Need to Lose 100 LBS -Robins Thread !



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    Hi !
    I have been doing horrible with food and weight this year. I have been walking daily 30-60 minutes but some weeks I eat out daily. I think my negative thinking inside my head is getting to me. I hate not being able to use gym... I choose not to go because they can’t get the patrons to follow the rules of the gym. Unfortunately, I’ve known way more people than I want to that have gotten sick from Covid and some who have died that I’m not willing to risk anything to use a treadmill or sit up machine. I just need to get motivated to do at home workouts.
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    Hi everyone!! Wow, it's been ages since I've been on the thread. Not sure exactly how long, but I know I haven't checked in since we moved in July. Good to see some familiar faces! I will post a longer update over the weekend, but I just wanted to say hello.
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    So I'm not sure if anyone is still here, but maybe some people are lurking, so I will try to get the conversation going. :)

    I'm Karen from Chicago, and I've been on MFP since 2011. I had been pretty active in this thread, but we decided to sell our house and buy a new one, so things got pretty busy. We've been in the new place about 7 months and we love it. It's not huge, but our last house was a tiny shoebox, so it feels palatial. A second bathroom and a garage make such a huge difference! Now we are mostly unpacked, and settled in with no big projects in the works until I'm off for the summer. (I'm a HS English teacher, for those who don't remember or are new here).

    Like many of you, the pandemic has made life more difficult. I had been attending the gym regularly before it shut down last March, and though they are back open in our area, I'm not comfortable going until I'm fully vaccinated (got my first shot yesterday!!). All of the prepping the old house for sale, packing up and unpacking, then lots of cleaning and yard work at the new house kept me pretty active until the weather prevented outside activity. Between the end of October and January, I gained 9 lbs. Not a huge amount, but it put me up over 200 for the first time in years, so that was a bummer. At the beginning of January I started intermittent fasting and then after about two weeks of getting used to that eating schedule, I started logging food again here on MFP. I try to stay under 1500 net calories/day which I find much easier to accomplish when I'm only eating within an 8-10 hour window. So far I've lost 7.2 lbs, and I'm back under 200 as of yesterday (phew!).

    For exercise, I walk my dog daily (except for days like today that are ridiculously cold), and a colleague and I do a squat challenge. I also just bought a balance board because I need something for my core. In the past, I did push ups and planks as core work, but after rehabbing two frozen shoulders, those exercises aren't a practical part of my workout routine. I like the board--sometimes I just stand on it while watching tv, but I also have been doing my squats on it as an added challenge. Once I get my second shot in mid-March, I may rejoin the gym so I can resume running which is my preferred form of exercise. I would love to believe it will be nice enough to run outside by then--if so, I will save my money and do that.

    My goal going forward, is to get back to my previous low of about 185 by summer. If I can lose more from there--great! But if not, I know I was very healthy and happy when I maintained that weight for a couple of years.
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    @holly--I'm dying to know if Zeus found a home. He was gorgeous!

    My dog, Gunner, just turned 15 and is still trucking along--albeit, at a much slower pace than when he was younger. We got his DNA tested through Wisdom Panel. We had been told he was a Boxer/German Shepherd mix, but I was curious if that was accurate. Here are some pics, if anyone wants to take a guess as to his breed results. He's a big boy--about 80 lbs. fyi:

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    I took a break over the holidays that went on for waaay to long and sadly I have lost some of my weight progress. But I am back at it now and hope for a strong start. I am strongly considering doing intermittent fasting. I would love to hear how it's worked for those who have tried it?
    I hope I can shed a good amount of weight by summer. I had made such good progress and now kicking myself in the *kitten* for slacking off the way I did.
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    @janek1705 -- I also slacked off over the holidays as I mentioned above. I started intermittent fasting on January 4th, and I really like it. I'm not much of a morning eater, so I just wait until lunch to break my fast. I'm a teacher and my lunch period falls right at noon, so it's good timing. I use a free app called Fastic which let's you choose from several fasting plans. I have mine set to 14:10, so my fast begins at 10 pm; however, I usually stop eating between 8 and 9 for a 15-16 hour fast. The first couple of weeks I was a bit tired and moody, but now that my body has adjusted, I find it much easier to stay under my 1500 calorie allowance.
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    @skinnyjeanzbound - Karen Gunner is so handsome. Zeus did get adopted in Oct 2020 but was returned to rescue last week. With conflicting stories on why he was no longer wanted. He is going to stay at rescue for more observation.I may get another foster if I don’t get laid off in the next month.
    Does fasting cause long term health issues? I’m interested in learning more.
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    @mnwalkingqueen -- I posted a reply here the other day, but for some reason, it's not showing up. Basically, intermittent fasting just allows your body time to use up all of the glucose in your blood stream and move to burning your fat stores (much like a keto diet). After about 12 hours, your body goes into ketosis. Certainly, anyone with diabetes or other health conditions should consult a doctor to ensure it's safe for them. Longer fasting moves the body into autophagy, which can have positives and negatives, but unless you are doing an extreme version of IF, you wouldn't experience autophagy often or for very long.
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    Is this thread still going? Are we still supposed to post out SW GW and current weight? I missed being on here. I tried WW for a while bit was not getting anywhere, I'm sure it's not WW but the way I was using it or should I say NOT using it. Once I started back here on MFP I started seeing a slow and steady loss. I am also doing IF and it has really helped me a lot. I am hoping to stick to my goals and keep on moving, slow progress is still progress!
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    @mtumale -- hi! Yes, I think there are still a few of us posting. I haven't updated my stats recently, so here goes:

