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    Monday Check - In!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend, fun and full of healthy choices!!

    Mine was not that bad … I did not diet per se, but did not go over my calories too bad and did workout for an hour on Sunday.

    Thank you all for your comments about the overeating once I get to my lowest weight … I don’t know either why, but I would like to research why do we do this to ourselves … its bizarre! One of my MFP friends shared this article today and I thought it was perfect timing:

    And ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 vacation starts now!! :smiley:

    I will try to log to MPF while away and make as healthy choices as possible!

    Don’t think I will have a scale for the next couple weeks so most likely will skip the challenge until back.

    See you soon MFP friends!
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    @happygirlxxx Have a fantastic vacation!!!
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    @happygirlxxx ... thanks for that link ... it's got some great articles on that site. Has been added to my bookmarks!

    Enjoy your vacation.
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    Name: Robin
    Age: 51
    Height: 5'3"

    Start Weight (Sept 16th): 249.2
    Goal Weight (Nov 18th): 239.9
    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept 20: 249
    2. Sept 27: 249
    3. Oct 4: -- 248.6
    4. Oct 11: - 247.8
    5. Oct 18: - 249
    6. Oct 25: - 249.8
    7. Nov 1: -- 251.4
    8. Nov 8:
    9. Nov 15:
    Final Weigh in: Nov 18:

    Weight -/+ this week: +1.6
    Total weight -/+ this challenge: +2.2
    Total overall weight loss: -34.4

    Ok, it's getting worse! I am eating when I am not hungry, I am eating after I am full and I don't know why!! I cannot tie it to an emotion or stress or any of the "usual suspects". I can't determine my trigger. I haven't had a chance, but I am definitely going to check out the link @happygirlxxx posted. Maybe it will give me some insight as to why I seem to be sabotaging myself these last few months. At this rate, I will gain back everything I lost by the new year!

    Yesterday, as I was here catching up on about 50 posts that I was behind on, a co-worker was walking around offering Halloween cupcakes. I was inspired by so many of you and your accomplishments and when she got to my desk, I politely told her "no thank you". Then with the look and plead of "please, it's the last one" - I caved and ate the damn cupcake. I mean, don't get me wrong, it didn't take much to convince me to take that damn thing and I can't blame her. She doesn't know of the journey I've been on.

    I know a good portion is water weight because my ankles are swelling by days end lately and every day they seem to swell larger than the last. At least I am still walking my fur baby! I can't even imagine what my gains would be if I weren't taking my walks 5-6 days a week.

    I am so thankful for this thread and everyone on it. I know with help I can find here, I can bounce back from this feeding frenzy funk. I can't give up, I have to keep pushing forward. Today is a new day AGAIN!

    Until next time; wishing everyone Peace B) , Love <3 and Weight Loss :smiley: !!

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    @birdygirl115 Way to go! Wow, down 5.5! You will hit your 40# in no time. You are on a quest! :smile: I bet you have the best looking garden in town and you improved your health by doing so!
    @Nikion901 Good job this week!
    @RobinB0812 Eating when we are not hungry or eating when we are still full are all old habits many of us have experienced. You know what you have to do. Just tell yourself you are worth more than a cupcake. An old WW saying at meetings used to be "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels". The past is the past. Today is a new day. Take it one meal at a time, one day at a time and focus on the positive in your life, not food. We often eat to comfort ourselves or reward ourselves. You know what to do and you will bounce back. No one ever said it would be easy but you can and will bounce back! Just do it! Never give up! If you really wanted to give up, you wouldn't be here reading and posting so pat yourself on the aren't giving up!

    Wednesday Wishes...for me, it's I wish/hope I don't get called to show up for jury duty next week. Have to call every night after 5, starting on this coming Friday, to see if I have to show up at the courthouse the following day. Hopefully my jury number is high enough that they won't need me.

