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    Well 2 bad dinner choices and only walking dog for exercise made it so there was no loss this week. This is where I get discouraged for 2 bad choices derailed my progress.
    1/1/20= 270
    1/11/20= 266.4
    1/17/20= 263.2
    2/1/20= 262.3

    But at the same time, it's not anti-progress, so that's a thing. At least that's what I keep telling myself in my mini-bad-streaks. Also, it could be water fluctuation (hormone/sodium/etc.), unless you know for sure that you're at net maintenance.
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    I’m new to this discussion group and getting support from one. Though I started my weight loss journey almost a year ago, I haven’t had consistency in my daily and weekly routines that I need for a healthy lifestyle. I decided I need to do something different to get different results. So I decided to find a community to get the support I need as I continue my journey. I’m looking forward to learning from all of you as you share your insights and experiences!!! February is going to be a good month!
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    Well planned meals out again this week. It makes it easier not to constantly think about food.
    Walked my dog outside for hour today. Riley needed exercise and training.
    @MelodiousMermaid- not sure what you meant by net maintenance but 4 out of 6 days when I logged I still had 300+ calories to eat but felt full. Every Saturday for me is no counting or worrying about what I eat.
    @Karen- hope when things move fast makes it morre real than it originally seemed. Good luck!!
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    @kim2558 - Welcome to the thread! I'm struggling with consistency as well as I mentioned above. Come back often and we can keep each other accountable. :)

    @holly-- glad the meal planning is working for you. Gunner turned 14 last month, so he can only go short distances. We still go for walks every day, weather permitting, but they are typically just around the block.

    @MelodiousMermaid - looks like you are making steady progress! Keep at it!

    AFM-- We rented a storage unit and moved some boxes on Saturday. Then we had some minor plumbing issues Sunday/Monday which took our attention. Two steps forward, one step back, but at least it's progress. I've also been feeling run down the last couple of weeks. Not really sick, but just on the verge of sick--a little congested, a little tired--you guys know what I mean? Anyway, it's left me with low motivation to get things done beyond what's necessary. One goal this week is to get a few more boxes packed and move them to storage this weekend.

    Food intake has been decent. Most days I'm making good choices and staying under my calorie allowance, but no scale movement.

    On the plus side, work has been good--keeping up with grading without much need to bring home a lot of essays. Today we took our senior AP and honors students on an in-school field trip to see our school theater's adaptation of A Foul Mess in Thebes. It was hilarious and an amazing performance. It's related to our reading curriculum (we read Oedipus Rex last semester), so it was a lot of fun.

    Name: Karen
    Age: 50
    Height: 5’7"
    Highest Weight: 247
    Current Weight: 196 (1/4/20)

    1/4/20 = 196
    1/11/20 = 193
    1/18/20 = 193
    1/25/20 = 193
    2/1/20 = 193
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    I’m new here. Dieting and exercise is so boring by I’ve come here looking for like minded people need help.
  • JJKM73
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    I enjoy reading everyone's posts. I too am here for some support and comraderie! I think I have finally stride with my eating habits. I am sticking to meats and vegetables mostly....keto for the most part, but I keep my carbs low and my fats moderate. It is working...I am finally seeing some results.

    I too was in a complete funk in January. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing....we had lots of winter, but no snow days. Lots of indoor days means the kids get a little squirrelly too! But we are into February now, the days are longer and brighter, the sun has a little more warmth, March break is only a few weeks away, and we will be having a snow day tomorrow!!! Hehehe! All things to be grateful for!

    Have a great day!!
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    I'm looking for a support group to help keep me on track. I need to lose over 200 lbs and I'm having a very hard time motivating myself. I know what I have to do, I just can't seem to get my mind on board. I'm a stress eater and a boredom eater. I lost over 100 lbs about 10 years ago thru diet and exercise, but after some health issues and depression issues, I put it all back on and more over the last few years. It's hard to find others that relate to what I'm going thru, so I am hoping this group will help. I have slowly managed to lose 10 lbs but it took over 5 months to do it.
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    Hey all! I posted on here a long time back but due to one thing and another I stopped using the app. But I'm back on it. I needed to lose 150, I have lost a bit but still a fair bit to go. Anyone feel free to add me to help support, and I can support you. I will keep coming on here to read all your lovely posts x
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    Wow--lots of newlings! Welcome to you all!

