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Ladies with big Insanity workout results!! Where yall at?



  • ChikitabooChikitaboo Member Posts: 10 Member Posts: 10
    Waoh those are great results congrats :)
  • JerzeymargieJerzeymargie Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
    Hi ladies!!! I am currently on my recovery week. I started the insanity program because I have become depressed and been about 3 years since I've worked out! I really shocked my body into working out again. The first month was hard for me, but I could do most of the moves. I sweated a lot and burned around 700-1000 calories per workout. I really pushed myself but at the same time, listened to my body! I stopped and took deep breaths when needed, or a gulp of water, or just walked it out and got right back in it. Like Shaun T says,you dont wanna compromise form so make sure you are doing every move correctly and most of all safely. I started feeling like I didnt have any energy and felt like I wanted to poop out! I didn't follow his meal plan due to finance, but I followed a Clean eating diet with lots of water, and vitamins. You wanna make sure to take a mulitvitamin/mulitmineral. For my last week of month 1, I lost 12 lbs, and dropped a size and toned up tremendously. So, to finish month 1 and prepare for month 2, I went to GNC and bought B4, once a day fat burner; BLOX to drink intra workout to maximize my endurance/performance, and drink Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 post workout for recovery. I feel great with the Amino acids in the formulas. But I researched and thats what best compelements my body and performance. You have to find a meal plan, and supplements that work best for you to Maximize your results! I am excited to begin month 2 on Sept. 9th!!!! I say Bring it on!!!! I have the eye of the tiger!!! Good luck to you all----YOU CAN DO IT!!!
  • JerzeymargieJerzeymargie Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2 Member
    That is so good!! Im so happy with your results!!! Thank you for comment, was a great inspiration! Im 5'7 and weighed 230, when I started. I now weigh 218. But I can really feel my body toning! Keep up the great work!!!
  • jmy1975jmy1975 Member Posts: 56 Member Member Posts: 56 Member
    I am on day 2 of insanity.. I have to say, I made it 1/2 way before I crumbled to the floor... I will continue to push myself everyday to do a little more, but has anyone else struggled getting through an entire workout in the beginning? I hope I am not alone!!

    You are not alone. I am not sure even Shaun T can get though the whole workout without stopping since he is always going around to everyone else. I am starting week 2 today and I am really happy to hear (1) that I should take measurements, which I will do today (I had only taken the picture and weighed myself) and (2) that I need to eat back exercise calories. I have been reading some older posts about eating exercise calories back and have been scared to do it, but I am dripping with sweat after eat workout (I burn about 400 in a 40 min session) and then do the elliptical to "cool down" a bit before showering (I burn another 200-300 cal). So far I haven't lost much. I am eating healthy, but not following the diet in the book. Also nice to know that month 2 is wehere the big results happen. Looking forward to that.
  • tynishabeezfittynishabeezfit Member Posts: 185 Member Member Posts: 185 Member
    i 4'11. I lost 18 lbs, 35 inch waist to a 27inch, 21 inch thighs to 18inch, size 9 pants to a 4
  • MrsNina1972MrsNina1972 Member Posts: 105 Member Member Posts: 105 Member

    OMG, there is hope for me...I will be 41 this month, I'm so glad I read your post now I can restart Insanity. I started Insanity and caught a nasty stomach flu bug, and have now gained my strength back, so I'm ready to restart. Your story and before and after pics are very inspiring.
  • Star_1234Star_1234 Member Posts: 123 Member Member Posts: 123 Member
    Ok I know I'm throwing my two-cents in here just like everyone else...

    I'm on my Day 4 of Month 2 (holy mother of God I never thought I would get this far), and the program is phenomenal (cardio-wise).

    As far as the caloric burn of the workouts depends ENTIRELY ON YOU!!!! Height, current weight, current cardio condition, and the heart rate you are hitting for X-amount of time determines how many calories you will burn on each of the workouts.

    So, for example, here's my stats:

    I'm female, 5'3", 194 lbs (hourglass body) and my cardio was few and far between when I started it.

    In month 1, doing one of the 35-40 minute workouts almost killed me. My heart rate was hitting 187 at times on my HRM (with chest strap). I had to stop often for 10-15 seconds at a time to let it go down. I burned on average 550-700 on those workouts in the beginning. And for reference, I can burn 450-500 calories doing running intervals for 40 minutes on the treadmill, so I know that is fairly comparable for accuracy.

    By the end of Month 1, my heart rate was only able to hit 177 when doing my hardest to keep up with the workout, and resting less. If heart rate can't get as high as it used to due to being fitter, you don't burn as many calories as when you started.

    My first day of Month 2, My heart rate could barely reach an output of 172, because my legs were giving out before my chest was. I burned 950 calories according to the monitor. The very next day (my second go at a Shaun T 60-minute workout) my heart rate only reached 166-169, and I burned 100 calories LESS than the day before, coming in at 850.

    Lesson of the day? What happens to your body is called 'progressive overload' (you fitness pros know what I'm talking about). And anybody who has lost weight knows that the more weight they lose and closer they get to their goal weight, the harder it is to lose the weight. It's because you really have to start challenging the body once you've gotten it to that beautiful number on the scale.

    So, I know this was a long ramble, but I couldn't help notice the posts about 'how many calories insanity workouts burn'. This is just simply my results with doing INSANITY as far as calorie burn. I have about 45 pounds of fat at least to lose. And doing insanity after 5-6 weeks, truthfully I've only lost total probably 4 lbs of actual weight, but I HAVE lost inches, and not only that, I have not gone for a run in 5 months, and I jumped on the treadmill last week and blew through 30 minutes running at 5.8 which I never thought was possible. I've heard the second month of INSANITY is where physical results really start to happen anyway.