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    Name: Irene
    Age: 40
    Height: 5' 8"

    Start Weight (as of Sept. 12th): 278.9
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th): 253.5

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept. 20: 276
    2. Sept. 27: 273.6
    3. Oct. 4: 271.4
    4. Oct. 11: 269.8
    5. Oct. 18: 267.4
    6. Oct. 25: 264.6
    7. Nov. 1: 261.7
    8. Nov. 8:
    9. Nov. 15:
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18:

    Weight -/+ this week: -2.9
    Total weight -/+ this challenge: -17.2

    Total weight loss so far - since Sept 6, 2017 - 20.9 LBS

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    bapcarrier wrote: »

    I hit my goal for this challenge this morning AND I'm now in Wonderland! The weird thing is that instead of being thrilled, excited and happy like I expected, I'm just kind of in disbelief. :( I guess I'm afraid that it isn't real and that it will go back up over 200 and stay there again... If I'm still in Wonderland for next week's weigh in then I'll celebrate and allow myself to believe! Is that dumb?

    Good going Barb! ... I also made my challenge goal this week (it was more modest than yours was) and I can so understand than feeling of "Is this for real?" and "Will I still have achieved this on my next weigh-in?" ... You had a 3 pound loss this week, so if you do go up a tad in the next day or two, just keep to your plan and you will, surely, come in below 200 again next week!
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    I'm back from my European adventures. Had a great time, but it was a tremendous strain on my body. I should have lost weight before I left but couldnt get in the right frame of mnd. I was doing well but tripped (Europe is full of hazards) in Montenegro and hurt my knee. Thought it would get better but gallivanting all over Austria and Italy didnt help it. Went to Dr and he thinks I tore my meniscus. Will do MRI tomorrow and see extent of damage. Had to cancel my trip to Israel, but my trip insurance should cover and refund.

    Primary goal is to get well. Using Essential oils and natural anti inflammatories now and committed to following a clean Mediteranen diet. Interestingly, while in Croatia, I had to eat Mediterraneun and I actually felt so much better, no sinus problems and chronic cough of 3 years almost cleared up. I also had more energy. Its just difficult to get used to eating Kefir and roasted veggies for breakfast. Also cheese and breads. Gained a little weight but committed to reach a goal and get this excess weight off for good.

    I'm jumping in the challenge for the rest of this month

    Name: Katrena
    Age: 72
    Height: 5ft 1/2"

    Start Weight (as of 11/1/17): 223.2
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th): 213

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    8. Nov. 8:
    9. Nov. 15:
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18:

    Lonfd (birdygirl) Congrats on weight loss. Keep it up!

    Birgit- You've done a fantastic job and stayed committed. You really inspire

    Lydia - Great attitude. You will succeed

    Irene - You are Rocking!! Great job

    Barb - Great job! Tell yourself this is real and you will stay under.

    Best wishes to all. Happy Wednesday

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    Name: LaDana
    Age: 42
    Height: 5' 2"

    Start Weight (as of Sept. 16th):271
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th): 260

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept. 20: 270
    2. Sept. 27: 270
    3. Oct. 4: 269
    4. Oct. 11: 268
    5. Oct. 18: 271
    7. Oct. 25: 272
    8. Nov. 1: 269
    9. Nov. 8:
    10. Nov. 15:
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18:

    Weight -/+ this week: -3
    Total weight -/+ this challenge: -1
    Total overall weight lost so far: 34
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    Wow you guys, great losses this week! You are inspiring! I won't know until Friday.

    @lydiapassthedonuts Yep, we need to remember that we can live our life and still have fun with celebrations as they are a part of life. You DO have this. I know I've had a whole new attitude since starting MFP in mid August and that's been my feeling...that if there's a celebration or trip, you have fun but I've had no trouble going back whatsoever, none, zippo, nada. For me that is huge. Normally I'd say forget it after events or trips but not this time. I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, I'm just so happy whatever light bulb went off in my brain about it, is sticking. I have a feeling the holidays will be like that too. I don't want to stress over them. More than likely I'll celebrate at all the parties/dinners, etc. and then the next day, get right back to it. It won't be an eating frenzy from Thanksgiving to New Year's as is my norm typically. Sure, there will be a lot of family events and other parties in that time frame and goodies to eat and drink but I'm not going to worry about it. I'll enjoy the individual events of the day, I'll give myself permission to, and then get right back. And, I won't blow the whole day, just that meal or evening or day. I hope I never lose this attitude! Life happens and if this is going to work long term, I need to figure out how to make it work. If I can manage to at minimum remain the same weight on New Year's Day, as I am on Thanksgiving day, then I will consider that a NSV. Any loss in there will be a big bonus.
    @bapcarrier I get the fear of believing but you can believe it. You are dedicated and doing great!!!