    @JJKM73 -- I started keto last fall and then fell of the wagon over the holidays. I keep trying to restart, but haven't managed to do so with any consistency. I tend to eat lower carb in general, but my struggle is with really keeping the carb grams low enough to actually reach ketosis. A couple of hurdles include trying to clear out the cupboards as we prepare to put our house on the market and my husband who cooks yummy carb-heavy dinners. I'm wiped out when I get home from work, and it's just so much easier to eat what he's prepared than to make my own low-carb dinner. Plus, I hate cooking.

    AFM--still not as motivated as I would like. My plan for tonight was to wash and pack up a bunch of bar-ware that we never use, but it's already after 9, so I think that ship has sailed. I did manage to do about an hour's worth of grading this afternoon, so that's something.

    Also, a friend and i committed to completing a 30-day squat challenge. I've done it before, but it's been awhile, so that's a good short-term goal to get back into strength training.

    Name: Karen
    Age: 50
    Height: 5’7"
    Highest Weight: 247
    Current Weight: 196 (1/4/20)

    1/4/20 = 196
    1/11/20 = 193
    1/18/20 = 193
    1/25/20 = 193
    2/1/20 = 193
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    I have just started again trying to get healthy and lose weight. I have at least 100lbs to lose.

    Starting weight on 1-1-2020 was 278. The highest I have ever been.

    I have always kind of bounced around in my weight. In my teens I bounced around 150-175, after my second kid I blounced around from 200-225. But after my third two years ago and the changes from having a very physically demanding job to being a stay at home mom, and getting put on the nexplanon birth control, I have not bounced around at all. I’m steady gaining and starting to see health differences in my opinion. I get winded walking up even short flights of stares. None of my clothes fit me and I had to do a wardrobe overhaul and now mostly wear stretchy pants while desperately wanting my jeans back. I get winded playing with my kids (smoking doesn’t help also) and I’m tired all the time l, always feeling exhausted even from basic day to day stuff.

    I really want to get healthy. And I will. I think I just need a little guidance on some things I struggle with the most.

    So questions for those that have made progress on thier Journey.

    What are some ways you can prevent night snacking and emotional eating?

    What are some ways you get in more activity everyday when your a stay at home mom? (That include taking along a toddler)

    How do you keep yourself motivated and accountable?

  • cheyennemeghan
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    @skinnyjeanzbound I did the squat challenge last month, I made it to 85 squats before I fell off :( but it did make me feel a bit accomplished even though I didn’t quite make it to the end.
  • JJKM73
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    @skinnyjeanzbound I totally feel your pain! We had done renovations and then put our house on the market this time last year. Between packing, house showings, school, kids, it was easy to eat easy meals. I had been very successful on keto about two years ago, fell off the wagon, and gained it back. I was so mad at myself an5 had a hard time getting back at it. My advice, you need about three weeks to really get into it, but those three weeks can be difficulty. Stick with it and you will see results...more energy, less cravings, loss of inches!!!

    Good luck with everything!!
  • MelodiousMermaid
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    Saturday Check-in

    My first time truly off the tracks since September, both with intake and exercise. Illness, hormones, exhaustion/sleep, and disposition were all contributing factors. I am struggling to get back into things, especially since I'm building the habit of *not* going into an unhealthy restrict cycle after a rough run, which was honestly my old go-to. I'm also in the worst hormonal spot right now for fighting cravings/hunger most of this last week and for the next few days, so I guess having things sort of getting back to normal-ish is a pretty big victory.

    The plan for today and tomorrow is to wind the week down at about net mainteance (deficits in late week offset surpluses earlier in the week). It is reasonably doable.

    I finally got the MRIs on my back done and also went in for an appointment to check my feet. It will be a few days before I hear back on the MRIs. Had x-rays taken of my feet, and the good news is there are no fractures/breaks.

    The bad news is that I was right in my self-diagnoses, bone-wise, with bunions, bunionettes, arthritis, and bone spurs. The doctor believes that the tendon stuff and such should be helped with PT and orthotics, so we're trying that first. I hope it does work, as I would really like to live with less pain, while avoiding more meds if I can.

    Holding extra weight right now, both from the surplus and from bloating. Never got my prior week number drop Sunday/Monday since I was off the rails, so that's on hold waiting for things to straighten out over the coming week. Up a total of 0.2, but again, even if I held at even this week, I should've seen another 1.5-2.0 down earlier. Hoping to see that drop (and maybe a touch more) by the next check-in.

