What are you having for breakfast?



  • 215jenn
    215jenn Posts: 110 Member
    Almost every day - oatmeal (not instant) with a sprinkle of cinnamon and either a splash of apple juice or a packet of splenda.

    Today - A plain bagel with a very light schmear of cream cheese, and a cup of coffee a little later :)
  • janessanessa
    janessanessa Posts: 299 Member
    A bow of Multigrain Cheerios with unsweetened Almond Breeze almond milk this AM.
  • Sophiad16
    Sophiad16 Posts: 23
    That breakfast looks amazing! I just had toast with butter/jam and an egg scramble. womp womp.
  • faefaith
    faefaith Posts: 433 Member
    I had s smoothie with spinach, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, blueberries, flaxseed, and coconut milk. Then I munched on a boiled egg. Lots of protein and minerals!
  • ivyana25
    ivyana25 Posts: 76
    My favorite meal of the day by far. I'm a little set in my routine so always looking for new ideas.

    Here's my breakfast today..


    Don't make fun, I think food tastes better when it's pretty..Boyfriend said he compromised his masculinity by eating it..:laugh:

    Forgot to add: It's 2 eggs with feta cheese, honey baked ham, 3/4 cup goat milk yogurt with almonds and chia, fruit salad

    So what'd you have today/are planning to have?


    i also believe food tastes better when it looks good... lol...