    Ooops, sorry this got so long. :(
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    Wow, what great news from folk already. Barb and Niki, congrats on reaching your challenge targets already - and Onederland for Barb! Fabulous, Keep the light on in the tunnel, several of us will be following you in due course. :D

    I saw Irene had lost over 20lbs in under 2 months - way to go! Connie and LaDana each losing 3lbs this week - and I bet I've missed others. Apologies, don't mean to but scrolling back without losing one's draft post is not easy on MFP. I guess I should draft a reply in a word processor program first, like I do with my weekly weigh-in report.

    Thanks to those kind people being pleased for my result, I didn't think I was getting far in this challenge, but looking back at where I started in September, this week has made all the difference.

    @b_lisieux - I wish my garden was the envy of the street, but none of us have fancy ones really, Family ones, small courtyard ones, minimal work ones, ones filled with hot tubs and not much else....we each enjoy our little spaces. Considering I live in a typical densely built English suburb, I am lucky to have a decent plot considering I am in a first floor flat/apartment. This property, and my immediate neighbours', were the show homes for the development; I got a garage, and the land behind it as my garden. Most unusual in UK, flats usually get shared spaces or none at all. I've even got a high degree of privacy, the garden is a suntrap in summer. Love it! B)

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    edited November 2017

    Name: Barney
    Age: 58
    Height: 5' 3"

    Start Weight (as of Sept. 16th): 227.8 lbs
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th): 213.4 lbs (aiming for 1.6 lbs/week this time since I need to slow my loss a bit)

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept. 20: 226.0 lbs
    2. Sept. 27: 224.6 lbs (woo hoo!...I'm finally BELOW the Morbidly Obese category!!!).
    3. Oct. 4: 222.6 lbs (on vacation Sept 28 - Oct 4, actually weighed in Oct 5th).
    4. Oct. 11: 222.6 lbs (stalled!)
    5. Oct. 18: 219.4 lbs (recovered from stall)
    6. Oct. 25: 218.2 lbs
    7. Nov. 1: 220.4 (gained!...I haven't gained since May 8, 2017--the day after my last binge!)
    8. Nov. 8:
    9. Nov. 15:
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18:

    Weight -/+ this week: + 2.2 lbs
    Total weight -/+ this challenge: - 7.4 lbs
    Total overall weight lost so far: - 96.6 lbs

    This was a bad week for me--I was no longer getting full when I'm finished with my planned meals (1 hour later) and kept eating until I was full (another hour of eating the same stuff) which put me over my maintenance calories for a couple of days and over my target calories on other days). I'm not sure why this happened this past week as I've been eating the same types of stuff for weeks and this "effect" has only "kicked in" during the last 5 days. My blood sugars have also shot up during these last 5 days requiring a substantial increase in my meal-time insulin dosage to counter that.

    I've now started removing cooked vegetables from my planned meals & replacing them with raw vegetables as they take me longer to consume (i.e. more time to get full) and fill me up better (denser food) and stay in my stomach longer & keeping me full longer too. The cooked vegetables were convenient--just pop into the microwave & they are ready compared to the raw equivalents which I have to take the time to cut up to prepare.
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    Name: Jennie
    Age: 30
    Height: 5' 4.5"

    Start Weight (as of Sept. 16th): 210.8
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th):  LESS

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept. 20: 209.4
    2. Sept. 27: 207.4
    3. Oct. 4: 207.4
    4. Oct. 11: 204.8
    5. Oct. 18: 202
    6. Oct. 25: 198.2
    7. Nov. 1: 199
    8. Nov. 8:
    9. Nov. 15:
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18:

    Weight -/+ this week: +.8
    Total weight -/+ this challenge: -11.8
    Total overall weight lost so far: - 56

    Well I think the Halloween candy got the best of me! And between getting costumes ready, father in law going into the hospital and helping hubby with workers comp trying to get an MRI for his back scheduled I apparently forgot to log for 2 days and lost my streak! Oh well no time to dwell I need to scroll back and catch up on this thread!!