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Cathe Fans Part 5



  • lvnascarlvnascar Posts: 2,572Member Member Posts: 2,572Member Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning my workout was Kelly's Slim Sculpting. Love this one also, just a chance to get the kettlebell out.

    Laurel, Nice job on the workouts, and getting some strength improvement from doing those GS workouts. Those push-ups will just be a distant memory. :D Awesome news on the IMAX 4 hitting all those good spots, and of course being one that is labeled as fun from that genre. :o I keep forgetting about Butts & Guts, it really is a good one for sure. Right now I'm on a Kelly kick, and really feeling the love from all those workouts. I'm going to continue the same 5 workouts next week. She put this rotation out on facebook, and said to do this for 6 weeks. I actually like all of these so I'm attempting at least 4 weeks. Will see how I feel. Just glad that tomorrow is my stretch/yoga day.

    Thelma, Great job on the yoga fusion workout. We are suppose to be getting some rain/sleet/snow tomorrow, like you I'm not looking forward to any of it. I hope that you don't have to endure that pain again. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that enjoys butterscotch. My dd's don't like it, and I can't understand that at all. :D

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a good one. I started with a tough 20 Peloton climb ride and then went into PHA3. To that, I added on the Lower Body premix from that workout as well as the Step Boss Lying Extended Stretch. My legs are not talking to me right now. :) But it was good.

    Okay, here are some observations from PHA3. I will be honest, it does not feel anything like S&S PHA to me at all. I find that one to be Cathe’s toughest on DVD. So I would compare this more to LITE PHA2. Whereas the S&S PHA does (I believe) two rounds of six exercises done three times each and whereas LITE PHA2 does two rounds of eight exercises done twice, this one does one round of eight exercises and one round of six, each done fewer exercises. But it is a longer workout at 54 minutes. So I think why this one feels different to me is the pacing of the reps (slower), there are sometimes more reps, and Cathe does take more ‘breathers’ in this one. So here is the problem I think I am having with this workout. Both times I have done it, I have done the GS Back, Shoulder and Bicep workout the day before. So I go lighter on my upper body weights, especially for biceps and shoulders. All other weights, I use Cathe’s weights. I think if I were to (like I do with the LITE PHA2) challenge myself with the weights more, I would really appreciate those breathers more than I do right now. But going with the weight I am right now, while my heart rate does get up during some exercises, it does not stay up. But I think it would if I were going heavier. I also think it is the weight I am using that makes this feel a little less like a strength training workout than the others.

    So that being said, I do like the exercises used in this workout. There are quite a few compound moves (lunges into squats, squats into deadlifts) as well as moves designed to challenge balance and core. So it is a much more functional workout that S&S PHA. As far as the use of the step, she only uses the 8” step for one leg exercise (rear lunges), and the rest using the step (I think there are three of those) use just the four inch platform. The other lower body exercises are on the floor. For upper body, she uses the 8” step more (as a bench or to do planks and pushups on). The gliding discs are used for two exercises......rear lunges also using the 4” step (I really like this move) and squat thrusts into pushups (using the 8” step). Both can be done without, but, again, I really like the use on those lunges. While I am not sure this will ever be my favorite PHA workout (there are a couple of Live ones that would probably take that honor), I would give it a solid thumbs up, especially if you like compound moves.

    The lying extended stretch was nothing special. Very standard moves throughout. But at ten minutes it is an easier add-on than the chair stretch. I have noticed that Cathe keeps shortening her DVD stretches, so I am glad to have this one since, as I get older, I am needing longer stretches. And with that, I have now completed all of the workouts included in Step Boss! I am really happy I got this series. While none of the workouts have blown my mind, I love that I have another PHA, another IMAX and another old fashioned step workout from Cathe. :)

    Thelma, great workouts. Bet they felt good on the body. My next four weeks (starting Sunday) are going to be Meso 2. We were originally going to break Meso 2 up, but with trips and timing and holidays and everything, decided to push it all together here in January. Feel free to keep going with Gym Styles!! These Meso 2 workouts are long and taxing and you have no premix options to make them shorter (unlike Gym Styles). If you don’t want to do any Meso 2 workouts and get tired of Gym Styles, you can always do the RWH LIHI workouts in their place. So do what works for you! I am astonished that it might take six months for your new medicine to work! Is there any way you can talk to your doctor about that and see if you can’t mitigate that a bit? Because, honestly, that seems unreasonable. Hugs to you my friend. I don’t want to see you in that kind of pain again either! I will admit, the weather people have me kind of concerned about this storm this weekend! That means it will probably amount to nothing. :D But I am not looking forward to it at the moment for sure.

