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Ladies with big Insanity workout results!! Where yall at?

MrsNgoundaMrsNgounda Member Posts: 49 Member Posts: 49
Hello Ladies!!!

I am seriously thinking about doing the Insanity workout DVD. I posted this to see how many women have gotten Insane or just really good results. I guess you can say that I'm trying to hype myself up to do the workout. I have been having some trouble losing my pregnancy weight. I would love to hear what you ate and how often did you eat to get the results that you've gotten. Because from what I was told that when you do Insanity you have to eat a whole lot of calories in order to get the results. What do you ladies think??........I NEED HELP!!!!!


  • britzziebritzzie Member Posts: 341 Member Member Posts: 341 Member
    I'd love to hear these comments too! I'm starting a week from Sunday and am looking for some supportive friends who are doing or have done it!

    75 down, 30 to go!!
  • The_New_ChristinaThe_New_Christina Member Posts: 888 Member Member Posts: 888 Member
    Bumping to hear what others say about how much to eat. I did the calculation from the Insanity program and came up with around 2000 calories!
  • AbsyPernetAbsyPernet Member Posts: 145 Member Posts: 145

    I didn't lost as much weight as I would like BUT the body has definitely toned up!! Dropped 2 dress size as well :D I am on Round 3 now because I love it so much, you can friend me , if you like and I will be cheering you on everyday.

    I am 5'9, I weigh 166 pounds, I eat around 1850 calories per week and plus 100 or so for the MAX workouts, but I do wear a heart rate monitor as well.

    Have fun:wink:
  • mrsnamrsna Member Posts: 195 Member Member Posts: 195 Member
    I am starting Insanity in a couple of weeks. Would love to get a group together to cheer each other on!
  • chineyLuvchineyLuv Member Posts: 131 Member Member Posts: 131 Member
    I'm currently on my last week of Month 1 and I think it's AWESOME!
    As some of my MFP friends keep re-iterating, dont focus so much on the scale when ur doing insanity....b/c it might just be that the pounds won't drop as fast, but the your dress size WILL change!

    My suggestion: take your measurements.

    As for food, i pretty much eat every time I'm hungry.
    Insanity burns approximately 400 - 600 calories per workout, depending on how hard you push yourself. And I highly recommend that you get an HRM.

    I'm always accepting new friends :smile:

    And good luck on your Insanity Journey! :flowerforyou:
  • The_New_ChristinaThe_New_Christina Member Posts: 888 Member Member Posts: 888 Member
    I am starting Insanity in a couple of weeks. Would love to get a group together to cheer each other on!

    Yes! Please add me to your group when you make one! I have a couple gals that I already Friend Requested who are starting on Monday too!
  • ataylo30ataylo30 Member Posts: 25 Member Member Posts: 25 Member
    I do Insanity and it makes you HUNGRY but it makes you SWEAT even more! I think it is worth it. I do it with two other people and we cheer each other on and keep each other accountable (it's so easy to sit down and watch them instead of do what you are supposed too when you are home alone :tongue: ) Do it and love it, it's only sixty days! Good Luck!
  • pdiddy02pdiddy02 Member Posts: 33 Member Member Posts: 33 Member
    I am re-starting Insanity yet again. I was so afraid of the workouts, and thought I wont be able to do it everyday, so I did a hybrid of CLX-Insanity. Now, I am in love with Insanity. So I am just focusing on Insanity now.
    I am starting it tomorrow. Feel free to add me - lets make it happen!!!!!
  • darleneporterdarleneporter Member, Premium Posts: 8 Member Member, Premium Posts: 8 Member
    I am starting my insanity program tonight, i am so excited. By reading a lot of forum post, it is okay to say that looking at the scale will be useless, but you will notice the change in inches. So, everyone cheer me on as i take on this challenge, i hope the exervise is as fun as when i was in the military doing physical training routines. hoorayyyyyyy!!!
  • kjjm08kjjm08 Member, Premium Posts: 217 Member Member, Premium Posts: 217 Member
    I started week 2 today. It's an amazing work out and I love. I have gained 1-2 lbs but that is normal with Insanity, so don't freak! I look forward to seeing how I'll end up in the end :)

    Good luck everyone!
  • 2sweet842sweet84 Member Posts: 26 Member Member Posts: 26 Member
    hey ladies,
    I'm on week 5 and reovery week. Not seeing lbs dropping but do see differences in the mirror, my shoulders are more sculpted, i have little biceps and generally feel more toned.
    i'm 5ft 7 and weigh 138lbs or 9st 12lbs so do not want to lose a grea deal but you know what ladies and scales are like and am told the magic happens in month 2.
    i also cycle around 6 miles as well on week days.
    I'm currently doinfg a diet of 40% carbs, 40% protein and 20% fats and consuming 1600 - 1700 cals but i'm thinking of pushing this up in month 2.
    Would be great to hear from you ladies who are on the same journey & what kind of results you are seeing. I do love it and am still motivated to keep hitting play.
    Good luck and well done everybody :-)
  • MariahHubertMariahHubert Member Posts: 115 Member Member Posts: 115 Member
    These are my results after just 2 weeks. Left is day 1 and Right is day 14.
    I realize it's not "big" results, but I'm still working =)


    Edited to fix the size :oops:
  • msmariimacmsmariimac Member Posts: 29 Member Posts: 29
    Wow, those are great results after only two weeks! Are you following the nutrition plan as well?

