HALP! Heavy Lifting Made Me SUPAH Bulky!!!



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    You have no idea how badly I needed to see this thread. I fell off the lifting wagon (laziness - didn't wanna get up at 5am) and after seeing all these pages of amazing I'm wanting to dive right back in.
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    Super encouraging! I can't wait to see more pics, and mine up here too someday!
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    Ladies you all look SO SO fabulous!

    I can't wait to start lifting heavy, I am just clueless about how to start, and what to do. I work in a gym (right now, overnights even, so, for example, I just had an empty gym for 3.5 hours), so I have ample access to equipment, I just need to figure out what and how (I have some injuries/issues), and do it. I want to be STRONG!!!

    Strong is DEFINITELY the new sexy!!
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    Adding my support here. I can't wait to post my before/ afters! I just started a new 12 week challenge routine. I'll be posting my progress pics after that.

    Since December, I doubled my bench press, lost 7 inches overall and am proudly fitting clothes I haven't thought would fit. I can now carry a 5 gallon water tank with little effort. Ahhh :-D the little things!
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    I've known heavy lifting is the way to go! Thanks for the inspiration to take that step!
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    Super bulky.

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    Inspired to get back to lifting!
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    I love this thread
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    This threads (I went through all three of them) are awesome and extremely motivating. Respect to all you strong women!

    I just started lifting recently but was hooked immediately. I hate cardio and am never ever able to push myself to run further or faster. I always forced myself to go to the gym and then I did some cardio - hating it while doing it - and didn't go back there until I felt super bad about myself and forced myself... A vicious circle :-D

    But after my first lifting session I felt so content and proud. I love the feeling of my muscles being used like this, it's just great.
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    Bumping to keep this thread alive!! Had to super skim through the petty argument stuff here and there, wishing it was just a photo thread honestly.

    Great work everyoneI I wish I could afford a gym membership but not yet, I start work on Monday, then I'll be back to lifting again I'm sure!!
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    Not looking bulky here.



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    Can't wait to see the whole thread for all the lifting successes!
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    Super bulky.


    I absolutely adore your results. This is the kind of stomach I aspire to have...strong but feminine! Thank you for the inspiration. :)
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    bumping because I haven't seen this in a while and it deserves to be seen
  • This thread is now one of my faves... read all of part three, seriously going back and reading 1 & 2!

    I do adore cardio, swimming, cycling and dancing give me such a boost, and as I had no clue where to start with lifting a few weeks ago when I started getting serious about getting fitter, I was intending on sticking to those.

    Weights intimidate me, not really because I see that area of the gym as 'the boy's' area, but because I'm struggling to overcome anxiety, and any situation where I'm unsure of what to do with myself (read: anything that doesn't include a treadmill, bike, pool or rowing machine with regards to the gym) is stressful.

    I was also under the misguided assumption that as I have quite large thighs, than I don't want to 'bulk up' that squats and lunges were best avoided. Seeing this thread, and all of you lovely ladies with your fantastic 'supah bulky!' (rolls eyes, haha) thighs and butts, motivates me so much!

    I'm still not sure where I'd start in the free weight area, but a couple of weeks ago I started a 'bar blast' class, which is basically a workout class with weights... I'm on very very light ones at the moment, not for fear of bulking up, but because I'm still unfit, and not strong enough to handle more (yet!), but I feel as though mixing in these classes with my cardio will be a huge benefit, and as I get fitter hopefully I'll have the confidence to add more lifting to my routine, and maybe even have the guts to ask the gorgeous lady that did my gym induction to talk me through the free weights area ;)
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    Everyone looks so amazing! Thanks for sharing!
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    So much inspiration! I am totally and outside girl but this makes me miss the gym, if you can believe that!