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  • Hi Everyone. I'm new to this thread but I like how its set up. I'm late posting on Thursday because Im always up at night. Thursday - Truth (got anything you need to fess up to or get off your chest?) Sorry I had too see what Thursday was about. My truth....I miss meat everyday. I feel like we have a love affair and I cheated and got kicked out of the house. I am now realizing I shouldn't have done what I did. All the "meat" listed in my meals aren't real meat only vegetarian versions. I miss it. :'(
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    The Winter Games

    Name: Niki
    Age: 72
    Height: 5' 2.5"
    Highest weight: 278.4

    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018) 236.5
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018) 227.4

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 232.7
    Jan 12: 231.7
    Jan 19: 227.8
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: -3.90
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -8.7
    Total weight lost: -50.6

    I think there is something wrong with those little metal/plastic/glass rectangles I step on every day. The recent weight gain I had over 'the holidays' is finally almost all gone ... just .4 more pounds to lose to get to the end weight of our "Fall Challenge", and 3 pounds to go to get to my 20% down from my original high ... Maybe I should skip grocery shopping this week and continue to eat creatively to eat up more of the stocked items ...
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    It's still an "ouch" day here. My back is a little better but not much. I guess it will just take time. I have things to do and places to go though. No way can I get in a car right now. :(

    Welcome to the new people and returning people. Glad to have everyone here! @happygirlxxx Love the post you found. Good words to remember. And @Nikion901 Love the Pooh post too. :smile:

    I have an Instant Pot and love it. I found an IP recipe site on FB that I love but the problem is, very few of them are calorie friendly or list calories so I have to manually enter the calories in MFP to figure out what one serving would be.

    Ok, as much as it hurt to walk over to the scale today, I did my weekly WI. Here is my report. Have a great Friday everyone!

    Name: Margie
    Age: 71
    Height: 5' 1 ½”
    Highest weight: 295 (Late Aug.2017)

    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018) 278.5
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018) 271.5

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 278.25
    Jan 12: 273.0
    Jan 19: 272.0
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: -1.0
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -6.5
    Total weight lost: 23.0

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    Name: Carol
    Age: 37
    Height: 5' 9"
    Highest weight: 364

    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018) 339
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018) 329

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 336.1
    Jan 12: 342.2 (it was birthday week)
    Jan 19: 338.7
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: -3.5
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -0.3

    Total weight lost: 25.3

    I just signed up for a biggest loser challenge at my gym. It goes until the end of The Winter Games. I hope I can keep up a good ratio for losing. I have a lot to lose but can't seem to reign in my eating habits consistently. I do good for a couple of days then horrible for a few days.
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    @happygirlxxx Thanks for the recipe. I think I'll give it a try next week. Do you rice your cauliflower?

    @Nikion901 Thanks for the seasoning ideas. I'm always looking for new combinations to jazz things up and get me out of my comfort zone.

    @b_lisieux Sorry to hear about your back. My fiance just did that to his back this past weekend. Took about 4 days to get the pain level down. Heat, Ice and stretch as much as you can.

    What do you guys do to motivate yourselves to workout? I'm having a hard getting my self to the gym.
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    @EmergencyGraphics LOL yes, good point!! :D I broke the cauliflower into smaller pieces and then put in the food processor. I know some people use the cheese grater ... I guess it depends on how fine you want the cauliflower to be. Also, not sure if everywhere, but at my local super market you could buy the cauliflower rice ready.

    I was never a workout person, always super lazy and always found an excuse ... I don't know how many times I enrolled in the gym and never went ... wasted money; but I guess this time was different, I had the determination that I really needed to change because I could notice my health deteriorating (I mean, I am in my early 40s and just go tired going up/down the stairs in my own house ... :/ ) and that pushed me to do so ... I would go, do my routine and not care if anyone was watching me because I was the fat lady at the gym .... eventually it became something that I needed to do and now I don't even question it ... I just workout; I don't even have a membership to a gym anymore, I do online videos from and do spinning at home. I am not saying is like this every single day, sometimes I don't feel like working out, but most days I do ... even for 30 minutes a good stretching session.

    I think something that as well helped a lot to get started was that I had a personal trainer who helped me get comfortable with exercising. And I know, not everyone can afford one, but finding a person or group that encourages you and celebrates your successes (ie, 5 more seconds doing plank) is awesome .. you know someone has your back, will help you push through and specially provide guidance on what you are doing. Maybe a friend that wants to workout or a coworker, don't know .. but I think that made a big difference for me ... I know might sound dumb, but I felt bad if I let him down (in addition to myself)!

