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You WILL FAIL with MFP, like every other diet...



  • pinkhelen71
    pinkhelen71 Posts: 2 Member
    :happy: great words
  • Nettabee
    Nettabee Posts: 296 Member
    AWESOME post! Definitely archiving this one for inspiration in the future!
  • fit30s
    fit30s Posts: 20 Member
    I know you just stated the obvious, but I like that you did. I've heard it before, and someone did it just yesterday - one of my friends had posted on Facebook how she had lost 13 lbs so far. Someone commented, "What are you doing? What's your secret? I have weight to lose, tell me how?"

    I myself have lost about 35 lbs in the past 11 years (some of them more than once). It may not be much, relatively speaking, but my BMI dropped from 28.4 (overweight) to 22.2 (healthy weight). I've tried many approaches: calorie restriction, low-carb, Slim-fast meal replacement, Nutrisystem, Bowflex diet - most in combination with exercise- and guess what - THEY ALL WORKED!
  • HotDolphinMama
    HotDolphinMama Posts: 82 Member
    bump & bravo!!!!
  • soulfulsally
    "So how do you do it? One meal at a time. One pound at a time."

    This nugget of wisdom is going to be my guiding light. Thank you.
  • WDEvy
    WDEvy Posts: 814 Member
    Where's the "LOVE" button?!
  • krithsai
    krithsai Posts: 668 Member
    I don't even look to this site for caloric restriction. I am finally focusing more on my macros and to keep myself dedicated to my workouts...thanks for posting :)
  • windycitycupcake
    windycitycupcake Posts: 516 Member
    You just have to make the commitment that no matter what, no matter how many times you screw up, no matter how many times you feel like you can't, you have to tell yourself I will not quit. Tell yourself, "If I fall down, I will get back up." Stick to your plan. Encourage others. Be honest to yourself. (Your body doesn't know what you log and don't log..don't cheat yourself by not logging!)

    ...a year from now you will be amazed at what you have accomplished...if you just don't quit.

    this is great! so true. it's hard work but it will pay off if you stick with it!
  • eecruzmd
    eecruzmd Posts: 119 Member
    Im glad I clicked on the link. Of all the post I've read this one is just the one most ppl need to read.


    Love it! Thanks!
  • Mzfoster0517
    Mzfoster0517 Posts: 83 Member

    So you want to lose weight? So do most of us. Having a struggle? So are most of us. Can't find motivation? So are most of us. So how do you do it? One meal at a time. One pound at a time. If you are serious about taking charge of your your weight, your life, your world, you can't expect someone to do it for you. I love when people cheer me on, but they can't cheer me on until I DO SOMETHING! No one can do it for you. If you feel like you are a failure, then stop giving up. I know it's hard. IT'S DAMN HARD WORK! If you aren't willing to work for it, you aren't ready.
    Great Post! I highlighted my favorite part. Yes people do have to realize that this is not a diet...In my opinions diets are made to fail. Life changes are mad to be permanent and you gain nothing without effort
  • Gwen_B
    Gwen_B Posts: 1,018 Member
    Well put!!!! That's why I leave my food diary closed, no room for insults. I would probably get too many complaints I don't eat enough. I also don't compliment people under calories, since it looks like that is very common. I reserve my motivation to logging in and exercise. With persistence and dedication, it will pay off!
  • grammysboy
    grammysboy Posts: 151 Member
    I'm pretty new to MFP, but everything you say sounds right! I'm doing my best at this point and when I get discouraged I'm coming to these forums to seek some reassurance that I'm not alone.
    Thanks for the post!
  • Katmiller73
    Katmiller73 Posts: 99 Member
    Oh so true!
  • joannbrunton
    joannbrunton Posts: 93 Member
    well said and very true.....and i want this on "my topics" to show people who ask me what diet i'm on.... because it's not a diet!!!!
  • Redladystl
    Redladystl Posts: 351 Member
    LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!
  • moraldd
    great post, thumbs up
  • CassieReannan
    CassieReannan Posts: 1,479 Member
    Wise words!
  • pickle_button
    pickle_button Posts: 61 Member
    if you feel like a failure then stop giving up...brilliant!
  • marvelmo
    marvelmo Posts: 119 Member
    Well said/written my friend!
    thanks for the kick in the a**
    you rock:flowerforyou:
  • ontothesummit
    Great post.