Listing weight loss as an accomplishment in your resume/CV?



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    Oh my gosh i hope she got the job she was looking for nearly eight years ago
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    Do you think it's a good idea to share this information? I mean, losing weight does require many skills that would be helpful in many jobs like dedication, being detailed oriented (counting calories), hard working (exercise), etc. What are your thoughts?

    absolutely not!
    It's pretty hard for employers to weed through resumes at it is, don't clutter it up any more. You do want to make yourself stand out somehow, but not like this. My husband interviewed one chick simply because she played women's football.
    He didn't interview someone because 2 other people in the office had the same name.
    He trashes hundreds due to typos, grammar errors, or they just plain suck and it's a standard one they send to all companies.

    he's trying to hire someone in a specific location, he gets resumes from people who live time zones away! "just in case you change your mind" wha? hellos! You can't touch computers in LA if you live in Nebraska!

    when ever you send a resume, make sure you list the skill set they need first. If they need a java person, don't list java 3rd or even last. If you tailor your resume to the person you send it to, they'll take you more seriously.

    Listing weight loss, imo of listening to my hubby gripe for months, says you don't have anything better to list.

    This is gold. I also against listing weight loss as an accomplishment in a resume. Rather, if you are applying online and the form ask about your hobby, put workout there. Sometimes it does help telling HR that you need disciplines. Also, it will be a plus if your interviewer asks about this, and you tell him/her how good you are to keep hard things under control.
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    I would normally be on Team No but should this be reconsidered for someone who was out of work during the pandemic?

    I'm planning on covering my work gap with the (remote) volunteer work I've been doing.
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    Ummmm nooooo