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153 lbs in 365 days (pics)



  • mjharmanmjharman Member Posts: 260 Member Member Posts: 260 Member
    AWESOME! Thanks for being so inspiring!
  • Strobins05Strobins05 Member Posts: 716 Member Posts: 716
    You guys ROCK and this is what dedication is all about. Keep inspiring and much success on reaching your goals!
  • kbmomma42kbmomma42 Member, Premium Posts: 52 Member Member, Premium Posts: 52 Member
    Thank you so much for taking the time to post - its a great motivation tool heading into the weekend...I always look forward to having more time to exercise and get out there - just what I needed to hear! Congratulations - to you and your wife!! :)
  • trogalicioustrogalicious Member Posts: 4,594 Member Member Posts: 4,594 Member
    So it doesn't get lost in translation... I'mma just paste this here again:
    Fantastic... Inspiration at its best. I have a question, how did you push through the plateaus?

    Patience and busting my *kitten* on a regular basis.

    So, I'm being bombarded right now with some messages about secrets/tips/what worked for me. It isn't really a secret, I just found what worked for me.

    I WILL say this:

    When I first started, I thought I had to eat "diet" foods. You know, the stuff that all of the commercials tell you about. I was perfectly happy with it and lost weight. Not because they were special miracle foods, but because I wasn't really eating enough.

    I'm no miracle. I'm just a regular guy that found what worked for him. I have my diary closed to public, but it isn't because I'm ashamed of what I eat... it's because I know that when I first started here, I would look at open diaries from people that had lost a lot of weight... and I would think "well, THAT worked for THEM, it should work for me too."

    Not true. My intake isn't going to work for what you guys do.

    I lift at least 3 days per week, I try to get some cardio-only days in at least twice a week. I'm about to start YOGA and I'm freaking excited about being able to scratch the back of my head with my toes. At least I think that's how it works. Because I'm doing this, I'm eating enough to sustain and feed me, but maintain loss. I follow IPOARM because it works for me.

    When I first started, I followed the numbers MFP gave me.. and I ate back my calories most times.

    Aside from motivation, if you guys take anything away from this... there is a lot of generally GREAT advice. There aren't magic numbers (1200 calories, 47.3/28/30 macros, 42 being the answer, etc) that work for every single person with every goal always. Guidelines? Absolutely.

    It amazes me to see so many of you guys stepping up and replying to this as your first post on the forums. I seriously cannot wrap my mind around the response here. Keep on being awesome yourselves.

    Paraphrased from a message that I've had...
    what do you eat

    Food. Lots of it. I love chicken, steak, eggs, sushi, sweet potatoes, hummus... cottage cheese... almonds.... bacon... I love food. I am addicted to cooking and pretend that I'm a chef in some farm-to-fork type restaurant. I cook a LOT of food one day a week, and portion it out. 100g of chicken? Super simple. Grill/bake it all, portion it out into baggies, label them to how much it weighs... grab and go.

    I'll typically eat at least an egg and bagel thin for breakfast. Sometimes two eggs. I'll snack on something around 10:30 (Hey look, it's time for some almonds while I type this out.)

    I do lunch around 1 where I get more meat/veggies. Maybe a microwaved sweet potato or some greek yogurt around 3:30 or so. Then more food for dinner.

    I don't limit when I eat. If I'm hungry and there's still room in my day, I'll eat. The only thing I REALLY try to do is keep my sodium in watch and try to hit my protein/fat/carb goals.

    That's just a shortcut for me, though. Prepping a ton of food... taking time to use the recipe builder here for all of the "ermagerd, look at this chili recipe from pinterest ya'll" stuff.
  • skinnyiversonskinnyiverson Member Posts: 80 Member Posts: 80
    You look awesome my friend! :noway:
  • GetDemGainzGetDemGainz Member Posts: 60 Member Posts: 60
    Amazing transformation. Will inspire and motivate others that this type of goal is possible. Thanks for sharing and good luck on the next chapter of your journey.
  • newjourney2015newjourney2015 Member Posts: 216 Member Member Posts: 216 Member
    I laughed my @$$ off and even cried a little! You and your wife are awesome! What a story! Just amazing! I will refer your story to all the 1200 calorie a day whiners out there! Shut up and eat! And work hard, too! Something I noticed in your last photos - no loose skin! You are doing it right 100%! Just awsome!
  • elisa123galelisa123gal Member Posts: 3,820 Member Member Posts: 3,820 Member
    Thanks for the great post, you look amazing. You document your metamorphosis in a great way. How incremental changes with intellectual determination can cause big change.

    you've handled your physical change nicely...most people would freak.

    You look healthy and happy...congratulations..and i bet you're still a funny guy...only fit.
  • trogalicioustrogalicious Member Posts: 4,594 Member Member Posts: 4,594 Member
    ..and i bet you're still a funny guy...only fit.

    Man, I certainly hope so.
  • ThomasRGradyThomasRGrady Member Posts: 23 Member Posts: 23
    Amazing job! You are really an inspiration for those of us headed in the same direction. Thank you for posting this diary-post!
  • BrittKnee_RaeBrittKnee_Rae Member Posts: 111 Member Member Posts: 111 Member
    Congratulations on your success, you freaking rock!! :) Awesome transformation!
  • kdkyzerkdkyzer Member Posts: 137 Member Member Posts: 137 Member
    Love your story!! And you certainly aren't the funny fat guy anymore, but the funny FAST guy!
    Great job!
  • nationallazernationallazer Member Posts: 24 Member Posts: 24
    Wow loved the story thanks for sharing, just have a question for you as I`m confused with the calories per day verse the workout calories burnt, did you stick to all your calories per day and did you eat your execrise calories too, I think I`m doing something wrong?? I see up and down all the time on the scale but not trying to live by the scale, and another question if you were going out an you knew you would either drink more or eat more did you make it up in execrise to allow for that???
  • sheldonz42sheldonz42 Member Posts: 233 Member Member Posts: 233 Member
  • KathyPBilesKathyPBiles Member Posts: 289 Member Member Posts: 289 Member
    Love your story! You should be very proud. You are an AWESOME inspiration!
  • NotBonJoviNotBonJovi Member Posts: 175 Member Member Posts: 175 Member
    Congratulations! And thank you for taking the time to post the pics and tell the story. You are an amazing inspiration to all of us here.

    Stay Healthy and Stay Happy my friend.
  • BigDogBigDog Member Posts: 272 Member Member Posts: 272 Member

    Wish I could buy you a beer.

  • choosingsarachoosingsara Member Posts: 101 Member Member Posts: 101 Member
    Thank you for sharing!!! You are an inspiration!!
  • Tootce01Tootce01 Member Posts: 184 Member Posts: 184
    Thank you for sharing your story, very inspirational! You look awsome!!
  • loizlaneloizlane Member Posts: 64 Member Member Posts: 64 Member
    "trogalicious quote...This isn't a journey. I hate that term. This is living. Calling it a journey implies that there is an end/destination.

    That being said, no one here can do it for you. Not on this website, not your friends, not even your family. At the end of the day, each and every day, you're accountable for you. Make the decisions that you need to make, or don't. If you want to be healthy, you can. You just have to be an active participant in making the move. It isn't magic and you can't find success in a pill, on a forum, or on TV. You've gotta dig down inside and figure out how bad you want it."

    All I can say is AMAZING!!! Your progress- AMAZING! Your story is a great read and AMAZING! I felt compelled to re-post your comments above because they are so TRUE and AMAZING! Thank you trogalicious for posting your success and encouraging us all to dig deep and be AMAZING!!!

    ~ loizlane :flowerforyou:
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