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5'8-5'11 women before/after pics?



  • lakerschick275lakerschick275 Posts: 43Member Member Posts: 43Member Member
    I'm 5'10", i'm trying to post a picture but i'm not sure how!!
  • hbm616hbm616 Posts: 377Member Member Posts: 377Member Member
    WOW you all look incredible, thank you for sharing!

    I'm 5'10 and currently 190 lbs...which I've been stuck at for a year now.
    My highest weight was ~300lbs in high school.
  • erojoyerojoy Posts: 553Member Member Posts: 553Member Member
    Hey I'll bite with this!

    SW: about 300 (let's just say I avoided a scale like a plague lol)
    CW: 173


    Forgot to mention I'm 5'11"

    You look amazing. I'm 5'11 1/2'' and trying to get my weight to about 160. I'm currently 204. I'm starting day 10 of 30 day shred tomorrow and then when I finish that I'm moving onto Body Revolution. I'll have to stick around here and watch how everyone does.

  • CharlotteTheCoffeeLoverCharlotteTheCoffeeLover Posts: 1,205Member Member Posts: 1,205Member Member
    I'm 5'9... My profile pic is one of my before and after pics... I started at 305 current weight 185... Goal 160... I have a large frame... Big boned, Native American, I carry my weight very well....
  • ellygolightlyellygolightly Posts: 61Member Posts: 61Member
    Mine is on my profile... but i was always told i carry my weight well.. whatever that means... lol. add me if you like.

    Mine is too, and I WAS TOLD THE SAME! What does that even mean? lol I was like "but I WAS STILL FAT. I don't understand..."
  • ShrinkingIrishShrinkingIrish Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I am 5"10. In January 2012, I was 304lbs. I joining Slimming World in September 2012 and weighed 293.5lbs. I walk everywhere. In January of 2013, for my NY resolution, I quit smoking. I currently weigh 251.5lbs.
    I have dropped from a UK size 24 to an 18.
    I have so far to go. I recently started JM 30DS (Modified), and feeling so much better for it. I want to get to 175lbs to see what I look like. I want killer abs and to be FIT! But I have a long way to go still.
    I used MFP to track my workouts.
    There are some pics in my profile of my journey so far x

    Everyone in this thread is inspiration to me. Thank you all xx
  • EvaKrEvaKr Posts: 141Member Posts: 141Member
  • strenght900strenght900 Posts: 41Member Posts: 41Member
  • tcraw15tcraw15 Posts: 223Member Member Posts: 223Member Member
    Bump for later.
  • luminajdluminajd Posts: 64Member, Premium Member Posts: 64Member, Premium Member
    Wow, you all look awesome!
  • trudijoytrudijoy Posts: 1,685Member Member Posts: 1,685Member Member
    i don't have a real before shot on here, but this is my midway progress shot (see profile pic <<)

    I'm 5 foot 9 ish with 12E boobs (so i'm what *I* deem 'curvy'_) and i started at 105 kg / 231 lb, and so far I've lost 17 kg / 37 lb to weigh 88 kg / 194 lb. The jeans in the pic WERE my goal jeans, but they are now my until i get skinny enough to fit my jeans from when i was the skinniest I've ever been...looking to lose another 8 kg / 18 lb.
  • 365toHealthy365toHealthy Posts: 21Member, Premium Member Posts: 21Member, Premium Member
  • aero0811aero0811 Posts: 30Member Member Posts: 30Member Member
    wow this thread is great! I haven't got any 'after' pictures yet, but i'm 5'8 and started at 182 lbs I think and slowly got it down to 163 lbs which is my cw today. I want to get down to 145-150 lbs but I cant seem to break the 159 lbs mark..I get to there and then shoot back up to 163 lbs again. I would consider myself a pear shape but wear at UK 12 top and bottom I just have wide hips and big thighs I cant seem to budge!

    Roughly how long has it taken people to lose the weight?
  • ladychamladycham Posts: 11Member Member Posts: 11Member Member
    Definitely lurking on this one, as I am 5'11, large frame...
  • dortilolmadortilolma Posts: 103Member Member Posts: 103Member Member
    Wow! These photos are inspiring!
    I'm 5'9 and it's still early days
  • biggirl1000biggirl1000 Posts: 190Member Member Posts: 190Member Member
    bump for future - thanks for sharing.
  • nave002nave002 Posts: 220Member Member Posts: 220Member Member
    You look awesome in both :)
  • nave002nave002 Posts: 220Member Member Posts: 220Member Member
    I'm 5'11, started out as 'large frame' at 240.

    Got down to 175/180, still 'large framed.'

    No I'm around 150, and the most recent measurements indicate that I'm 'small framed.'

    So, just remember that frame size can be relative.:smile:

    Wow! That is totally awesome! I hate being referred to as a 'Big' Frame.... Ugh! Maybe there is hope yet :)
  • nave002nave002 Posts: 220Member Member Posts: 220Member Member
    So encouraging reading and seeing these pic's of "REAL" people.... there is hope for us all yet! So motivational! LOVE IT!!!:happy:
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