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153 lbs in 365 days (pics)



  • randilynn113randilynn113 Member Posts: 227 Member Member Posts: 227 Member
    Awesome. This is a great transformation story - Congrats to you for doing a great job and thank you for sharing!
  • roseymacdooroseymacdoo Member Posts: 113 Member Member Posts: 113 Member
    You're brilliant. Well done.
  • trogalicioustrogalicious Member Posts: 4,576 Member Member Posts: 4,576 Member
    Fantastic... Inspiration at its best. I have a question, how did you push through the plateaus?

    Patience and busting my *kitten* on a regular basis.

    So, I'm being bombarded right now with some messages about secrets/tips/what worked for me. It isn't really a secret, I just found what worked for me.

    I WILL say this:

    When I first started, I thought I had to eat "diet" foods. You know, the stuff that all of the commercials tell you about. I was perfectly happy with it and lost weight. Not because they were special miracle foods, but because I wasn't really eating enough.

    I'm no miracle. I'm just a regular guy that found what worked for him. I have my diary closed to public, but it isn't because I'm ashamed of what I eat... it's because I know that when I first started here, I would look at open diaries from people that had lost a lot of weight... and I would think "well, THAT worked for THEM, it should work for me too."

    Not true. My intake isn't going to work for what you guys do.

    I lift at least 3 days per week, I try to get some cardio-only days in at least twice a week. I'm about to start YOGA and I'm freaking excited about being able to scratch the back of my head with my toes. At least I think that's how it works. Because I'm doing this, I'm eating enough to sustain and feed me, but maintain loss. I follow IPOARM because it works for me.

    When I first started, I followed the numbers MFP gave me.. and I ate back my calories most times.

    Aside from motivation, if you guys take anything away from this... there is a lot of generally GREAT advice. There aren't magic numbers (1200 calories, 40/30/30 macros, 42 being the answer, etc).

    It amazes me to see so many of you guys stepping up and replying to this as your first post on the forums. I seriously cannot wrap my mind around the response here. Keep on being awesome yourselves.
  • bsix3bsix3 Member Posts: 291 Member Posts: 291
    That's awesome!! Thanks for sharing. Looks like your still the fun guy...just thinner.
  • SkinnyBubbaGaarSkinnyBubbaGaar Member Posts: 389 Member Member Posts: 389 Member
    Hell to the yes. Well done, man, and very well written account of your process.

    On the front end of this whole damn rodeo myself. Began late Fall 2012. SW: 346 - CW: 285. Plan to be under 200#'s by the end of 2013.

    Thanks for sharing your path and for the inspiration.

    Enjoy that steak, cake and beer.
  • nycalisonnycalison Member Posts: 51 Member Member Posts: 51 Member
    Incredible post- I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but often I skim the story, and get to the pictures and any advice part. Your whole post was not only inspiring, but so funny too. I know what you mean about being fat and happy- it's a hard place to be in because you really have no "rock bottom" place to climb out of. I know that sounds weird but that's how I feel anyway.
  • GG70GG70 Member Posts: 233 Member Member Posts: 233 Member
    SO excited for you!!! You rocked it.. fantastic work! Continued success and happiness in your life..
  • vkruithofvkruithof Member Posts: 227 Member Member Posts: 227 Member
    I really enjoyed what you said at the end of your post the most. Thank you for sharing your story. Good luck on the rest of your living! Enjoy!
  • m_wilhm_wilh Member Posts: 375 Member Member Posts: 375 Member
    Thanks for sharing your amazing story and congratulations on ALL that you've been able to achieve.
  • bxbutterflybxbutterfly Member Posts: 55 Member Member Posts: 55 Member
    I love this sucess stories. just reaffirms that it is possible. thanks for posting
  • tblackwell1234tblackwell1234 Member Posts: 24 Member Member Posts: 24 Member
    Just pure awesomeness! Thanks for sharing. =)
  • willharewillhare Member Posts: 44 Member Member Posts: 44 Member
    You probably have the best NSV ever when you looked in the mirror and said, "my mustache looks HUGE today!" Haha. Congrats, man! Keep it up!
  • LaurenVampLaurenVamp Member Posts: 74 Member Member Posts: 74 Member
    I love it. SO. MUCH.

    Not preachy at all. Inspiring. I want to share this with my boy in hopes that he will join MFP with me. Congratulations to you and your wife--you all look (and feel, from what I read) STUNNING! :)
  • tlaszewskitlaszewski Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    I like the way you are "living" - congrats to you!! Thank you for giving me the boost i needed!!

    PS - love the reference to "some special snowflake" - might have to borrow that one. :)
  • JoeSzupJoeSzup Member Posts: 51 Member Member Posts: 51 Member
    Absolutely amazing transformation and exceptional progress. That you for sharing such a motivating story!
  • BrendaLeeBrendaLee Member Posts: 4,463 Member Member Posts: 4,463 Member
    Amazing. Thanks for reminding us that it IS possible!
  • avasanoavasano Member Posts: 488 Member Posts: 488
    That is fantastic! Great job!
  • medoingmemedoingme Member Posts: 8 Member Posts: 8
    What an Inspiration! Thanks for sharing!
  • MrsScheidtMrsScheidt Member Posts: 244 Member Member Posts: 244 Member
    You totally look like the guy from Myth Busters in that black beret! Great job! You look awesome!!
  • Fat2FitQueenFat2FitQueen Member Posts: 79 Member Member Posts: 79 Member
    omgosh u guys are awesome & thnx 4 sharing i needed this :heart:
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