    @b_lisieux I am sorry you are still in pain. When I pulled my back late last year was so upsetting, I could hardly move ... so I know what you are going through. I lived with those patches that you can stick to your back for days!

    @ckozl81 nice loss! Best of luck on your gym challenge! And I know what you mean ... I wonder why I cant be constant with the good eating habits, but we just need to move forward and get back at it! One bad meal / day will not win over our determination to lose weight!

    OK, time to go this post got looong!! Its already Friday evening here so need to start thinking what will we do for dinner tonight!

    Have a great start of the weekend!
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    Just quickly logging in to report my plateau. Good news... I didn't gain. Bad news... I didn't lose.

    Name: Cyndy
    Age: 60
    Height: 5' 3"
    Highest weight: 252

    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018): 208.8
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018) 190

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 209.9
    Jan 12: 206.6
    Jan 19: 206.6
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week:0
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -2.2
    Total weight lost: -45.4

    Will read all the new posts soon... when I get to work (wink, ha ha). Shhhhh don't tell anyone.
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    Name: Tracy
    Age: 44
    Height: 5’5”
    Highest Weight: 274
    Current Weight: 210
    Goal weight: 190

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 202.8
    Jan 12: 200.8
    Jan 19: 201.2
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: +0.4
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -8.8
    Total weight lost: 72.8 lbs.

    Tough week. But doing good today. Each day is a new beginning right?
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    The Winter Games

    Name: Barb
    Age: 70
    Height: 5'3”
    Highest weight: 258
    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018): 204.8
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018): 195

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 206.2
    Jan 12: 202.8
    Jan 19: 202.8
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: -0
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -3.4
    Total Weight loss overall: -55.2

    Like Cyndy said, The good news is no gain, the bad news is, no loss either! I enjoyed reading all the posts, unfortunately no time to reply other than to say Hello everyone. Will post challenge results later today or tomorrow. :)
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    Hello everybody. I'm in too..... got loads to lose.....gonna lose it this year.... count me in....
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    Name: Connie
    Age: 53
    Height: 5' 7"

    Starting weight: 285.6
    Goal weight (Friday, Dec 29, 2018): 199!
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018): 234
    Current weight: 239.8
    Total weight lost: 45.8
    This week's successes: Learning to watch my portion sizes and salt intake.
    This week's challenges: This is an ongoing struggle to not emotional eat.

    Weigh-in day: Friday

    1/1 - 244.4
    1/5- 242.6
    1/12- 240.8
    1/19 - 239.8
    1/26 -
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    The Winter Games!

    Name: Birgit
    Age: 62
    Height: 6'0"
    Highest weight: 305 lbs. (4/4/16)

    Start Weight (Jan 8, 2018): 199.2 lbs.
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018): (190 lbs.) REVISED 186 lbs

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: missed it, jumped in late
    Jan 12: 191.8
    Jan 19: 190.0
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: -1.8 lbs
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -9.2 lbs
    Total weight lost since 4/4/16: 115.0 lbs

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    Name: Catherine
    Age: 51
    Height: 5'3"
    Highest weight: 256 lbs.

    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018): 220.6 lbs.
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018): (199 lbs.)
    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 219
    Jan 12: 215.6
    Jan 19: 214.4
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: -0.8 lbs
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -6.2 lbs
    Total weight lost since 1/15/16: -41.6 lbs

    I know I joined in late but I got the weights off my log so they are accurate.

    Hi @Nikion901 I remember you too. Not very many others are still active on here, but I love meeting new people.

    @happygirlxxx love the recipe help. Sadly I don't cook but my daughter does and she is always looking for new healthy recipes for me.

    @EmergencyGraphics I tried some of those frozen riced cauliflower and I wasn't a fan. I also tried the ready made cauliflower that is made into mashed potato and didn't care for it either. I am actually going to try fresh next and if it still tastes weird I am giving up on cauliflower as a replacement for potato or rice. I will just do without.

    @b_lisieux sorry about your back. Don't be afraid to take the pain killers, sometimes the only way for the back to heal is to exercise it gently and you can't do that if it hurts to much to move at all. Hang in there. I have been there so I feel your pain.

    So I have to confess that I couldn't take it and broke down and had one girl scout cookie. The smores were calling my name so I had to have one. I haven't had sugar in over a month and to be honest the cookie was a let down and definitely not worth the calories or carbs. So I won't have another but at least now I won't be longing for them.

