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My story of sweet revenge (pics)



  • maab_connormaab_connor Posts: 4,024Member Member Posts: 4,024Member Member
    Your tatoos have me confused. One on left in one picture and one on right in the other picture. One of the tatoos had to be first.
    Therefore it seems that one picture should have shown both tatoos?????????????????????????????

    OMG how does this magic work???


    MP you look awesome!! you should be so proud of yourself! you are a BAMF!

    disabled vet? or sexy Marine?
  • sunshyncatrasunshyncatra Posts: 601Member Member Posts: 601Member Member
    Amazing! Good for you!!!
  • Jacwhite22Jacwhite22 Posts: 7,086Member Member Posts: 7,086Member Member

    QFT - it is. (IMHO both your and the likely intended you're are both appropriate)
  • DontStopB_LeakinDontStopB_Leakin Posts: 4,096Member Member Posts: 4,096Member Member
    Absolutely stunning transformation. Just more proof that heavy lifting is where it's at.

    Again, OP, I am utterly amazed by your hard work and dedication, and I can't wait to see what results your continued determination provides in the future.

    ETA: I do not wish to further contribute to the dissent in this thread, nor do I wish to distract from the OP's extremely admirable success, therefore I have removed my previous comments.
  • red_roadred_road Posts: 787Member Member Posts: 787Member Member
    woot woot
  • Jersey_DevilJersey_Devil Posts: 4,154Member Member Posts: 4,154Member Member
    Love it! keep up the great work!
  • logicman69logicman69 Posts: 1,040Member Member Posts: 1,040Member Member
    OP... Awesome job!! You look absolutely amazing!

    To the haters... if you can't say anything nice.. SHUT IT!
  • jackiekerr63jackiekerr63 Posts: 33Member Member Posts: 33Member Member
    WOW you go girl!!!
  • ihadihad Posts: 7,506Member Member Posts: 7,506Member Member
    Amazing work, dedication, and results!!!
  • CarlottatheBrainCarlottatheBrain Posts: 13Member Posts: 13Member
    Sorry, but look at the tatoos, people.....this is two different people! This is SO disappointing.

    Sorry, but this is necessary.

  • bregalad5bregalad5 Posts: 3,993Member, Premium Member Posts: 3,993Member, Premium Member
  • whiskeysister510whiskeysister510 Posts: 76Member Member Posts: 76Member Member
    WOW!! These might be some of the most inspiring before and after pictures I have ever seen on this site! You RULE and so does your attitude and your story!!! Congrats!! :flowerforyou:
  • robin52077robin52077 Posts: 4,550Member Member Posts: 4,550Member Member
    Sorry, but look at the tatoos, people.....this is two different people! This is SO disappointing.

    Dear god your birth certificate must be an apology from the condom factory because we certainly need one from them...

  • Shawnna_HShawnna_H Posts: 32Member Member Posts: 32Member Member
    WOWWW..............that is amazing transformation girl...WTG :)
  • DavPulDavPul Posts: 61,895Member Member Posts: 61,895Member Member
    Real talk, can everyone please ignore that one person and stop derailing an awesome thread with that mess?

    Hell, I don't even know what a tatoo is.
  • GetyourshineonGetyourshineon Posts: 114Member Posts: 114Member
    Good for YOU!!! You look fabulous and sound like you are healthy in every sense of the word! Revenge is never healthy ~ You accomplished your goals the RIGHT way!!! Kudos!
  • theCarltontheCarlton Posts: 1,490Member Member Posts: 1,490Member Member
    OP: you are hardbodied excellence. Wonderful commitment to yourself!
    Sorry, but look at the tatoos, people.....this is two different people! This is SO disappointing.
    Because anyone willing to painstakingly Photoshop her face on to mobile phone pictures would totally neglect to put the most identifying marks on her body in various shots. Mirrors flip images. Length of skirt covers leg tattoo in the side-by-sides. Please try harder.
  • K3DawK3Daw Posts: 9Member Posts: 9Member
    Amazing transformation!!!!!
  • Lift_This_Lift_This_ Posts: 2,781Member Member Posts: 2,781Member Member
    Sorry, but look at the tatoos, people.....this is two different people! This is SO disappointing.

    f*cking pathetic....

    she has done an amazing job!!!! why such negativity? like others have stated, we've talked on camera and those tattoos are in the correct locations....its called a mirror....duh!!!!

    USMCMP is freaking bad *kitten* and freaking amazing!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!
  • RosplosionRosplosion Posts: 769Member Member Posts: 769Member Member
    Your most recent photo is now the one I'll look at when I'm dreaming of what I might someday look like.

    You look SO freakin great and your story is inspirational. WTG, darlin.
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