    My plan:
    Current macro targets:

    All days: >=135 grams/day

    Rest days: 42 grams/day
    Strength Training: 256 grams/day (most timed around/during training)

    Rest days: 56 grams/day
    Strength Training: 43 grams/day
    To include 10 grams EFAs all days


    1) Intake: >1,150 kcal/day
    2) Exercise: >=30 minutes, 6 days/week
    3) Deficit: <2,666 kcal/day
    4) Rest day(s): >=1/week (<1,100 kcal deficit)


    1) Strength training: 2+ days/week
    2) Indoor rowing (**with good form**): >=3 days/week (short sessions for now)
    3) Musical instrument practice: >=30 min, 6 days/week (on hold due to nerve issues)
    4) Caloric deficit (50+ kcal under): >=6 days/week

    My Stats:

    5'1" Female
    Restarting weight: 252
    MFP restart weight: 242.7
    Original goal: 140 lbs
    Current goal: 21.5% body fat (currently estimated at 140 lbs). Aiming to be at this point by 2020/12/05.

    2020 Progress
    2020/01/04: 194.7
    2020/01/11: 192.0
    2020/01/18: 189.4
    2020/01/25: 185.4
    2020/02/01: 184.1
    2020/02/08: 184.3

    2019 Progress
    2019/09/14: 240.7
    2019/09/21: 238.8
    2019/09/28: 234.6
    2019/10/05: 230.8
    2019/10/12: 231.0
    2019/10/19: 226.9
    2019/10/26: 223.8
    2019/11/01: 219.6
    2019/11/09: 215.6
    2019/11/16: 212.7
    2019/11/23: 209.2
    2019/11/30: 203.9
    2019/12/07: 201.3
    2019/12/17: 199.7
    2019/12/21: 196.7
    2019/12/28: 197.3 (Planned maintenance break)

    @mnwalkingqueen : Sorry for the late reply. By net maintenance, I meant that your intake for the week matched your calorie burn. So if you were under by 300 on four days, for a total of 1,200 calories deficit, but went over by 400 average on the other three days, for a total of 1,200 surplus, that would be net maintenance.

    Welcome to the thread, new posters.
  • skinnyjeanzbound
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    @cheyennemeghan - I've done this one before--it is a bunch of different types of squats. I've never been successful at pistol squats. Here's the link if you're interested:

    Regarding your questions. I don't have kids, so I can't help with that one. As far as night snacking, I just plan to have calories available for an evening snack. I tend to be a night owl, so for me, it's easier to plan for it than to try to fight it.

    @JJKM73 -- Thanks! I will get back to it full force soon.

    AFM-- Moved 5 more boxes into storage today, which has freed up some space on our spare room, so now I can pack a few more. :) Hubby is making a completely keto friendly dinner tonight--jalapeno cream-cheese stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon. Yum!

    I completely forgot to do my squats last night, so tonight I will do yesterday's and today's.

    Name: Karen
    Age: 50
    Height: 5’7"
    Highest Weight: 247
    Current Weight: 196 (1/4/20)

    1/4/20 = 196
    1/11/20 = 193
    1/18/20 = 193
    1/25/20 = 193
    2/1/20 = 193

  • mnwalkingqueen
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    @karen-sorry to hear of the plumbing issue. Hope you feel better soon.
    @seatomfly-welcome to the group
    @jjkm73- welcome to the group
    @fairy_luvr- We struggle with some of the same issues. Welcome.
    @X100KLS1992-Welcome back to the group.
    @cheyennemeghan- I am not a stay at home mom but work from home. I walk around my yard on my 15 minute breaks. I am emotional eater and I openly admit it is hard to break. I just don’t beat myself up if I slip.
    @MelodiousMermaid- I understand your pain for my friend has really bad bone spurs. She can’t have surgery for her A1C is way to high.

    Lastnight has another in home training session with Riley. The behaviorist thinks I should foster one of their puppies to help with Riley’s confidence for their dogs are very confident and stable. I’m just not sure. I went to see the Hudson WI hot air balloons tonight it was very cool.
    I also planned out another week of meals tonight.
  • MelodiousMermaid
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    So I think I'm going to recalibrate how I'm looking at things going forward.

    Several of you already know that I'm looking at macro/calorie cycling as a long-term approach. Specifically, I've been playing around with a LeanGains type setup. I believe it is the best match to my fitness/training goals and lifestyle and plan to continue it into recomp/maintenance as long as i can get it working.

    But I think I've been going at it in a less-than-ideal way for my mental illness struggles and making it harder than it is by default (which honestly isn't horrible when you get used to it, but it's not as simple as other ways of eating). I've been looking at it at my current weight, which I can't deal with when I put in my activity level and see *ALL THOSE CALORIES* (for a maintenance comparison). Plus, adjusting as things change is a huge time-sink and runs my anxiety up.