    Laurie, great workout! I am glad you are enjoying Kelly right now. Hope the description of PHA3 helps you make a decision on whether it is worth the purchase or not. I will add that it also has the Ab Stacker workout on it, which is a really great core workout. Not that I am trying to enable or anything. ;) But if you have any questions, let me know. And now both you and Thelma have me craving not only cinnamon candy but butterscotch! Butterscotch hard candy has always been my favorite hard candy. :)

    See you tomorrow.


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    Hi Ladies ~ Happy Friday "Eve"! :) What a strange but good week it has been. So our customer service lady as I mentioned had quit and was gone within like 2 days. Two of us moved offices and now I am doing what I was doing before + recording documents. I don’t know if you ladies remember when I filled in for the lady who was on vacation (She was our office recorder), well it is her office and position I moved into. So luckily I was trained and know how to do this. I will be doing what I was doing and this and then “training” is in the works for more. Just getting moved and set up. It’s been a good week and I have been promised by our company manager (not my dept. manager) that a different person is going to be training me. He is just going to be letting us get into the swing of our new positions and then we will make an actual schedule so it gets done. YAY! My dept manager (the one that can be very moody) was talked to about all of it and how angry she has been ……. So hopefully that will improve and she was TOLD to take time off.

    At home …. Our washing machine went out the other day. UGH! So DH very kindly has been dealing with getting it fixed and/or looks like replacing it instead. In the meantime our little tiny laundry room feels overwhelming with a laundry hamper and basket sitting there . . . filling up. Workouts have been good but not quite the scheduled STS, etc. workouts I am planning on picking back up with you Laurel. :( Next week forsure.

    Monday I went to BootCamp and there were literally only a couple people I recognized. The usual's have been gone or trying other things Katy said and then said a kind of snarky comment a bout me being too good for her class now that I have a Peloton. GEEZ. Tuesday DH and I ended up meeting some customers for dinner right after work so no workout, last night was a Peloton ride and tonight most likely the same. Tomorrow will probably be one of the PHA’s. Speaking of which, I do really like the new PHA 3 workout; the other two I think I enjoy more but I love having "new moves" to work with and the upper to lower, upper to lower factor. The other two I ended up returning ….. I know you guys are not shocked at all. I didn’t even open them. LOL I watched the online clips and was like “nope, that’s not going to be happening with this gal” so I contacted her customer service and no problem on returning, especially since they weren’t even open.

    Laurel: Fabulous job as always with your workouts and getting though all of the new Step Boss workouts. As I mentioned above, I just knew those weren't going to be for me at all. I may have been able to learn it but thought I have so many others I still don't use, why force myself. :( I am glad you had a nice Christmas and New Years. I am glad to be through it and I was able to talk with my sister a lot on Christmas; she was in Australia and was really feeling homesick/mom sick and the "feels" as well.

    Laurie: Great job with your workouts! I brought a couple KCM workouts out during the week of Christmas for the fun factor and really enjoyed them.

    Thelma: Way to get on your yoga and looks like you have been getting in your strength workouts as well still the last couple weeks. Way to go! I am glad your body is cooperating with you.

    Sorry I have to be so brief ladies …. Wanted to give you a little more of an update. Now that I am a little more settled I should have my usual time to check in. Miss you all and glad you are all doing well!

    Talk to you tomorrow ~ Although tomorrow I am filling in for the girl I trained because she is off. It’s ok, I take all of this with pure joy that I am finally getting to do more.

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    Hi Ladies!! Happy Thursday!

    Duluth was fantastic, and my youngest son had a wonderful birthday (the 3rd) as we hiked Gooseberry Falls and spent some time down by Lake Superior the day before. He really fell in love with Duluth.

    The tournament was trophy's but I was told by multiple people that my oldest son played some of his best hockey. It was sure fun to watch!

    We got home late Sunday, did laundry and picked up the dogs from daycare and then here we first full week of work in awhile. It's been extremely busy between work and both boys now full swing into hockey. Trying to keep up the best I can!

    Workouts have been awesome, I really love the RWH and Lite combo. This is the last week and I'll be sad to see the rotation done, but time to move on to another rotation!

    Tami, it sounds like a good challenge at work and you'll definitely keep busy. I'm glad to hear there are some good changes taking place! Bummer on the washing machine, I've been there and it's more stressful than one thinks it would be! Hopefully you are back in action soon!

    Laurel, I am so amazed by your January weather and being nice enough to golf! We are milder than normal here too, but nowhere near golfing weather...just not heavy winter coat weather yet! Thanks again for your continued feedback on the Step Boss DVD's...I'm still on the fence, but it helpful to hear your reviews!

    Thelma, dang on all the rain you are getting! I'm glad you're getting some sunshine too though! Finally some relief from the cough so you can workout...I hate that feeling of wanting to workout but your lungs won't let you!
    I'm with you on the injection fear...I am exactly the same. I watched my hubby do the pen several times, and it reminds me of the finger prick tool. Kind of a quick release and then I think you wait a few seconds for the syringe to empty. I know the first one is always the hardest. I'm sending some good vibes your way!!

