40+ Club- I'm Dreaming Of A Light Christmas

Welcome to the 40+ Club!!! we are a group of people who are 40 and older who want to get it off and keep it off for the holidays.

Please join the group, won't you? We are a group of like-mided women and men who share, encourage and motivate each other to get healthy and stay healthy.

We're glad you found us!!

Have a great day!


  • brwnsgr
    I'll join, but I must say I have lost my movtivation to eat right and exercise. I started off good, but now I'm like whatever. Hopefully, I can get back on track.
  • brwnsgr
  • m2kjenn
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    I would love to be a part of this thread - Very happy with my progress since June and this will help me keep my motivation going through the holidays.
  • twin2
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    i would love to join your group. I wish I had really believed what people had told me about how hard it is to loose weight as you get older. If I had I may not be here now!

  • singfree
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    Welcome to all! We've been around for nearly a year now and we thank you for checking in. The "regulars" will be checking in soon, and we will really get this thing going!!

    We all struggle with our weight as we grow older. Stay with us and check in often as we post our ups and downs, our struggles and triumphs.

    The holidays are coming and we need a healthy dose of motivation. Let's do this together!! Today is the day to start taking charge of your life. Don't wait until after the holidays. Your resolution to lose weight and keep it off begins today!!

    Friday is our "check-in" day. We post our gains or losses, perhaps inches lost, or just how well you think that you've done in the previous week. We are not here to judge you. We offer friendship and encouragement. Negativity doesn't work for us...so keep the advice upbeat and positive!

    Best of health to all!!
  • Swissmiss
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    Welcome to all the newcomers.

    :flowerforyou: brwnsgr, stick with this thread and you will find the encouragement and help to lose the weight.

    sing, thank you for the new thread.
  • Texssippian
    Hello all! Sing, thanks for the new thread. Welcome newcomers. Stick with this group. There are so many wonderful people to offer encouragement and share successes and offer support during a slip.

    We went to Austin this past weekend and went to the Longhorn game with our daughter and her boyfriend. We walked from her apartment to the game. We were 10 rows from the very top of the stadium. Great view of the countryside and great game. 101,000 + at the game. Incredible alumni band played at halftime with the varsity band. Never seen so much burnt orange! We walked to daughter's old dorm after the game. They were having an alumni open house. Then walked back to daughter's apartment. Lots of walking. I am glad I opted for my tennis shoes versus my cowboy boots. On the way home, we had to go through Dallas instead of Fort Worth because the Nascar race was going on right off I35W. I35E is about 20 miles longer but was certainly quicker than sitting in race traffic...

    I had to miss the workout with the trainer last night because I had to work late. Getting to be a very busy time of year. Hubs did go and workout with the trainer. I plan to get to water aerobics, do the treadmill or lift weights every day this week. I will report on Friday how I am doing.

    Brother-in-law got to go home to Mississippi for the weekend but had to be back in New Orleans for more labs and doctor visit today. They have adjusted his meds to counter the bout of liver rejection he had which put him in the hospital for ten days over Halloween. He is feeling great and is ready to be home permanently but understands the need to be close to his transplant team until he is stable. He will be 11 weeks post transplant tomorrow. Thank you for the continued support and prayers. God bless the donor family.

    Stiring: Looking forward to hearing how things are in Korea. MK: I hope your husband's time oversees goes quickly. Alf: I am so glad your daughter and family are OK at Fort Hood. Such a horrible thing.
    Take care all! TxMs
  • cardigirl
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    Found you! No time to write, just posting to get this into my queue! Catch up with y'all later!!!!

  • Hoosiermomma
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    Happy Tuesday all!!

    I give this greeting as if it were the beginning of a new week or perhaps even a new chapter in my life. The motivation for joining MFP and losing these pounds is over and done with!:drinker: :drinker: Our two daughters are married, the last of our guests have returned to their home states and I am here in a state of... "directionnessless" Oh, I know that is not a word, but you know what I mean! :wink: Don't worry, I see this as a challenge to enjoy the ability to CHOOSE the path ahead rather than take the trail required. So many obligations that have lead me through these months since joining in May, and I enjoyed that stage of life. Two wonderful new Sons-in- Law, a full and bustling house, a long task list each day, but now I look forward to organizing my days, household, and LIFE!!

    You all have been my motivators and encouragers. So many of my friends have asked how I lost the weight and this site and all of you received the credit! Thanks so much to my 40+ friends! :flowerforyou: It was so fun to be at my girls' weddings feeling confident, healthy and up to the task!

