Way’, and I decided I wanted to do it. But it was not at all what I had planned to do since I had planned a lower body workout followed by a metabolic workout. Oh well. The live class was fun though. It was ten minutes of each of these—cardio, lower body, upper body and core. I enjoyed it. When I was done, the only thing I felt like doing was spin, so I added on a fun 45 minute ride from Peloton. I will probably do a total body workout tomorrow to make up for the missed leg day today.

    Tami, great workouts! Thank you for being up to adjusting this rotation....again. B) I know I keep doing this. :# DH is going to have more days off than I expected over the next two weeks, and so I just want a few days where I don’t feel like I am completely missing the rotation if I do something else (kind of like today). But I love the Gym Style workouts so I know I want to do them justice as well. So hence the added week. I hope your DH feels better. Anymore I have a tendency to get a sinus infection from long plane rides, so that wouldn’t surprise me.....especially with the change of climates you went through. Hope he is okay to have your step-son and his family over this weekend. I am sorry about the sads. I have to admit, though, with this year being the first year since my mom passed that I haven’t had something taking my focus away from the holidays, I am going through all the motions of the holiday but I too feel sad. :'( I suppose some years are just going be like this. I really hope you are able to do something this next week, though, that makes you feel good and brings you happiness. Huge hugs.

    Thelma, I am so sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. I can’t imagine how frustrated you are after this last six months of almost continual pain and illness. You have every right to feel sorry for yourself right now. But you are such a strong woman, always trying to find ways of pushing through and enjoying your life. You amaze me. Huge hugs to you as well. Anyhow, good job finding a workout that felt good to you. Thank you for being flexible with the rotation. As I said to Tami, I love those Gym Style workouts and am concerned if we don’t do this over three weeks I won’t get to do them justice because of holiday interruptions. For substitute workouts of those I recommended, I would suggest doing the LITE upper body workouts—Stacked Sets Upper Body and the Pyramid Pump upper body premix. Hope that helps!

    Laurie, I am sorry you weren’t feeling well yesterday. Hope your cough goes away soon. Great job with the workout this morning. I have to admit, I have become somewhat addicted to Kristin’s yoga classes from Peloton. I never thought the words ‘addicted’ and ‘yoga’ would ever be in the same sentence for me, but here I am. I am so glad I found her. So enjoy your yoga! :) So Eggs Benedict was what we had as a family for Christmas breakfast when I was growing up and my mom always made her own hollandaise. When DH and I got married, I brought the tradition with me (and he LOVES it), and we made our sauce for probably the first five or so years. But after one Christmas where it just wouldn’t set, we decided to get a packet mix for the sauce. And, honestly, over the years the taste has so improved with the hollandaise packet mixes that I can’t imagine going back to homemade. So if you want to try a good mix, try Knorr’s. It is not quite as buttery as homemade, but it is as good as you will find in most standard restaurants that serve hollandaise. Just a recommendation. :D

    Until tomorrow.

  • ThelmaSWThelmaSW Posts: 1,481Member Member Posts: 1,481Member Member
    Hi Ladies! I didn't have a very good day today so no workout again! Not happy about this at all but my throat seems to get irritated very easily.

    DH is home now :)! We're going to be busy this weekend socializing. On Friday our usual dinner out with our group of friends. Saturday dinner with our best friends and on Sunday afternoon a Christmas party at the home of one of my yoga pals.

    My injectable medication has been approved by the insurance company. Now I wait for the specialty pharmacy to let me know when the med will be shipped out to me so we can schedule the nurse to come to my house to teach me how to inject myself. I also got a practice EpiPen and it bigger than had imagined. I hope the needle is small.

    Laurie, sorry about that headache and that cough! I hope you don't have what I have! Great workout today!

    It's weird, I seem to feel better in the middle of the day and then I go downhill again.
    I think it is now standard to ask if you have additional health insurance. All the forms I've had to fill out here for doctors asked if the patient has other forms of insurance. Are the Gym Style premixes different than the main workout? I was thinking of doing the premixes because they are shorter.

    Laurel, great workout! That Jingle All The Way class sounds really good!

    I am frustrated about this health setback because it's forcing me to miss workout days. Thanks so much for the kind words and hug.
    Thanks also for the workout recommendations!

    Hi Tami!