    Laurie, I wondered if you got some of the ice that we had here, sounds like you did. I'm hoping the round today missed you, but sounds like it may be a close call. It just missed us here! I'm loving your Kelly workouts, they sound fabulous!

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We have 4 games between the 2 boys, with the Sunday one being late (we won't get home until 11:30pm) and it's in the town I went to high school in that is expecting measurable snow. Could be a longggg weekend! I'll try to stop in next week to say hi!

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    Hi Ladies! Today's workouts were Ying yoga and Barre. In Ying yoga, you hold a deep stretch for a long time and we did a lot of hip flexor stretches. Barre was good but I pulled my left groin muscle doing plank jumping jacks but it was done more like a squat. We did this same move on Monday and I was OK but I think I went too wide on my squat and OUCH! So this afternoon I skipped the leg workout. I've massaged, stretched and applied heat, so I think I'm doing a little better.

    Bracing for a rainy weekend here! It won't be bad tomorrow as originally predicted. Saturday will be 100% rain and it looks like a rainy week ahead.

    Laurie, great job with the KCM workout!
    I hope I don't have to endure that pain again Laurie, but I am preparing myself mentally in case I have to. I can't believe your dd's don't like butterscotch!

    Laurel, great leg workout and congrats for completing all the Step Boss workouts! I think I'm going to like the new PHA workout. I like that it is slower even if it has more reps at times. I like compound moves but I would use a heavier weight for the deadlift than I would use for a squat. The S&S PHA is a killer. I wonder how you would've felt had you done this workout after yoga day.

    Too bad Cathe has been shortening the stretch workouts. I hope she doesn't start shortening the warm up times!

    The workouts are feeling good. I'm starting to dread the length of the STS workouts. I might just switch to STS for the 4 weeks so I can do all the discs. It feels like a very long time since the last time I did an STS workout. I'm starting to miss The Beast!
    Thanks for your kind words about the potential pain due to switching meds. My doctor has already written and spoken to our insurance. Being afraid of needles is not something they consider a problem, so it's not a good enough reason to pay for the expensive med.
    I hope the weather people are wrong about this weekend's weather. Even though the weekend will be rainy, Monday is the day that worries me. They're talking about thunderstorms and they are pretty bad here.

    OMG Tami, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on the new job. I hope they have bigger and better things in store for you! I knew all that training you've been doing when filling in for others would eventually pay off. I'm so glad you'll be trained by a different person than your manager and that she was spoken to about her behavior! How long was she told to take time off for? Probably not long enough.

    Sorry about the washing machine! If you get a new one, don't get a front loader. The giant rubber gasket at around the opening gets really nasty and mildewy and it smells. I spent hours cleaning our machine in MA with all kinds of cleaners and brushes. I eventually ended up having to dry the gasket after each use to prevent that from happening. This is a big issue with front loaders.

    Good job getting workouts in whenever possible! I can't believe Katy has lost most of her regulars! Maybe she should dial the killer workout dial down a few notches.

    I'm glad you like the new PHA workout too. Good for you for returning the DVDs you didn't like. I wish I hadn't removed the shrinkwrap off the IMAX workout. I always get lost when she goes around the step.

    Erika, welcome back! I'm so glad you and your family had a great time in Duluth! How wonderful that your oldest played so well!

    I bet the first full week at work has been hard. At least you're busy. Do the best you can because that is all you can do. Congrats on finishing up another rotation!

    It really rains a lot here. I hope the first injection is really the hardest but I think every injection will be hard. The pen is a huge pen, but you're right is a giant version of a finger prick tool. You have to pinch the skin at the injection site, press the needle opening against the skin, press the plunger part at the top and wait about 15 seconds before releasing the pinched skin. Thanks for sending good vibes my way. Keep them coming, please!

    You are really busy with work and hockey season! Stop in whenever possible!

    Goodnight ladies and have a great weekend!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I did a Jessica Smith short walking workout and stretch. It was a nice way to wind down the week.

    Laurel, Nice job on your workouts! Thank you for the great review on PHA3, and it is now on my list. With all of that information I do have one question. Did Cathe lift fairly heavy weights? Of course from the clip it is hard to tell what she is lifting. I suppose I could just go and look at the user guide, they probably have that information on there. :D I saw the guiding disc moves on the clip, and am glad to hear that those are the only two. The disc is not one of my fav things to use. I actually have some butterscotch candy at home that I have been hoarding and having one piece a day. :D My family knows me to well.

