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5'8-5'11 women before/after pics?



  • cm1458cm1458 Member Posts: 748 Member Member Posts: 748 Member
    You look incredible!! I love the pic of you in the blue dress. Congrats, & good luck with losing the rest! :)

    Thanks so much!! :) You too!
  • tallgirl1960tallgirl1960 Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    I'm 6ft with a large frame. I'm still 25lbs away from my goal (150lbs) but here are my before and during pics.

    Before - 220lbs

    During - 180lbs

    And in these I'm 220 in the pics on the left and 175 in the ones on the right:



    Brilliant, well done you, we are around the same weight. What have you been doing re diet/exercise?
  • fordluvnangel79fordluvnangel79 Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    i'm 5'11 so i'm going to lurk this thread lol.


    Me too. If I hide behind my glasses maybe no one will notice me....
  • zannyzanzanzibarzannyzanzanzibar Member Posts: 354 Member Member Posts: 354 Member
    Brilliant, well done you, we are around the same weight. What have you been doing re diet/exercise?

    Thanks so much!! :)

    I don't limit any foods, I just stick to around 1500 calories a day. MFP has set my goal at 1600 but I don't usually reach it.. I like to have a few spare calories at the end of the day! I run 3 times a week (usually about 4km, sometimes 5) & do quite a bit of walking the rest of the time.
  • mshoneysmile7mshoneysmile7 Member Posts: 80 Member Member Posts: 80 Member
    I am 5'8 1/2... I've been up and down with the same 8 lbs, but this is what 8 lbs loss looked like... I think that I was toning muscle just as much as I was burning fat because now I can feel muscles in places that I had no idea were there (ABS, THIGHS, ETC...) I hope that this picture serves as proof that EVERY SINGLE LB lost counts!

  • wbandelwbandel Member Posts: 567 Member Member Posts: 567 Member
    Bump for later. I'm just a couple lbs short of my half way goal, so I'll probably post some pics soon, if not here in the success thread in general. Also, I'm 5'11 (and 3/4, but I round down lol).

    Great work ladies! :flowerforyou:
  • cappricappri Member Posts: 1,559 Member Member Posts: 1,559 Member
    Love all the pics, want to see more!
  • Lisah8969Lisah8969 Member Posts: 1,371 Member Member Posts: 1,371 Member
    My before/current pics.

    I am 5'8 1/2 so I round up to 5'9" (not sure why that makes me feel better!). I started at 260 and this morning was 205.6. The second pic was about 6 pounds more than I am now. I am upset that I didn't get proper before pics, but to be honest, I have failed before and expected this to be the same. Diets never really worked or helped me maintain. Since I am not "dieting" now and don't feel deprived, I haven't felt the need to quit or get discouraged so it is really working this time.

    I don't know what my frame size I would guess that means I am average.
  • tbskipptbskipp Member Posts: 184 Member Member Posts: 184 Member
    I will lurk about as well. 5'10 here. Did you know that only 5% of the female u.s. population is 5 ft 8 inches or taller. :D

    Interesting! I am 5'8", and have 2 friends that are the same! My goal weight is 160. It seems like it's going to take forever to get there! But, i am 40, so it's a lot harder for me. :grumble:
    Always looking for similar friends!
  • lauren3101lauren3101 Member Posts: 1,859 Member Member Posts: 1,859 Member

    That's a brilliant thread. I'm 5"10 and looking at some of those pics makes me think I've actually set my goal weight way too low.
  • meredith1123meredith1123 Member Posts: 851 Member Member Posts: 851 Member
    Hey Jen - just read your reply to me. thanks for responding. Sounds like an accomplishable goal to me! Good luck with your weight loss. its such a challenge but we all know we can do it. It gets easier and easier each week that passes by too!

    I am already down 5 pounds as i have been working very hard this week. Today is my recovery day. As i said i am 6ft tall and I want to be at or around 178-185. I'm hoping to get down to at least 185 by My birthday on 11/23. In saying that - i have 7 more pounds to go until then.

    I should have taken before pictures! Actually i did but i'm in a sports bra and work out shorts. If i am brave enough and lose the weight i want to lose, ill take an after but i doubt it. =p
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