    So I've thought a lot about what I want life to look like in maintenance. Like, if I was in maintenance right now, as I am, what would I be doing? I have a copy of heybales' spreadsheet for TDEE calculation, which I've ...erm... doctored up a bit (I'm a bit of a nerd), and I used that to determine what my activity level would be for maintenance. I landed in the "lightly active" category based on where I am right now and what I'd prefer to do.

    Then, out of curiosity, I put this into my preferred leangains calculator as though I weigh 130 (who knows where I'll end up -- really hoping I'll lose a bunch of skin by the time I lose the fat I'm aiming for). 130 is toward the top of healthy BMI at my height. It turns out that the calculated TDEE isn't terribly different than what I'd been aiming for before on strength training days. This is a great starting point for understanding/planning, where I don't feel the need to be neurotic about continually running new totals, and I can start to become accustomed to food intake at a "closer-to-real" level. It is also a relatively easy transition, instead of taking a larger jump.

    The TDEE calculated is a bit higher on the website than in the spreadsheet calculator, but it's not enough of a difference that I'm going to get bothered about it until I get to a point where I'd like to try holding steady/recomp.

    If I just go with a cycle of 10% higher on strength days and 30% cut on the other days (recomp would be 20% higher on strength days and max of 20% lower on other days -- might not be as much, depending on how many days of each), on a weekly basis I would be set for the first 1.17 or so pounds of deficit where I'm at right now (which of course will naturally decrease as I get closer to maintenance), so long as the TDEE estimate is accurate. Of course, if I'm feeling capable, I will likely add slow walking in to increase the deficit, and if PT/treatments are effective enough, I would like to add more fitness training in at some point, and may need to re-evaluate the baseline at that time depending on fueling needs. But that's what the thought process should be like long-term, so it is good.


    Nuts and bolts summary: After considering a few different factors, I've got a baseline set for my intake that should take me from here into maintenance, only needing a tweak if I get into "real" cardio training (MISS/HIIT), and probably a bit of tweaking when I get to a numeric settle point. This will allow me to start establishing long-term planning and habits for intake.

    Curious to know the macro targets? OK, you're probably not, but I still feel like sharing them. (All are definitive, not percentile, in grams)

    Strength days:
    1,995 kcal
    C: 257
    F: 43
    P: 144

    Off days:
    1,270 kcal
    C: 43
    F: 58
    P: 144

    Of course, as always, my fallback will be to try and stay within maintenance calories (preferably sedentary maintenance on non-strength days) and get my protein in. I realize that not every day will be perfect, in fact most won't, but there will also be days where things aren't even close. I'm hoping this framework will help me navigate the waters of everything, including the hormone swings that play with the mental illness bundle.
  • Jules_Tay
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    Hi. Newbie here with about 125 pounds to lose.
    I just started last Monday.
    SW: 276
    CW: 267.2
    Change: -8.8 lbs for week one.

    I am a long time weight yo-yo dieter, always gaining back more than I lost. So back to try again. 😏

    I always lose big my first week and then slowly taper down to giving up at some point. ☹️

    Hopefully this time is different. I have goals that are outside myself in a way. I want to have a second child and I don't want to be 270 pounds when I get pregnant like I was last time. I also want to be in better shape for my daughter, she is 18 months and I want to be able to keep up with her and show her a healthier lifestyle than what I had growing up.

    Thanks for listening if you made it this far. ♥️
  • sweeetypie1
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    I haven't been too serious watching my food intake, which means the scale hasn't changed and it's already February! Started some basic yoga today - as you all know I'm lazy and hate to exercise. I enjoyed it. I'll try and keep it up.

    Also looking at getting a FitBit - anyone have one and like it?

  • skinnyjeanzbound
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    I haven't been too serious watching my food intake, which means the scale hasn't changed and it's already February! Started some basic yoga today - as you all know I'm lazy and hate to exercise. I enjoyed it. I'll try and keep it up.

    Also looking at getting a FitBit - anyone have one and like it?


    I have a Fitbit Charge 2 and I really like it. Tracks my steps, sleep, calorie burn and syncs with MFP to make tracking calories in/out pretty easy.
  • mnwalkingqueen
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    @Jules_Tay- Welcome! I have been yo-yo dieter also. I also hope this time is different. I have been planning meals for the week that I can swap based on daily activities.
    @sweeetypie1- Yoga huh! There is a coffee shop in St.Paul MN that offers yoga classes for big people. I have thought about trying it. I have a fitbit but only use it for calorie burn in the summer and fall when I don’t go to the gym. Not sure which one I have though sorry.

    I wish that at 40+ yrs old it was easier to build self worth and confidence.