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5'8-5'11 women before/after pics?



  • Flixie00Flixie00 Posts: 1,205Member Member Posts: 1,205Member Member
    5 ft 10 " and large framed. Don't know how to post pics, but you can view a before pic on my profile.
  • girlykate143girlykate143 Posts: 220Member Posts: 220Member
    I'm 5' 10" You can see my blue tank top arm-chunky photos on my profile (Yes, I tried to cut off part of the photo cause that was the area where I was so self conscious.) The other photos are during and peach tank is lowest. You don't want to see me at 209. ;)
    That was before digital photos.

    I'm gaining a little b/c of muscle but i'm wearing skinny jeans size 6 today (maybe vanity size). love:
    I don't know how to tell my build, but I'm not petite, I'm about average.
  • deClairedeClaire Posts: 225Member, Premium Member Posts: 225Member, Premium Member

    If you look at my profile photo's there's a few of me at my largest (@ 233lbs / 16st 9lbs) and one of me in bikini top which is @ 162 lbs (11st 8lbs). I'm 5ft 9 and medium frame according to my wrist size. It took me from August to Dec (a year ago) to lose the first 50lbs then I had a break and eventually got the remaining 20lbs off by about the end of last April. I've been maintaining since and trying to improve tone and cardio fitness. I wish I had done more toning as I was losing the weight (I pretty much just walked about 2hrs per day with my dog for exercise whilst I was losing).

    Good luck, hope my pics motivate you to keep on going :D
  • girlykate143girlykate143 Posts: 220Member Posts: 220Member
    Also -- Zanzana, I want your corset! That's hella sexy. :)
  • astrampeastrampe Posts: 2,207Member Member Posts: 2,207Member Member
    Profile picture shows the difference between 227 and 176 - around 169 in the third picture, but started lifting heavy, so weight went up en pant size went down.... I'm 5'8.5
  • vytamindivytamindi Posts: 845Member Member Posts: 845Member Member
    5'8" here, lurking for now :D
  • joanne70joanne70 Posts: 70Member Posts: 70Member
  • paprikaspaprikas Posts: 122Member Member Posts: 122Member Member
  • AtalanteAtalante Posts: 9Member Posts: 9Member
    I have exactly the same kind of body. I am 176 centimeters (a bit more than 5, 9) and I am more broadshouldered than most men of my height and very muscular as well. I have a large bust, but rather slim hips, ankles and wrists. When I'm very, very slender I weigh about 73 kg (160) ponds. I have been down to 67 kg (148 pounds) for a short period in my 20's and everybody kept asking me if I had been very ill - some even thought I had cancer. I have huge problems buying readymade clothes as everything is usually too short (especially trousers but also shirts and jackets) and if a jacket fits over my shoulders and bust it goes flapping around my hips. There are definitely such a thing as heavy and slight builds and we are all of us different. Thanks for this interesting post.
  • CarlyannabelleCarlyannabelle Posts: 622Member Member Posts: 622Member Member
    Well this is the first time I have ever posted pics, but here goes. Sorry about the quality of the before pic as it was scanned and not great to begin with. Anyway I am 5'8" and the first pic I was about 215lbs, the second one I was about 152. I still have lots of room for improvement, but I hope this helps you.


  • BarackMeLikeAHurricaneBarackMeLikeAHurricane Posts: 3,416Member Member Posts: 3,416Member Member
    Idk how to add pictures, but I'm 5'8" and my profile picture is pretty recent. Small frame though.
  • zannyzanzanzibarzannyzanzanzibar Posts: 354Member Member Posts: 354Member Member
    I'm 5'9"
    I have some other before/after photos on my profile, if you want to check out the tummy progress

    First photo: 215-220 lbs or so, from four years ago

    Second photo: 154 lbs, a couple weeks ago

    Wowww, amazing!! What a transformation! You're stunning.. and I love your tattoos! :)
  • zannyzanzanzibarzannyzanzanzibar Posts: 354Member Member Posts: 354Member Member

    I'm 5'8" and started at 260. The lowest I've been is 138 and I'm currently at 155.

    You look like a totally different person.. that's incredible!! Congrats on such a great achievement, you look fantastic :)
  • katescurioskatescurios Posts: 127Member Member Posts: 127Member Member
  • squishyjennsquishyjenn Posts: 237Member, Premium Member Posts: 237Member, Premium Member
    You can do this!
    I'm 5'9
    Start weight: 263
    165lbs right now.
    Start size: 24
    Current size: 8.

    Omg don't take this the wrong way lol but you look just like that girl Rice from Beethoven's 3rd, I think? lol
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