30DS Level 2 results

This is a definite NSV for me, and I thought I'd share.

To catch you up, I started doing the 30 Day Shred at roughly 300 pounds. I did Level 1 about 14 times over 18 days. Here's what that progress looked like:
(one of the After pictures has the wrong date... oops)


Since that photo was taken, I did Level 1 another 2 days, and have now done Level 2 for 10 days. It might be 11 days. I'm a little fuzzy on that. I'm not done with Level 2 yet because I truly don't feel ready to move to Level 3. I'm planning on sticking with Level 2 for 10 more days.

I took these photos today because I put on clothes that are TWO sizes smaller than my starting sizes and they FIT. The pants, in fact, are even a wee loose.

Here are today's photos (on the right) compared with a photo of me from very early in the 30 Day Shred, probably only a couple of days in:


The bottom line: don't wait to lose weight before you start exercising! Eating right is essential, but working out will change your body shape. Do it, do it, do it!


  • Shelbert79
    Shelbert79 Posts: 517 Member
    Fan-freaking-tastic! You're doing amazing! Keep up the good work!
  • DCpaleochick
    DCpaleochick Posts: 211 Member
    wow you look amazing!!!! Great work!
  • _Tara_R
    _Tara_R Posts: 688 Member
    Great job!! Very noticeable difference!! You look great!!
  • Barbell_Jules
    Barbell_Jules Posts: 358 Member
    Nice job! I can see a lot of differences with those pictures. Great changes in such a short time. :drinker:
  • ddipert
    ddipert Posts: 103 Member
    You're doing great! You are definitely an inspiration to us all!
  • IESHA12
    IESHA12 Posts: 40 Member
  • venturaroo
    venturaroo Posts: 84 Member
    You are doing so great!!! Way to go girl!!!
  • destinee1103
    destinee1103 Posts: 42 Member
    nice u have come a long way
  • amandafranks32
    amandafranks32 Posts: 36 Member
    That is an amazing difference! I can't believe how much you have shrunk over such a short amount of time!
  • Lee716
    Lee716 Posts: 150 Member
    What great result!, Kudos to you for not letting your weight hinder doing something you wanted to do!
  • rieann84
    rieann84 Posts: 511 Member
    wow! great job! huge difference in your face. good choice on the placement of the belt in the second set of photos because thats right where i noticed your waist being whittled :) thanks for posting!
  • sweetgrasswoman
    sweetgrasswoman Posts: 99 Member
    beautiful work pretty lady!
  • knjitters
    knjitters Posts: 36 Member
    You look great!!! love the outfit!
  • tooliebell
    tooliebell Posts: 177 Member
    Super job. You look great. I started 30DS again a couple days ago, I started it in September got half way through and stopped. I loved it but I didn't make enough time to fit it in with my other workout stuff. I wish I was as committed as you have been! You give me the motivation to keep it going.

    Great hair BTW!
  • Lisa760
    Lisa760 Posts: 113 Member
    Beautiful! I just finished Day 2 / Level 2 and I'm realizing how strong I'm NOT! Your post has inspired me tremendously! THANK YOU!
  • bebreli
    bebreli Posts: 236 Member
    Awesome results.. and you have the best hair!!
  • HotMummyMission
    HotMummyMission Posts: 1,723 Member
    I started 30ds and iv beenon and off because I'm ill but you have just motivated me to get bk init tomorrow amazing hunni x
  • TheNEWMonicaB
    TheNEWMonicaB Posts: 129 Member
    You look incredible! I just bought it this morning for $4.99 on Amazon for instant streaming and I cannot wait to get started, even more so after seeing your pics. :happy:
  • JoleneCooper
    JoleneCooper Posts: 74 Member
    Holy Cow!! You did great work so far...keep it up!! Bravo!
  • CynthiaCollin
    CynthiaCollin Posts: 406 Member
    You look great . Your hard work shows and is paying off ! Keep up the good work.
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