    Tami, Congrats on the new job! Interesting information on your supervisor also, I'm glad that the boss is having someone else train you. Great job on your workouts, just sorry to hear that Katy is so jealous of you new Peloton. :D Glad to hear that you where able to send those two workouts back. I'm with you on those moves, just wouldn't be able to do those moves either. Sorry to hear about your washing machine, hopefully you will be able to get something great at a good price. I don' know what it is about Kelly, but I seem to gravitate to her workouts more often lately. I really love the Cardio Overload workout. Which ones did you get?

    Erika, I love your new pic, forgot to tell you that. The boys seem to have grown up so fast. Duluth is a very nice city, and isn't it crazy how they have to build around there. Lots of rocks. :D Great job on your workouts, and glad to hear that you are enjoying the rotation. Nice that you DS had a good game despite not winning a trophy. Yes that ice was probably the one that you had. My brother was driving in it, and sent me messages about the conditions. I really didn't want to drive through 2 hours of ice, I just don't need to deal with all that tension. Our drive back the next day was so much more peaceful. Like I told Tami, Kelly has been pumping out some good ones. I have her RAW channel also, and those are just as good. I have to try out the new one that she just did. Boxing & weights. I love that combo.

    Thelma, Sorry to hear about your injury. You are bracing for rain, and we are bracing for a large amount of snow. Well at least that is what they are saying, but it could change. I know, how can you not like butterscotch. Of course with my hoarding, they may not have a chance to even try them. :D

    Have a wonderful weekend,
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    Hi Ladies! Another good workout today. I did the 59 minute Upper Body Blast premix from Supersets (which is such a good upper body workout) followed by a 45 minute ride with Peloton. My legs are feeling pretty tired from yesterday but, for whatever reason, once the music started in the spin ride, I was all in! I love days like that!

    Tami, congratulations on the new position at work!! I really hope that you do get more training now. And I bet it just feels nice to have some different responsibilities and some recognition from the highers up about your difficult manager. But yuck on the washing machine. So Thelma told you to avoid front loading machines, and I will tell you to avoid a top loading one without an agitator. Unlike Thelma, my problem isn’t with keeping the machine is with getting the clothes clean. :/ Honestly, I would be very happy if I could have my 10 year old Maytags (with an agitator) back after having these current machines for not quite three years. Because the other issue I have is the washer isn’t going to last probably very much longer. Granted, it didn’t handle the move from Alaska well, but I hate having ‘disposable’ appliances, but that seems to be how they are made anymore. Boy do I sound old!!! :D:p But just some thoughts because I would not recommend these to anybody. And btw, they are Samsung. Maybe other manufacturers make them better, but I know my DHs cousin had the same experience I am having with mine not cleaning clothes. And a simple load takes over an hour to clean....and then it isn’t always clean. Anyhow, I completely understand about the workouts being off through all this holiday/new job/etc. So Sunday we are starting STS Meso 2 for the four weeks! Looking forward to it actually. I am glad you like the PHA3 workout and don’t blame you a bit for returning the other two. What a strange comment for Katy to make to you. :| I understand she puts a lot of herself into her classes, but she really shouldn’t try to make you feel badly for your workout choices. Just seems....odd.

    Erika, so glad you enjoyed your trip to Duluth! I am glad your DS enjoyed his birthday and your other DS did well in the hockey tournament (despite no trophy). Glad you have enjoyed your LITE/RWH rotation. You really have me thinking about a summer rotation using those two series, plus I want to add in the PHA workouts Cathe has as well. And then I want to add in something else, and I am not sure yet. One of the things I like to do with my summer rotations is change the style of strength training workout I am doing every week, so one week would be heavy (RWH) and then the next may be more metabolic (PHA), then more endurance (LITE) and then......something :) .....and then repeated a time or two. But that is months away yet!! Since I keep extending out this current rotation B) I don’t think I will be starting another rotation until mid to late May! But if you have some ideas of ‘themed weeks’, I would love to hear them! Be safe with your weather!

    Thelma, sorry to hear about the leg injury. Hopefully some rest will take care of it. Regarding PHA3, I definitely think I would enjoy it more not sandwiched in to this current rotation. I think a refreshed body would be the best approach with it....but I was too anxious to try it! :p I am toying with taking a week ‘off’ after these next four weeks of STS because what I have planned for after this four weeks is 12 weeks of heavy workouts. :o I haven’t quite worked all that out yet, but that is where I think I may be going. And a week after Meso 2, where I can properly do a workout like PHA3, may be the best thing for giving my body a little recovery and still working out. So if I do that, hopefully I will get a better feel for the workout then. But I do think you will like the pace of the PHA3 workout. I never felt rushed in it, and I can get frustrated at times with Cathe for how she rushes sometimes! :) Would love to see you join us on STS! Stay safe and dry this weekend. Our worst weather is supposed to hit tomorrow afternoon. I think we will have mostly rains and high winds. At least that’s what I hope!