    SW = 247 (March 2011)
    Weight on 1/1/2021 = 207.4
    CW = 198.2
    GW: 185 (my previous low)
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    Starting over for hopefully the last time. I’ve got a long way to go and I’m learning to take it one day at a time. Starting weight also my heaviest 286
    CW 277
    Height 5’ on a good day lol
    Looking for friends who are on a similar journey. I’m in it for the long haul. Trying to exercise 5 days a week. I do well with low carb or dirty keto. I have food sensitivities so I go by what works with me. I like fasting but it can send me into a binging fit so concentrating on calories and working out for now. I’m a good cheerleader too. Definitely love to spread positive vibes. 💜 Good luck 🍀
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    Hi all,

    Back on MFP. I used the app a couple of years ago to drop 40lbs and due to stress eating my way through COVID it is all back. I just left noom (some good things there but a lot that drove me crazy) and as I said I'm back on MFP.

    I'm also doing intermittent fasting with an 16:8 schedule. I eat between 11am and 7pm. My biggest problem is the weekends when I need to make breakfast for the kids/husband. Then I'm hungry and eat with them. @skinnyjeanzbound how do you handle skipping a mean when the rest of you family doesn't.

    Ugh so annoying, my post from yesterday never posted.
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    Last night was a rough one. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting 16:8 (eating from 11-7) but my husband ended up working late. So when he didn’t get home until after 7 we ended up having a super late dinner. I wanted to wait for him to eat, but what I ended up making was just so-so. I also had way more calories left than I realized but it was now 7:30 I was hungry and out of time and still had to bake an experimental sourdough loaf (trying out new flour). I gave myself a break and had an applesauce pouch to bring me up to 1200 calories after doing dishes at 8pm. But that bread came out of the oven at 9pm and it smelled so good (I love fresh bread) but I just got another cup of tea...finished my movie and eventually went to bed. I’m so proud of myself!!! I made it and didn’t binge when my husband went outside to do yard work or to go for a walk!!
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    Back after gain (unfortunately). Working my way back down the scale from a 80 lb gain, down 20lb currently. 60 more to go just to get back to start and then still another 20-30 for gw.

    So over food. Can I just have a pill that gives me all nutrients? I am exhausted from the yoyoing both in size and emotions.
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    @aimeemarie150 I completely understand!! I know most of my problems are mental (I know how to eat healthy and how to lose weight) and yet it seems like I just don’t want to when I’m in a slide. Or I know that I have to start being good at some point so I might as well get in all the “bad food/behavior” now.

    Anyways we are both back on track and doing well!! Keep up the good work. You can do it.
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    I'm really hoping that some of the members of this group are still I'll keep posting hoping that people will come back.

    Name: Jessica
    Age: 38
    Height: 5' 6"
    SW: 238.4 (5/10/16)
    GW: 190
    April GW: 226

    Weight tracking:
    Start Apr 1: 235.8
    WK 1 Apr 5: 234.9 (-0.9)
    WK 2 Apr 12: 231.4 (-3.5)
    WK 3 Apr 19:
    WK 4 Apr 27:
    Finish Apr 30:

    April goals:
    WK 1 & 2:
    - drink 100oz of water a day
    - stick to a 16:8 IF schedule (during the weekdays)
    - Take two 10 min breaks during work to stretch/yoga

    I had a good week, but it was also easier with the kids being at their grandparents (fully vaccinated) for the week. This week is going to be harder. I've decided to stick with the same goals as last week. The worked well for me and since I'm adding the kids back in and now cooking more kids friendly food I figure that is enough of a challenge :)
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    I'm here because I need to lose over 140 pounds. I was on track and depression and 2020 kicked in. Now I'm even more over weight than before. Just wanted to kind of find a community of people that understand the difficulty of facing that much weightloss.
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    @trinati2001 are your kids picky eaters? My dude is 15 months old so he's finally getting the hang of being a human and I'm struggling with ease vs healthy foods.
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    Hi everyone. I used to be a part of this thread a while ago but then I had my daughter and life just got in the way. I was excited when I just saw this thread pop up. I wonder if any of the original members are still here!

    A little about me. I came back to MFP about a month ago after being diagnosed with some health issues. I am 34 days in and am down 15 lbs - though MFP is only recognizing 5 lbs. I cannot figure out why. I am thrilled with my progress so far!
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    @aimeemarie150 my kids are now 10 and 7. In some ways they are picky eaters and others they are not. My oldest says that anything with a lot of seasoning is spicy, even if there isn't heat in those seasonings. Both kids still have issues pulling things out of food that they don't like (if there is cucumber in a salad one won't eat it or tomatoes the other won't eat it). They are getting a little better at that one. One likes white rice the other brown. Stupid stuff like that. But you know what they both love....Mac and cheese, pizza, spegettie, mashed potatoes and gravy. I'm selling them short, they like healthy stuff too but it really limits what I end up making for dinner if I don't want to hear, ugh I don't like that!

    @JNettie73 i used to be really active on this group thred in 2016-2018. I was hoping when I came back that if I kept posting a couple more members from that time would also come back.