    Goodnight and have a great weekend ladies!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,576Member Member Posts: 2,576Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I did get the yoga in, and Kristin McGee's Power Yoga was my choice. ;) Really quiet here at work, guess they have all started their Christmas vacation. :)

    Laurel, Nice that you could get the live workout in, it sounds like it was interesting. I'm sure that you will have a chance to torture your legs today at some point. ;) Thanks for the info on the hollandaise sauce, I was wondering it that would be a better choice than trying to make it myself. We have DH's family over on Christmas Day for brunch, so I just may make the sauce and some poached eggs. Planning on having ham as one of the items, so that will work out pretty well. I know my youngest would love that also. I love that you are addicted to her yoga workouts. I love how she gives such great instruction, and she is so flexible. Someone that can put their foot in their armpit is very bendy. :D

    Thelma, Sorry to hear about you not feeling good again. I don't know what this is that I have. I only feel bad when I wake up in the morning. After I have some water the throat soreness goes away for the rest of the day. I'm able to breath, but everything is in the back of my throat. I hope that you start feeling better quick. The premixes are just shorter versions of the main workout, but for some reason I like them better. The leg workout that is 49 min. has less of the floor work. I always thought that there was just way to much of that. :D The upper body workouts are nice if you want to get in some good weight work in about 30 min. I found that I could also lift a little more weight.

    Going to say Merry Christmas, I don't know if I will be online on Monday. Will probably be a very busy day for me.

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,784Member Member Posts: 2,784Member Member
    Hi Ladies! So today I went for a super tough workout which was S&S Total Body Giants Sets Doubled premix. At 93 minutes long, it was definitely super tough. But I really enjoyed it and even tried to up some of the weight the second time through. But because it was so long, I went for a much shorter and lighter cardio which was Fit/Split Boxing Bootcamp cardio only premix. It was perfect for easing my muscles without being too taxing.

    Thelma, I am sorry to hear you continue to feel poorly. Keep listening to your body and taking care of yourself. I am glad you have gotten the approval for your medication. Hopefully you can get the nurse set up quickly. Your weekend sounds fun. I hope you feel well enough to really enjoy it.

    Laurie, great workout! I love Kristin’s pointers and she seems so accessible with her yoga.....until she turns herself into a pretzel. :D I have to admire her strength and flexibility. But there are things I know I will never be able to do. :) Thank you for mentioning those Gym Style premixes. I have a feeling I will definitely be doing the leg premix on Sunday.....because, yes, I tortured my legs today. :DB) But aside from that, that GS Leg workout is about ten minutes longer than I would prefer it to be, to be honest. Sounds like a good plan with the Eggs Benedict. I hope you enjoy it. Hope your throat feels better soon. Merry Christmas!

    I plan on checking in on Monday so see you then. Enjoy the weekend!

  • 2BLean2BLean Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member Posts: 2,323Member, Premium Member
    Happy Friday Ladies ~ What a loooong week it has felt like. I guess after being back from vacation and the grumpiness back in our dept made for a long week. :s She took yesterday off and it was lovely. At any rate, yesterday I ended up doing a Peloton ride and this a.m. was PHA Training. Love, love this one always! Can’t wait to see the new one. Should be in the mailbox any day I would imagine.

    Thelma: Dang it on the dry cough happening for you and no sleeps. That would be really tough dealing with the dry mouth and throat so often. I’m sorry you are dealing with that. Good job getting in the Gentle and Sculpted Movement Fusion. Luckily DH is feeling better. The cold didn’t get worse … thank goodness! So son-in-law and girlfriend will be coming over forsure tomorrow afternoon. It will be fun to see them again.

    Laurie: Sorry to hear about the headache and potential cold looming for you. Must be the season forsure for it. Dang it. Hopefully you feel better soon. Excellent that you were able to sleep better though and get in the KCM Stepboxing DB & KB Premix, way to go!!!! I did find out last night that we are going over to the in-laws on Christmas Eve (not Christmas Day) and then by ourselves on Christmas Day. Which for some reason sounds better ….. LOL We both work Christmas Eve so it will be nice to head over there after work and have the whole day off the next day.