    Laurie, nice workout! Sounds like what I have planned for tomorrow. Regarding the weights in PHA3, she used mostly 12 and 15 pounds for lower body (one set of rear lunges from the step she uses 10#). For upper body, she uses 5# for one shoulder move (front/side lateral raises), 12# for Arnold presses and bicep curls and 15# for one arm rows in a plank position and pullovers into chest flies. The rest (if my memory is serving me right!) are body weight exercises. So definitely heavier than LITE but not too heavy. The only one that pushed it for me is the Arnold presses, but my shoulders were tired and they don’t love that move. :) Like I said, I took that and the bicep curls down in weight yesterday and still felt it was a good workout. Hope that helps! Hope your weather doesn’t get too bad! But I also wouldn’t mind a good old fashioned Green Bay football game in the snow on Sunday! :D Said by somebody who is not playing or attending and sitting in 60 degree temps in Alabama. :):D;)

    Enjoy the weekend!

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    Hi Ladies! I hope you had a great weekend! We had a pretty good weekend but did have a big scare on Saturday. We were under a tornado watch and it started to rain a lot in the afternoon with lots of wind. Saturday night the rain and wind were crazy. I thought the windows were going to break. The wind was howling and water came in all through the logs above most of the windows in the living room. The rain was going horizontally. Thank God I have a lot of towels and that DH was here! We've had lots of rain since I've been here but never like this. We checked the logs outside today and everything looks well sealed but DH will look closely next weekend. Over 15K homes lost power and as of this morning, 6800 were without power. We didn't lose power thankfully.

    My leg injury wasn't as bad as it felt because I'm OK now. I'll be very careful next time we do those plank jumping squats.
    I decided to start the Meso 2 STS rotation and did Meso 2-Disc #13 Chest, Shoulders & Triceps. It felt awesome and I think it's because I wasn't tired after a long day of work.

    I ordered the Fit/Split Push and Pull DVD from Total Fitness DVDs today. Hopefully, it will get here soon!

    Laurie, good job with the JS walking workout!
    I hope you didn't get too much snow! I can't hoard anything I like because I would eat it till I finish it. You don't have to worry about your girls eating it since they don't like it! More for you! LOL

    Laurel, what a killer leg workout on Friday! Great job!
    I hope you and your DH are OK after the big storm on Saturday.

    I like your idea of taking a week off after this phase and then moving on to heavy workouts.
    I am looking forward to trying the PHA3 workout after your description. Maybe I'll try it that week off before starting the heavy lifting phase of this rotation! If PHA3's pace is slower than others, I will definitely like it.

    Have a great week ladies!
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    Hi Ladies! Hope you enjoyed the weekend. Ours was good. Yesterday was another beautiful January day so we headed to the golf course. I love being able to golf in January! Saturday, on the other hand, was not a beautiful day. Like Thelma, that storm hit and it hit hard. We were under a tornado warning for about 45 minutes and could hear the sirens from about 15 miles south of here where a pretty big tornado went through. But we just got wind and rain....lots of both. Looking at the power grid map, it looked like quite a bit of the city lost power. We were without ours for about five hours. Not a fun storm, but it encouraged DH and I to buy a generator, which we did during the power outage. :) Home Depot had power as did a restaurant down the road where we sat and watched football for a couple of hours. I also got a lot of house work done during that power outage until it became too dark to see anything. DH took a nap. :D

    For workouts, on Saturday I did a 20 Jessica Smith low impact cardio workout followed by 30 minutes of yoga with Kristin McGee and Peloton. Yesterday was STS Disc 14/Legs (which I am feeling today!) followed by Cathe Live Keep the Cardio Coming. Today was STS Disc 13/Chest, Shoulders and Triceps followed by Cathe Live Express Your Step, which was a fun mix of Step Sync, IMAX4 and Abs Stacker....all done in 45 minutes! Perfect after that long STS workout.

    Thelma, I am glad to hear you are safe from that storm but yikes on the water coming in!! I hope you can figure out where the leak is. I am glad you didn’t lose power, but I am surprised so many are still without. I used to love power outages as a kid. Now they drive me crazy. All I can think about is the food in the fridge and freezer....and having hot water! I suppose that means I am an adult. B) Great workout! I am glad you enjoyed the STS workout. No doubt your workouts feel different when not doing them after a long, stressful day at work! Congratulations on your Push/Pull purchase!

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies! Today's workouts were Gentle/Beginner Yoga, Barre and STS Meso 2- Disc 14 Legs. The Barre instructor had a really awesome routing today and had us doing bridges with our legs bent and feet flat on the wall while we squeezed a ball. OMG! Squeezing that ball made us scream in pain. Our inner thighs were on fire! I had to take a break after the studio classes because I felt really tired today. Finally, in the afternoon I did legs and I am also feeling it. I was really tired when I did the leg workout so it felt very hard. I had to take longer breaks.