    I just started in Monday and this is great motivation :)
  • FitSugaFitSuga Member Posts: 262 Member Member Posts: 262 Member
    My husband and I are going to give it a go starting on Monday. Hoping for good results. I wear a fitbit so I'll know what to eat however I know I'll be in the 2400 range as far as calories.
  • yurika975yurika975 Member Posts: 70 Member Member Posts: 70 Member
    I am thinking of adding a few of the workouts into my weight loss routine. I'm adding in more fruits and veggies. I have been eating between 1200 and 1500 calories. I have been doing taebo and sometimes adding in some Jillian Michaels. I have done a few of the Insanity workouts to try it out. I may have been doing it wrong as I ended up with a backache. Ugg. But I used the formula to figure out how much I should be eating and it gives me over 2000 calories. I'm not sure about that. But it might make sense because the scale hasn't been budging. I'll try one tonight.

    OP when did you have your baby? Congrats btw. I can't keep saying mine is baby weight because my youngest in 8 :grumble: :cry:
  • dixiewhiskeydixiewhiskey Member Posts: 3,453 Member Member Posts: 3,453 Member
  • MrsNgoundaMrsNgounda Member Posts: 49 Member Posts: 49
    My daughter is now 19 months old, and I was thinking about doing Insanity to really drop some pounds. We'll see.
  • karriearmkarriearm Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
    I have been doing Insanity for over a year and jogging for 15 years. When I started doing Insanity it I wasn't watching what I eat, so I didn't lose weight. I toned up, but felt frustrated that the scale wouldn't budge.
    Exercise has never been my issue, I love working out, it is the intake that can hinder success. I am guilty of taking a bite of this and a taste that, finishing my little one's plate (Mom's out there will relate to this) and as a result could not lose weight despite doing Insanity and the like. I was a "fat" runner!!

    In January, I started using MFP and logged every bite of food I ate. I started out eating 1200 calories a day plus added back exercise calories. This was a great motivator to work out every day, since eating just 1200 a day is really hard! I did purchase a heart rate monitor and discovered I was not burning nearly the amount of calories I thought I was, so get one!! Also, I got a little stuck in my weight loss a couple weeks ago, so I ADDED about 300 calories a day and have lost the final 3 pounds.

    I have been working out 6 days a week, doing a hybrid of Insanity and jogging. Last month I purchased Insanity the Asylum, because I LOVE Shawn T. workouts. In my opinion, Insanity and The Asylum are the only workout video's worth doing. When I work out I want to be dripping with sweat and panting and both of these do not disappoint.
    Having said all of that, I have been able to lose 21 pounds and am at my goal weight now (though I am going for 3 more. lol). I can wear a size 4 again, that is 6 sizes down!!

    Don't stop at 60 days, keep going! After 60 days do a hybrid with some other exercise, like jogging, cycling or anything you enjoy. If you do these things, there is no way you won't get your goal. I am 38 years old, the mother of 5 (one twin pregnancy) and have struggled for years to lose the weight. Insanity and MFP finally got me there! Trust me, if I can do it, with my "nearly 40" metabolism, anyone can do it.
  • SwissabroadSwissabroad Member Posts: 4 Member Posts: 4
    I just started Insanity Workout and am into day 5.
    I've always been reasonably toned as I do a lot of sports like martial arts and dance, but there is just that persistent fat around my belly that I couldn't lose, not matter what I did.
    Now 5 days into Insanity, look at the results below. Apologies for the face censoring, I'm a bit shy so don't want to reveal my face... but it's the body that counts!
    It's mindblowing! My belly fat that was so persistent before is melting away in record speed now! This training is better than anything else I'd ever tried before so far.
    Did I follow the meal plan? Not really. With my lifestyle it is very hard to eat 5 meals a day. I reduced my daily intake to match the recommended calorie figure, but I still eat some sweets (ice cream, chocolate) every day and drink a glass or two of wine every other day.
    Insanity seems to be working for me... but mind you, it may not work for everyone. And yes, even for an athletic person, it is extremely tough - but it's worth it, every single drop of sweat!

  • RokosmummyRokosmummy Member Posts: 29 Member Posts: 29
    I am in my first week of insanity and cannot wait to see the results.
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