    I am planning to stay right here as I work off the last 5 lbs. and establish a healthy lifestyle with the rest of you. It is A-mazing to keep up with this thread and see how all of us struggle with the same lifestyle challenges. Keeping it all in perspective... "Fitness that fits" into my life!

    Stiring - So glad you have made the move and now can concentrate on your life in Korea. "Limbo-land" is so hard on us!! It will be so fun to learn all about your surroundings and the culture there through you!

    MK - I am sure your husband's absence will be difficult - but I know you will use this time well as you anticipate his return! Certainly defines your goals! I hope your back and neck feel better soon so that you can carry on!

    Sing - Whew! Glad inventory is done for you. That sounds excruciating!! Be sure to reward yourself and the wife that has missed you with a little something from that overtime pay! :flowerforyou: Hope you can rest and recover now!

    Alf - So glad that your daughter is unharmed. I'm not sure how big the Ft. Hood organization is but it must affect their family being so close to it! Prayers have been answered with you biopsy. It is good to be able to move on I'm sure. Just as you have given us encouragement so many times, please do not fret the dietary lapses. They are just that, I am sure you will be back to all the good habits you enjoy so much!

    Reality calls. We have one home with this flu and it is TIME to get back to the usual. (I won't even mention laundry :laugh: ) Lots of debris that needs to find it's proper spot and catching up to do! The weight report was great. Through all this I have stayed under 140! That was my goal and now to move on!

    Have a great week everybody! :laugh:

    Yes, this is posted on the end of or 40+ Fall Fitness Fanatics, but I just wanted to be in the start-up of our new thread since I only post about once a week.. I want to say Hi to everyone including the new folks! WELCOME!! :happy: I look forward to keeping up with you all into the Holidays!

  • mkwood10
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    Hello all........I found it!!!!
    My neck and back feel better today, but still not back to "normal". I guess that's going to take a few days and some good nights of sleep, which may take awhile. Amazing how huge a king-size bed is when you're the only one in it:frown:

    Back to the grindstone - just snuck in a quick 5 minute break between modifying spreadsheets..........such a fun afternoon - NOT!!:laugh: :laugh:
  • StiringWendel
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    Hi everybody!

    It's so great to see so many people wanting to join our group!! :drinker: As singfree said, many of us have been here for nearly a year, but we love new members! :flowerforyou:

    Since there are newcomers, here's a brief recap of my weightloss journey. I started 10 months ago at 143 pounds (I'm 5'2") and currently weigh about 100 pounds. I've never felt better, and I've never been more fit in my life. I'm 44. Over the year, I completed a six month strength training rotation with DVD instructor Cathe Friedrich called STS. I just completed my first P90X rotation. And I'm currently doing an Insanity rotation. Until the past couple of weeks, I had been eating very healthy. But I have just moved from Los Angeles to Korea (I'm a military spouse), and my eating has really fallen off, but I'm managing to keep up with the workouts.

    brwnsgr, I totally understand losing the motivation for a healthy lifestyle. But I can honestly say having experienced some of the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and, now, feeling the drawbacks of more unhealthy choices (there is a reason I'm up in the middle of the night here in Korea and it is called 'too much food!), if you can stick with the healthy program long enough to feel the changes in your body, I think you will find a motivation that goes beyond a number on the scale, a size of jeans, etc. While I've been eating horribly for a couple of weeks, I know this is temporary because I really don't like how it makes me feel physically. It makes me feel better mentally during this stressful time, but it is killing me physically, and I don't like that at all.

    twin2, it is not only harder to lose weight as you get older but, of course, it is easier to gain weight! :tongue: That's just not right, is it? When I started my weightloss journey last year, my goal was 10 pounds because I didn't think at my age that I'd be able to lose much more than that. But I lost 40 without starving, doing anything stupid, etc. I just really changed my approach to food, educated myself on the health aspects of eating, and focused on getting as fit and strong as I could. And, honestly, the weight came off surprisingly easy. So both weight loss and preventing weight gain ARE achievable at any age.

    mk, happy to hear you are feeling better. When my husband is gone for a long time, I usually have a book set aside just to read during the middle of the night when I can't sleep. It's so hard adjusting to his not being there at times. It has gotten better over the years since he is gone so often, but it is never easy. And thanks for the greeting in Korean! We are at Osan AB.

    hoosier, good to see you!! I love your post, and I hope you find a new motivation for your healthier lifestyle. I'm sure it is such a relief to have both weddings over now, and now it is time to focus on YOU!!