    Laurel: Your combo today sounds absolutely perfect! Love the off-script days … sometimes just what you need. Can’t go wrong with any of the Peloton rides, that’s forsure. I think I will be doing a Total Body workout as well tomorrow + Peloton and then out to do the shopping before our guests arrive. YIKES, it will be a busy weekend. Yes, luckily as I mentioned to Thelma, DH is feeling a lot better. I am very glad. It isn’t fun when he is sick for either of us. (not to sound selfish, but true) LOL Definitely was feeling it in his sinuses so maybe that loooooooooong plane ride had a lot to do with it. Thank you so much for your understanding on the sads and I am sorry you are feeling it a bit as well. Definitely agree on not having enough distractions. I think last year I was still in shock and this year I am just feeling the “feels” ….. all of the commercialism around Christmas and family definitely makes it hurt too. I was reading an article today that talked about when you just aren’t “feeling it” at Christmas and maybe even feeling sad for the reasons we are talking about…. It said to try and find something that brings you joy, even if it is giving a gift to a stranger, neighbor or whatever it may be and/or surround yourself with friends, loved ones that make you feel good. So that will be my goal forsure. Thank you again and {HUGS} back to you my friend.

    Have a nice weekend ladies! :)
  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Posts: 2,784Member Member Posts: 2,784Member Member
    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Ours was filled with rainy days, errands and more cookie baking. B) All the rain made me want to bake I suppose. But it was nice.

    For workouts, on Saturday I did a 20 minute Jessica Smith Standing Pilates Abs workout into a 45 minute Kristin McGee yoga routine from Peloton. Yesterday I did Gym Style Legs followed by IMAX 4 from Step Boss! I got my DVDs on Friday and couldn’t wait to try them. I enjoyed this workout. It is a manageable length at 44 minutes and lower impact/intensity for sure from her other IMAX workouts. But I think when I am familiar with it, the intensity level will feel higher. Besides the impact level, the other big difference between this IMAX and her others is the choreographed sections and the blast sections seem to be held to a minute tops (where in some of her older ones, they could go for a few minutes) and the rests were probably closer to 30 seconds. Hence why the workout was shorter than her older ones despite having as many segments. I will be honest, the choreography was a little harder than I expected, but, given time and patience, it is learnable and I think worth the effort for this workout. I followed it with one of the Abs sections....this one using the step. It was different and challenging but not too challenging. Cathe did a good job of explaining each move and taking time between the moves as well.

    Today was Gym Styles Chest and Triceps, which I will always love despite the pushups. :D I followed it with Step Boss Step Sync. This one is full choreography and a lot of new steps. I only had to rewind it once, but that doesn’t mean I have it mastered. But, again, being honest, if you don’t like choreography, this isn’t a workout you will enjoy. My only real complaint about it, though, as a choreography lover, is that it takes so long for Cathe to teach some moves that the cardio factor is way down in this one. It was fine for a day like today where I intentionally do lighter cardio, but for anybody looking to be breathless....this isn’t it.

    Anyhow, I followed it with the Abs using the step risers which was fantastic! It was a tough routine, and I really enjoyed the extra element of using the risers. I plan on doing PHA3 on Thursday! Looking forward to that one for sure.

    Tami, I hope you enjoyed your weekend with family. I am glad to hear your DH was feeling better. I completely understand when you say his being sick is fun for nobody. :# I often ‘joke’ I could have limbs falling off and it wouldn’t really register with DH, but he sneezes and the world stops turning. :D But I enable that, so I own part of it. Anyhow, thank you for sharing your thoughts about the holidays and just being sad. I don’t ever remember a Christmas where I have quite felt like I do this year, and I can’t quite understand why. Through all the moves and tragedies and such, I have always managed to pick myself up and try to be cheerful. Maybe this year I don’t have a reason to force it? Does that make sense? But I love the idea of finding joy where you can through these tough days. On Friday we were in the grocery store and they asked if we wanted to donate to Toys for Tots. We did, and they let us pick the gifts. I chose this cute little bear and the lady asked I wanted her to put it in the box or if I wanted to. I wanted to. I’m walking across the store with this teddy bear in my arms, telling it to take care of its new owner and make him/her smile and DH is just staring at me like I had lost my mind. Well, he had a point because I was talking to a stuffed toy in the grocery store, but that little gesture of donating that toy made it feel like a real Christmas.....if only for a minute. So there is joy out there to be had, as you say, even in small gestures. I want to do more of that as well.

    I do hope you ladies have a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas!

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