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  • Hakarn
    Hakarn Posts: 62 Member
    Flash games on Kongregate. I am writing 4 papers for publication simultaneously right now, so I do not have the focus to get into a real game.
  • marvelscale
    Replayed Ace Attorney 1 and finished in like two days, now playing Fallout 3 and RDR

    and I ordered Mass Effect and Pokemon Fire Red since I haven't played them :(
  • ReneeCK
    ReneeCK Posts: 63 Member
    PC - Minecraft & Aion currently. Old school L2 player, also :wink:
  • SabrinaJL
    SabrinaJL Posts: 1,579 Member
    I love me some Borderlands (even Cosplayed Lilith for SDCC; yes, I'm that nerdy)..

    Cosplayers are one of my daughter's favorite things about SDCC. She has to stop and take pics with the really awesome ones. She probably would have stopped you if she had seen you.

    I'm currently playing Skyrim again since I just bought the Dawnguard and Hearthfire dlc.
  • Andrea2315
    Andrea2315 Posts: 22 Member
    WoW - love healing on my undead priest
  • mrsvampette
    mrsvampette Posts: 99 Member
    I am playing Lollipop Chainsaw! I love that game!!!! Gottra love killing zombies :)
  • TravisBurns
    TravisBurns Posts: 353 Member
    My brother bought Madden, so I occasionally play with him on that. But legitimately, I am Anxiously awaiting Resident Evil 6. My second all-time favorite game franchise (next to the Zelda series)
  • grum84
    grum84 Posts: 428 Member
    PC: League of Legends
  • JenniBaby85
    JenniBaby85 Posts: 855 Member
    I only play puzzle games om PC, or sim city (unless I can get Harvest Moon working). Hubby is playing Guild Wars 2 though
  • PBmaria
    PBmaria Posts: 854 Member
    Been playing maplestory on PC lately, and dance dance revolution on ps2 lol...please don't judge..

    Oh god, Maplestory. I was addicted to that game for a couple years. I blew so much money. I quit at level 119 right before third jobs came out.
  • Punchabear
    From being a long time Xbox guy, I recently got a PC, and holy hell, it's awesome. I got Skyrim which is what I've been mostly playing, and combine that with the free mods on Steam workshop it makes my Skyrim on Xbox look sick.
    Other than that I've been playing through some old favorites like:
    Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
    Fable: TLC
    Dragon Age Origins

    Plus Minecraft and Mount & Blade now and then.
    Waiting for Dishonored. Looks awesome.
  • Expialidojess
    Expialidojess Posts: 584 Member
    PS3 - MW3, GT5, Dragon Age, and LBP2 mostly lately.
  • gbbhey
    gbbhey Posts: 188
  • HerBravado
    HerBravado Posts: 392 Member
    Batman : Arkham City. c: Just got it last weekend.
    Fable III.
    & Dance Central 2.

  • sdarlingxo
    mmm, i was playing starcraft 2 earlier, and finally got around to doing the dark brotherhood questline in skyrim... got bored and i popped in some classic ps1 games for memories though :D
  • JosianneC
    JosianneC Posts: 141 Member
    I'm a HUGE FFXI gamer... seriously. I've been playing it since.. what... 2009? Maybe earlier than that. I play on the PC and have a mule on my XBOX, lol. I do love my Mithra<3 My spouse and I have been playing this game together since we joined.

    Whenever I don't play FFXI i'll more than likely play Minecraft or Terraria on the PC with some friends. Lately we've been playing Saints Row the third co-op on the xbox, and omg... it's a great game! I also play quite a bit of COD Black Ops and MW3 on the xbox aswell. Before I started playing FFXI I played a lot of Runescape. I also play Skyrim, Assasin's creed, Borderlands, L.A Noir, Portals, F.E.A.R.. blah blah blah *insert game name here*... you name it. *Huge gamer*
  • darrensurrey
    darrensurrey Posts: 3,942 Member
    I'm playing "investigate the repeated BSoD after updating BF3".
  • sakuragreenlily
    sakuragreenlily Posts: 334 Member

    I too like PC gaming... It's especially useful when playing FPS games and feeling lazy. I don't have to rely on my s*$%y fine motor skills to aim... I can just point and click! It's almost as possum grade awesome as Diner Dash or Bejeweled. ALMOST. ;)

    --And of course I'm being ridiculous =3
  • jollygreencc
    jollygreencc Posts: 14 Member
    Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Civilization: Revolution
  • EmilyOfTheSun
    EmilyOfTheSun Posts: 1,548 Member
    Counter Strike Source, for the PC of course!