    I am thinking about going premium here on MFP, is it worth it? They used to count carbs and proteins here but now they don't on the free account. Let me know if you think it is worth it.
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    @catherine-- welcome back! I remember you as well. What do you mean your free account doesn't count macros? My account is free and I can still see carbs, protein, etc. in my food diary. Go into your settings, and click on diary settings, and there is a place to choose which nutrients (carbs, sodium, fiber, protein, etc) you want to track in the food diary.

    @ana-- I know you mentioned awhile back that English is not your first language. As a HS English teacher who's taught many bilingual, ESL, ELL students and, I have to say it is not detectable at all. I would have never known English isn't your first language.

    @EmergencyGraphics --I really love how I feel AFTER I go to the gym or go for a run outside, so when I'm looking for motivation, I try to imagine that feeling. Usually it's enough to get me to the gym. Not always.

    @b_lisieux --sorry to hear about your back. My friend just got an instant pot, and it's all she can talk about. She has made soup and yogurt--not sure where she got her recipes though.

    @niki-- Happy belated Winnie the Pooh Day! I miss Tom's (Morgori's) posts about what "day" it is...

    Welcome to the newlings!

    Great job to those who lost this week. I am in the "plateau club" :(.

    AFM--It was finals week, so very busy. I didn't eat too badly until today when I went to my sister's and we ordered Thai food for dinner then had cake to celebrate my niece's birthday. Tomorrow I plan to pay for it with a nice long cardio session at the gym. I'm always, always chasing my fork!

    Fitness this week has been limited to walks with the dog and some strength training I had to complete for my Amazing Race challenge.

    Name: Karen
    Age: 48
    Height: 5' 7"
    Highest weight: 247

    Start Weight (Jan 2, 2018) 205
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018) 190

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 203
    Jan 12: 202.4
    Jan 19: 202.4
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: 0
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -2.6
    Total weight lost: 44 lbs
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    The Winter Games

    Name: Cellosmiles
    Age: 37
    Height: 5' 3"
    Highest weight: 257

    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018) 227
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018) 217

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 223.4
    Jan 12: 224.2
    Jan 19: 226.6
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: +2.4
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -.4
    Total weight lost: -30.4

    Ok so i made my weightloss goal and won my healthywager. Yay! And decided to celebrate this week with some foods i havent had in forever.

    Now that i have enjoyed my rewards...i am back on track. I wont be as strict as i have been over the last few weeks. But i will watch my CICO and keep on exercising.

    Aquafit and lap swimming at the pool have been quite an enjoyable workout. And i look forward to continuing these activities.

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    Not much to share today but found these quotes and one made me laugh, the other inspired me ... have a great Sat everyone!



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    The Winter Games Week 3 Report Congratulations to those who lost this week! It seems like many of us (myself included) had kind of a laid back week, following a week of big losses. Our total loss for the week figures out to 8.2 pounds, vs. over 32 pounds the prior week as our bodies adjust to the new weight. This coming week will be time to pick it up again and I know we can all do it. After 3 weeks of the challenge we have reached 40% of our goal! Nice! I hoping to see 50% by next week which is our half way mark for the 8 week challenge. Great job everyone!

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    Sunday Sharing

    As you already know I am reading this book “The Keto Reset Diet” by Mark Sisson and there is a part that talks about moderation that stuck with me and thought might be interesting to you as well (you might agree with it or not!)

    “I favor a bold and mindful approach to lifestyle transformation whereby you take full responsibility for your decisions and understand the repercussions of your choices. We are faced with a dizzying assortment of health-compromising temptations and distractions. If you outsource your fate to your medication regimen, you may end up in a world of regret and suffering. Even if you step up and make a decent effort on behalf of your health, but adopt the popular motto of “Hey, everything in moderation,” you are likely to end in a moderate state of health. I don’t know about you, but I prefer exceptional to moderate. I like Mark Twain’s take on the motto: “Everything in moderation, including moderation.””

    I always had this idea everything in moderation to justify all the things that I wanted to eat, the exercise that I didn’t wanted to do, that taking my meds was good enough, etc and it’s true if we really don’t focus and put the best of us ... just do average (called “moderation”) then we will get as results just average ... therefore why are we expecting something different? (And in some cases even get disappointed?)

    Anyway ... I thought it as a wake up call for me to push myself to achieve the results I want. Of course the average will vary from one person to the other because we are all different and in diverse stages of our lives but regardless of it ... we owe it to ourselves to strive for exceptional!

    Have an awesome Sunday!