    Laurel, I am so glad you and your husband are OK! People here knew we were under tornado alert all day Saturday I think. We didn't hear any sirens but I imagine they only go off when there is really a tornado. I heard on the news that one hit Georgia but didn't say where. I am glad you decided to get a generator. AT least you found places you could go to that had power!

    Great workouts and how wonderful that you get to play golf almost all year round!! I haven't had the strength to get cardio in but I am lifting again and for now, that is good enough for me. Of course today I did 3 workouts!

    I hope we can figure out where the water came in from too. I read tonight that power had been restored to all customers. I think they had down trees all over the place and they had to replace a lot of poles too. God knows what else they had to do.
    I don't like power outages either. I was also thinking about the food in the freezer and the fact that we wouldn't have heat. At least we have the gas fireplace and a gas stove.

    I'm looking forward to receiving the Push/Pull workout. It is scheduled to get here on Thursday. Right on time for me to do it on Friday!

    I don't think I have the workouts you have for Thursday. I definitely don't have the Cross Train Xpress. I can't find the Body Blast Legs and Glutes on Cathe's website. Could you tell me what other workouts I could replace these ones with, please?

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Sorry I was not on yesterday, just was busy right when I got here. No workouts for the weekend. I usually try to workout on Sunday, but I had a meeting and then of course the game was on. :D Yesterday I did Kelly's RAW Box & Pump 2 and this morning was RAW Cardio & Sculpt Overload.

    Laurel, Great workouts! I just love the Superset workout, but have never tried the upper body one as a stand alone. Thanks for the weight information on the PHA3 workout, those presses always get me too. Makes it nice that she has given us three stages to choose from. We really didn't get all that much snow, it was more ice. My youngest dd slipped and fell, but she is doing alright. Your weather sounds way worse than what we had to go through with a tornado. I'm sure that generators are like snow blowers around here. Or should I say bags of salt. We had to buy two bags of salt, and DH used up one of them already. Nice that you where able to go golfing again in winter.

    Thelma, Glad to hear that your leg is doing fine. Great job on the workouts and your class. The bridges really do sound brutal, but I'm sure effective. Dang on that weather, and all the rain getting through. Hope your new dvd arrives soon, it is a good one for sure. You are making me want to do that one again. ;)

    Glad to hear that both of you made it through the storms!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was a 60 minute spin class with Peloton followed by a 60 minute yoga class from Peloton. Both felt good!

    Thelma, great workouts. Those bridges do not sound fun! I am amazed you were able to do STS Legs after that. I don’t know about you, but I always feel much more tired when doing Meso 2 that virtually any other workout system I have ever done. I warned DH this weekend that if he sees me falling asleep at 8:00pm this week, this is why! The Body Blast Legs and Glutes workout is on a DVD with Body Blast Kick, Punch and Crunch, so that may be why you couldn’t find it. Here is a link if you want it. :)

    Did you get the whole Fit/Split series? If so, the Legs and Glutes workout on the Boxing Bootcamp DVD would be a great substitute for the Body Blast workout. As far as a substitute for Leaner Legs, do you have the Lean Legs and Abs workout? That wouldn’t be a bad one to use in its place. Hope that helps! Woke up today to more thunder, lightening and rain. I think it is just going to be that kind of a week around here. :| One of the tornadoes that came through on Saturday went right over the house of one of my DHs staff members. He said they could here all the debris being tossed around inside of it. :o:o I would not like that!! So I guess I should be happy today is only thunder, lightening and rain!

    Laurie, great workouts! That Supersets upper body workout (the longer one) is really worth a try if you have an hour and want to have a challenging upper body workout. I never really enjoyed the Supersets workout on its own because I didn’t feel like it was quite complete in hitting the entire body equally. But, boy, when you isolate the upper body work and do it twice..... :o . So good. I was surprised there were not as many generators as I expected to see, but I also don’t think this is the time of year they expect tornadoes! So we were actually pretty lucky to find one Saturday night. But I am glad we have it now. We were warned when we got here we might want one, but after getting through that hurricane in Florida with power, we kind of figured the people were over-stating the issue. To see a good portion of the city lose power in a thunderstorm (a pretty significant one, though) had us re-thinking our assessment pretty quickly. I don’t think the problem is as much the storms as how they put in the power lines, but that’s another story. :# But I will take a generator and some rain over salt and ice. :D

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies! My workout today was STS Meso 2/Back and Biceps-disc 15. This workout felt really good even though I can't lift as heavy as I used to. I was still able to hit muscle failure using lighter weights.