    TxMs, good to see you too! I'm happy to hear your brother-in-law continues to do well. I imagine this is going to be a special holiday season for him and his family.

    singfree, I'm sorry to hear you are still suffering from your head cold, but, hopefully, you will feel better now that your audit if over. Thanks for starting the new thread! :flowerforyou: I love the thread title. I have a feeling it will be especially pertinent to me starting tomorrow because my scale (and about 500 pounds of other stuff) will be arriving at our new home tomorrow morning. :drinker: I'm afraid of the scale right now. :noway: I thnk I'll definitely be dreaming of a lighter Christmas!

    So yesterday was the first opportunity I had to go to the commissary here at Osan. Yikes. Eating healthy is going to be VERY challenging. I have to remind myself that the bulk of the community here consists of single people living in dorms. So, as you can imagine, processed food is what the commissary is all about. I mean, it was a challenge to buy lettuce for salads. There is no fresh chicken or turkey (only frozen) so that means no ground turkey or chicken (which I much prefer to ground beef). And the only bread available is.....Wonder Bread. :huh: I'm very happy I have a breadmaker on the way, to say the least.

    In short, I'm going to have to rethink my eating significantly. But I'm determined to find a way to make it work. It's just going to take time. I think getting my scale back tomorrow will help me get the incentive to make it work because.....I actually ate a burger and fries in a restaurant last night. That's a first since January. But I was just feeling a bit....defeated....after the commissary so......there you go. It didn't help that I followed the burger/fries up with my good friends Ben and Jerry and their lovely ice cream. :blushing: In other words, it was a bad eating day (to put it mildly). BUT, at least I had done an Insanity AND P90X workout. :tongue:

    I am going to try to get another Insanity workout in later today (Wednesday), but my husband and I have some things to do to make our new home easier to live in while we wait for our household goods (which aren't due to arrive until Jan 7 now. :sad: ) The combination of bad food, the idea that we've got two more months without our stuff, and just everything going on has me up very early this morning because my mind is going a mile a minute right now. I'm hoping to get some things settled today so that I can feel a little more relaxed soon. But, all that being said, I'm still happy to be here in Korea!!

    So, alf, as you can see, I'm right there with you on the whole food thing right now! My exercise is good.....my food is bad. Maybe we can come up with some sort of challenge to get each other back in line. What do you think?

    I hope this finds you all well and enjoying your Tuesday! :flowerforyou:
  • 2BLean
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    Hello 40+ Fitness Friends!

    I am very familiar with your thread and would love to join! :smile: I popped in quite a while back but never “re-joined” so to speak. :blushing: So if you’ll have me, I would say there isn’t a better time to join, especially going into the holiday’s - Encouragement will be great!

    I currently am doing a 6.5 month rotation of Cathe’s STS – thanks to some encouragement from your good friend Stiring she has given me some advice and pointers but mostly fabulous words of wisdom! I am LOVING the program – currently on my 3.5 month mark so right in the middle of the program. Prior to STS I did 2 rounds of ChaLEAN X and really enjoyed it but felt I needed more of a challenge.
    My next venture (in Feb.) will most likely be the STS workout combined with Insanity … :noway: we’ll see! I’m a little bit intimidated by Insanity but it keeps drawing me in to WANT to try.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all and being a part of your very supportive group.

    Stiring: Good to see you made it safe & sound to Korea! Hope the food situation/choices get worked out for you. I’m sure they will as you learn the ropes around there. :happy:

    Happy Tuesday Everyone! :flowerforyou:
  • Texssippian
    Hoosier! I was just thinking about you today and wondering about the second wedding. Glad all went well! Beautiful family and beautiful mother-in-law! Great for you!

    Stiring: Glad you are there and safe. Since the food selections on base are so bad, particularly fresh vegetables, can you venture off base for local fare once you get your bearings?

    Hi Cardigirl. Glad you found the thread.

    2BLean: take it each day as it comes. Small steps in the right direction will get you going.

    The picture is of the alumni and varisty bands. at the game on Saturday. The alumni band spells out "Texas" and varsity band spells out "veterans ". The two empty sections at the top left of the stadium are where the alumni band was sitting. Husband played tuba in the Ole Miss band when he was at the U of Mississippi. He went back to perform with the alumni band one time after we moved to Texas. He said there were maybe 50 participants and they did not try to march.

