5'8-5'11 women before/after pics?

Looking for preferrably large framed women of those heights with their before/during/after pics for some motivation. If you could also post what body frame you have if you know, that'd also be great. Thanks in advance!


  • squishyjenn
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    Thanks, UpEarly!

    And to reply to Meredith, my goal right now is 160-170 and afterwards I plan on toning to get down as low as I can get to get a flat enough stomach and to where I feel good at, weight wise.
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    I'm interested in this too!!!
  • gdadki
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  • Angeliquecasique
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    If you have facebook. look at Ashy Bines Bikin body challenge, the pictures there should be motivating ! I go through the pictures to motivate myself, although I have no intention in joining the program ahahha
  • Cindygutie
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    Mine is on my profile... but i was always told i carry my weight well.. whatever that means... lol. add me if you like.
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