    We had another rainy night and it continued till noontime today. No water came in the case this time!

    Did you get Cathe's email? She's already working on her 2020 Perfect30 workout series! I love that the workouts are 30 minutes long! I hope she includes warm-ups and cooldowns.

    Laurie, nice job with those workouts!
    I really lucked out with that groin pull injury! The bridges were killers! I hope the new DVD arrives on time for this week's workouts.

    Laurel, great workouts!

    The bridges looked pretty simple but the more you squeezed that ball the harder it got. It was even harder when we had to hold the bridge up while squeezing the ball. I honestly don't know how I did the STS workout after that. I'm sure the bridges were the reason why the STS workout was so hard. I have serious inner thigh DOMS!
    I think you're right about the Meso 2 workouts making you feel tired. They are long workouts and we're lifting heavier weights. Funny about the warning to your DH in case he finds you asleep by 8 PM!
    Thanks so much for the tips on the replacement workouts. I actually have Kick, Punch, and Crunch + Legs and Glutes DVD!

    We also had thunder this morning. OMG! I can't believe that the tornado went about that family's house! It must've been really scary to hear all the debris inside the tornado.

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    So I already pre-ordered the new workouts. :D Anything that is around 30 min. is right up my alley, and the flow workouts sound really really good. I'm wondering if they will be like the workout that she did on the road trip. This morning I did Kelly's Cardio Pump Cardio Leg Pump Premix. I used my weighted gloves.

    Laurel, Nice job on your Peloton workout. I will have to check out that premix, it does sound really good. I really want to try out a rotation that uses mostly premixes. Some of those are so good, but I have not done enough of them. Plus I never write down what the premixes are like, and if they are worth it or not. That is probably something that I should start doing as a reference. That is really scary about the tornado. We had that happen to us once, the funnel came over our neighborhood. We where without power for three days in the middle of summer. Had to get rid of a lot of food in our freezer, because we didn't have the ability to cook since my stove is electric.

    Thelma, Great job with the STS workout. As you can see I already have my order in for the pre-sale. ;) Even though one of the Hiit workouts says that it is hi impact, I'm sure that I could take any of the exercises down if necessary. I hope you get your new workout also, it would be fun to have something new to try out. I made the mistake of not adding in the PHA3 workout during the checkout process. Oh will I'm sure that I will have an opportunity to buy it at some point.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was STS Disc 15/Back and Biceps followed by Cathe Live Fitness Fusion. Good stuff.

    Thelma, great workout! 🙂 I saw that note from Cathe about the new workouts and, like Laurie, they are purchased! Love the sound of them, especially the 30 minute timeframes. Seems like they will be able to be used in so many ways. If you give that Body Blast Legs and Glutes workout a try, it is a good one. Cathe moves fast in it, but it is worth learning. I think it was Tami’s favorite leg workout at one time, and you know how Tami can crush the leg workouts! :D

    Laurie, great workout! Like you, the new workouts are ordered. I got to the description of the flow workouts and had hit ‘add to cart’ before I finished reading about them. I am so hoping they are similar to what she did at the Road Trip. I love the idea of a premix rotation. Like you, I don’t feel like I have ever taken full advantage of all the premixes on so many of her workouts. And in many cases, the premixes are better workouts! Yep, I don’t need a tornado to come over my house. I have been close to them but, oddly, have never seen one. But spending summers in Iowa as a child with my grandparents has had me forever fearful of them though. :#

    Until tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies! My workouts today were gentle yoga and sculpting fusion. I was extremely tired today. I just couldn't do cardio. I rested for a little while and proceeded to do some house cleaning.
    More rain here tonight and tomorrow and also cooler temps!
    My new DVD came today! Talk about perfect timing because it is tomorrow's workout!

    OMG, I just read the new workout descriptions and I'm going to pre-order too! They really sound like good workouts!

    Laurie, great workouts! After I read your post and Laurel's I decided to read the new workout descriptions and I'm in too! I also loved that she's including a yoga workout.

    You sure didn't waste any time ordering the workouts! Sorry, you didn't think of adding the PHA3 workout to your shopping cart. Could you cancel the pre-order and re-order?
    I will have to make the high-impact workout a low impact one.

    Laurel, awesome workouts! I am really enjoying these STS workouts now that I'm retired. The dread factor isn't quite there anymore. I start with a little dread factor but then I get into it and enjoy the workout. I think it's because I have time to do it now.

    I'm going to purchase the new program too. I haven't yet but will soon. I'll be watching the daily deals to see if there is anything there I can add to my collection.

    I am a little scared about the Crunch & Legs & Glutes or Legs and Glutes because Tami likes it! She's a killer like you are!

    Goodnight ladies!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I did LITE Metabolic Blast. Just needed a change of pace, and this one felt great this morning.