    Speaking of veterans, happy Veterans Day with (((((hugs))))) to all the veterans, their families and those in active duty or supporting those in acctive duty. We are blessed by your courage.

    Also speaking of blessings... Just found that my brother-in-law gets to come home to Mississippi tommorrow from New Orleans where he has been since July waiting for, getting, and recovering from a liver transplant! He will have weekly labs in Jackson Ms and will have to go back in December to get bile duct stents replaced but he is coming home to be with my sister and their seven year old daughter. Yea! Blessings to the donor family.
    Take care all! TxMs
  • singfree
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    Good morning!

    Not feeling well really stinks! I have a full-blown headcold and I am feeling a bit dizzy, probably due to the congestion. If this does not improve soon, I will need to see my Dr. Yesterday i had my consultation for a follow-up colonoscopy. I have to fast on Sunday and he will do the procedure on Monday morning. The Osmo-Prep pills are tough to take, but they are better than the other stuff.

    I'm glad that all of the regulars have found this new thread. Welcome to all of our newcomers!!!

    With my work schedule and especially with illness, I am not eating properly and not exercising at all. I trust that this will change in a day or two as I start to feel well again. I am not getting good sleep due to congestion and coughing.

    I will check in later! Have a great day!
  • duffyzmom
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    Happy Hump Day All! Glad to see so many newbies and great to see Hoosier and LBean back. Not much of a post day but wanted to check in on the new thread. Food is so much better for me during the week - I'm going to have to work a little harder on the weekends. Still having problems getting my protein numbers high enough. I'm considering adding protein powder again but am really picky. I used to have a favorite at Wild Oats but we don't live near one here. Any suggestions for a great protein powder - soy or whey it doesn't matter as long as the consistency is good?
  • singfree
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    Duffy, I really like the EAS whey protein. I bought it at Sam's Club. A 5-lb bag was around $28. It mixes well and tastes great IMO. About 26 grams of protein per scoop and 130 cals.
  • mkwood10
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    Good morning all and a HUGE THANK YOU :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: to all of our Veterans and their families on this sunny Veterans Day. Veterans don't get nearly enough recognition for their sacrifices over the years, and their families get even less. So, once again, THANK YOU VETERANS and your families:heart::heart: :heart: :heart:

    I hate it when national chain restaurants don't publish any nutrition information on their website :grumble: :grumble: :grumble: . My daughter and I went to Old Chicago last night and split the grilled chicken breast with spinach ravioli entree. Yummmmmyyy and perfect portion size when we split it. But..........went to find it on their website so I could log the calories, and no nutrition information anywhere..........:grumble: Oh well, :ohwell: it was delicious and loaded with asparagus, spinach, red peppers. But then of course the daughter wanted to split the cheesecake also, so I'm sure I went over calories for the day, but hoping not by too much!!

    Made it back to Curves last night - the scale was ugly and the weight/measurements were ugly too:grumble: :grumble: . But..............it will get better!!!!
  • zebras
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    Hi all, I've been hiding again! Bad Zebras. Had to spend sometime getting my Mom's condo ready to go on the market, as the tenant we had for 5 years couldn't afford to live there anymore, so it seems to be worth trying to sell while its empty. In the meantime, husband is going to have that operation in December, and my brother just found out he has to have his right kidney removed. He doesn't tell me much about what's wrong with it, and I'm not even sure he's asked many questions of his doctor. So, I am doing my best to control the stress eating that we all know I'm so good at. Managed to get on the treadmill last night and build up my ability to run a tiny bit more.

    Sing, sorry to hear you are not feeling well, glad to know you got through the inventory.

    Welcome newcomers, you will find this a group of very reliable friends, who listen to you well, and will give great advice every time you need it!
  • Swissmiss
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    sing, take care of yourself !!! Have you thought that maybe your procedure may not be able to be done if you are sick? The last I heard they put you under for this and if you have any congestion they may not want to do that.

    :flowerforyou: mkwood, I never thought about going online to find the calories in restaurant foods. Thanks for the idea.

    :flowerforyou: duffy, I love my whey protein powder. I usually have a scoop evey day. This is what I think got my weight to start going down about two months ago. My weight is going down again due to adding strength training twice a week.

    :flowerforyou: zebras, sorry to hear about your brother. That sounds pretty serious.
  • bakergirl62
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    Hi everyone, I would love to join your group. I don't have much left to lose, and I am losing so slow, but at least I'm still heading in the right direction. I am having foot surgery on Monday, so I won't be able to use my faithful treadmill for a while and hoping to keep motivated by you all.