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My story of sweet revenge (pics)



  • Naturally_EBNaturally_EB Posts: 44Member Member Posts: 44Member Member
    Amazing transformation and story! Congrats :smile:
  • amynicole0410amynicole0410 Posts: 41Member Posts: 41Member
    ....holy WOW, BATMAN!!!! You look FANTASTIC!
  • neener4kidsneener4kids Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    WOW You look amazing!
  • gc_tweetygc_tweety Posts: 205Member Member Posts: 205Member Member
    You are simply amazing!
  • avielosesitavielosesit Posts: 82Member Member Posts: 82Member Member
    amazing doesnt even start to describe it. you're incredible and an inspiration.

    good luck at the competition tomorrow!!
  • crossfit_lovercrossfit_lover Posts: 252Member Member Posts: 252Member Member
    So AMAZING! One of the best threads I've read on here EVER...FR on it's way..
  • Candi_landCandi_land Posts: 1,324Member Member Posts: 1,324Member Member
  • K_SerzK_Serz Posts: 1,310Member Member Posts: 1,310Member Member
  • JennyHolmanJennyHolman Posts: 82Member Member Posts: 82Member Member
    Way to rock it!! Congrats on your hard work all around, school, house, work, mothering and everything!! Smokin' hot!
  • BellaT81BellaT81 Posts: 29Member Member Posts: 29Member Member
    THOSE ABS!!! :-O
  • Yanicka1Yanicka1 Posts: 4,634Member Member Posts: 4,634Member Member
    Love this so so much.
  • DVaughan1975DVaughan1975 Posts: 158Member Member Posts: 158Member Member
    You look great!!! Congratulations : )
  • starfish1783starfish1783 Posts: 120Member Posts: 120Member
    Holy crap! You look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic job getting gorgeous! Revenge may be sweet, but personal satisfaction is even better :wink:
  • WDEvyWDEvy Posts: 947Member Member Posts: 947Member Member
  • julieginjuliegin Posts: 77Member Member Posts: 77Member Member
    AMAZING! You're the definition of inspiration! Thanks for sharing!
  • FrnkLftFrnkLft Posts: 1,821Member Member Posts: 1,821Member Member
    I lied, my story really isn't about revenge. But, it started out that way.

    In 2010 my life hit a very low point. I weighed 217 pounds and my husband wanted a divorce. The entire four year marriage had been rough, so divorce was a bit of a relief. The downside of that was having to move across the country and back into my parent's house with two children under the age of two. Being unemployed, a disabled vet, a newly single mom and being fat sucked.

    I decided to get revenge on my ex by losing weight and looking super hot. I failed.

    It wasn't until I just got tired of being fat that I started making the changes that made a difference. Eating well, working out and learning to just love myself. It was no longer about revenge, it was about taking care of me.

    Tomorrow marks a significant point in my life. It marks three years of being single and my first bodybuilding competition. In total I've lost 70 pounds. As a single parent with a full time job and my own little house to take care of I have found a way to get a degree and get in shape all at the same time. I have tons of legitimate excuses to why I can't or don't have the time to eat right and workout. If you want it bad enough you WILL find a way!


    **ETA: Workouts, I just lift heavy and do little cardio. Eating is TDEE-20% and IIFYM (with macros set correctly for my goals).

    Holy **** I love this story. Good for you!
  • abnernerabnerner Posts: 452Member Posts: 452Member
    Wow! Amazing!
  • RokosmummyRokosmummy Posts: 29Member Posts: 29Member
    Wow great job. Well Done :)
  • AngelaPesta17AngelaPesta17 Posts: 20Member Posts: 20Member
    You look great!!! What an inspiration!
  • LaviMcLaviMc Posts: 355Member Member Posts: 355Member Member
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