    Laurel, Great combo of workouts! I think that is the very same thing that I did when I read the last description of the flow workout. It couldn't get in my cart fast enough. :D Some of the premixes add a metabolic component to them. I'm going to continue with the current metabolic rotation that Kelly gave us, but adding in some other instructors. Tomorrow is going to be some Jessica Smith, at least that is what I'm planning so far.

    Thelma, LOL about the pre-sale purchase. Resistance if futile... :D Love the workout, and of course you listen to your body and new that was all that it could handle. Glad to hear that the DVD arrived in time. I'm sure that I will have an opportunity to order the workout again. I'm sure that she will have that one on sale at some point also. I'm just thankful that I know a lot more low-impact moves so that I can take it down when necessary.

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies! Today’s workout was Legs and Glutes followed by Step Sync. I woke up with a headache after little sleep (for no reason other than my mind decided it wanted to ‘workout’ all night long :| ) and really contemplated taking the workout down quite a few notches. But on my way to my workout room I said ‘Do Legs and Glutes’ and I am glad I did. This was a perfect combo of workouts for me today. Now if I can remember to hit the off switch on my brain tonight! :D

    Thelma, great workout. I am so glad you listened to your body. I will be honest.....this last month of workouts is beginning to feel a little ‘too much’ for me. One of the reasons I put together this long rotation was to see how my body responded to different types of workouts. During the first 10 weeks, we did the exact same pattern of workouts as we are doing now, but with more endurance type workouts (lighter weights, higher reps). I felt great! But, honestly, with the heavier weights, I am feeling it, especially in my lower body. I think it is a combination of the heavier weights plus the spin that is making me feel that way. I am going to press on, but I am thinking about significantly altering the third part of this rotation to lessen or eliminate a lower body workout or two. I say all this to let you know it is okay to be tired and take it down or completely eliminate a workout. That is where I am headed with this rotation.....better knowing when I can push it and when I need to rein it in. Anyhow, just wanted you to know. Yay on the new workout! Is this the Body Blast Push/Pull or Fit Split? Either way, you got a good workout! :)

    Laurie, great workout! I love that one. One of the things I like about Cathe’s premixes is she does things like adds Abs into the workout or, as you say, takes a workout like those from 4DS and makes them circuit workouts. And I have never done many of those workouts! You are giving me some ideas for summer, though! :D

    See you tomorrow.

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    Hi Ladies! Today's workouts were: Yin, Barre, Cathe's Body Blast Series Legs & Glutes. OMG, I thought I was not going to be able to walk after Legs & Glutes! I had to take longer breaks during the workout. The 51 workout took me 68 minutes.

    The pills I am taking now were denied to me again. I'll have to start injecting myself in 3 or 4 weeks, depending on how many pills I have left. If the RA symptoms come back I won't be able to continue with the rotation. This makes me very sad because I am loving this rotation, and I'm feeling stronger every day.

    Temperatures were much cooler today and will be even cooler tomorrow.

    I can't believe that Saturday the 18th, will be the first anniversary of my last day of work!

    Laurie, great workout! The workout I bought is the Supersets Push and Pull which is the workout I'll need for two Fridays.
    It really is important to learn how to modify certain exercises.

    Laurel, fantastic combo! I don't know how you found the energy to include the step workout into your routine today! Great job!
    You always push yourself very hard Laurel! I am not surprised that you're feeling this part of the rotation. I am glad that you're thinking about altering the rotation to lessen the lower body workouts. Definitely listen to your body!

    My new workout is the Body Blast Push and Pull

    Hi Tami!

    Goodnight ladies and have a wonderful weekend!
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    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was Jessica Smith's Walk On: Get Strong Stepping Strength. She always surprises me with how tough she can make a simple workout. This one will go as one of my favorites. We have been having some cold temps for the last couple of days. Nothing below zero, but in the single digits.

    Laurel, Great job on the workouts, and that L&G felt good even though you where dealing with a headache. I know how those days go, so kudos to you for getting that workout done. So far I'm having a good time with these metabolic workouts. Have to really give Jessica some props for being able to lift really light weights, but I'm feeling the workout. I'm hoping that by rotating instructors that I can keep moving along with these type of workouts for at least six weeks. I'm even contemplating putting in some Bob Harper. He has a couple of kettlebell workouts that I have not done yet, and the DVD's have to be used at some point. ;) I just wish some of these premixes, that I want to try, weren't so long. ;) Guess I will have to put those for my Sunday workouts, when I have more time available.

    Thelma, That L&G workout really does get the heart rate going. I'm glad that you took the breaks when you needed them. Dang on the meds. :/ You are such a trouper with all that you have been going through. I can't believe that it has already been a year, the time really has flown by.

    Have a great weekend,
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