    Cheers guys

    brilliant post! learnt something new.

    Good luck
  • KathyL55KathyL55 Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi..I started the Insanity Workout on September 1 and have finished 6 workouts thus far. I was awed at how intense these workouts really are, but I am enjoying them and always looking forward to the next one.

    I am 55 years old and have always been active. I bike ride, roller blade, cross country ski, hike, weight train..I am always looking for a challenge in the field of exercise. I decided to try Insanity Workout due to the fact that I had gained 15 pounds. I had my thyroid removed 3 years ago, so I am hoping my metabolism is not slowing down.

    But, I must say, I can feel a change in my body after one week of this training. I am going to think positive!! My goal is to lose the 15 pounds and at least 9 inches off my waist by the end of this program. Maybe all I needed was an aggressive program like this one. I'll soon find out.

    I want to wish all of you the best of luck!!! Keep pushing away for those results and keep smiling...
  • jnab4jnab4 Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    I am on week four and I have only lost 8lbs. I walk for 45 minutes after the workout. I am eating healthy and around 1200 calories a day. I do see some changes in my body. I am scared to up my calories because I am not sure what will happen. Does anyone know how many carbs and fat I am suppose to have? I am 5'5 and 184lbs. Thanks.
  • Jenee03Jenee03 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    Started insanity last week. Only lost one pound, but I can already tell the difference in the way my clothes fit. Iam pushing forward with week 2. I would love to be in a group if one is started.
  • CaseyM1985CaseyM1985 Member Posts: 65 Member Member Posts: 65 Member
    I'm a 2 time Insanity completer, and it's self called biggest fan :) My pictures show my results, in total in the two rounds I lost a little over 37 pounds. I also gained a crazy amount of endurance/strength!

    You're welcome to add me if you like :)
  • PLoveElliottPLoveElliott Member Posts: 114 Member Member Posts: 114 Member
    Hi there,
    I haven't done Insanity yet...but am currently doing the T25 videos. Going to check out Insanity after I am done with T25. I also am doing a hybrid....videos plus jogging/stairs/weight training. Anyone can add me!
  • ExcelWithMelExcelWithMel Member Posts: 195 Member Member Posts: 195 Member
    I'm on Week 2 of Insanity. I do the workouts 3 days a week and mixing it in with running 2-3 times a week, and yoga 1-2 times a week. I have done CLX and Les Mills Pump and I am STRONG from both of those, but my eating isn't consistent so my muscles are hiding under plenty of jiggle and cellulite.

    My goal through Insanity is to eat when I am hungry, and mostly good stuff. There are quite a few recipes from the nutrition guide I am eating along with lots of vegetarian meals I enjoy.

    Always looking for friends with similar goals.
  • Denisse210Denisse210 Member Posts: 298 Member Member Posts: 298 Member
    Hey! I am not a Lady....but I can offer some tips about the Insanity Workout program.
    Someone had commented that you burn about 2000 calories doing a insanity workout....this is about true....As a man I burn probably 1500-1800 calories per insanity for women its going to be a little 1200-1400.....

    **ALERT ALERT**:noway:

    guys please invest in a heart rate monitor, although these burns sound awesome the Maximum I burned was 600 cals. during the first month I was always between 480-540 in burn.

    I do have a guy friend on here who also did INSANITY and his max burns (with heart rate monitor) were 1000-1200.
    oh and FYI this said guy friend is ripped! :bigsmile:
  • VelvetMorningVelvetMorning Member Posts: 414 Member Member Posts: 414 Member
    i 4'11. I lost 18 lbs, 35 inch waist to a 27inch, 21 inch thighs to 18inch, size 9 pants to a 4

    My favorite part of this is how happy you look in the after pictures!!
  • ellew70ellew70 Member, Premium Posts: 222 Member Member, Premium Posts: 222 Member
    I am on week four and I have only lost 8lbs. I walk for 45 minutes after the workout. I am eating healthy and around 1200 calories a day. I do see some changes in my body. I am scared to up my calories because I am not sure what will happen. Does anyone know how many carbs and fat I am suppose to have? I am 5'5 and 184lbs. Thanks.

    8 lbs on week 4 is really good.. that's not only? Did you take measurements. Do it now if you didn't before.

    You should, however, be eating more than 1200 calories. Did you do the calculation in the book? I'm 5 2, I was 160 when I started and 43. It put me at 1800. I had been at 1200 and am small, so I upped it to 1500. It's perfect for me. I'm on round 2 now, and down 20 lbs., with more to follow as I do more in the second month of the second round.

    I believe the book says 40/40/20 with five small meals a day. That's what I've been doing, even though I don't use just the recipes out of the book.
  • IamSheaMcIamSheaMc Member Posts: 1,316 Member Member Posts: 1,316 Member
    Lost 6lbs in month 1 which brought my BMI to normal :)

    Now i'm on day 4 Month 2

    I'm 5'3 now 141lbs as long as I end up in the 130s i'll be overjoyed! I wasn't losing until I started Insanity!
  • loolee01loolee01 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    I am planning on starting the insanity workout today after work. Little nervous.
  • roxigirl89roxigirl89 Member Posts: 39 Member Member Posts: 39 Member
    I started Insanity 3 day ago. So far so good. Fingers cross i will see some results by end of the program.
  • ktlinn4ktlinn4 Member Posts: 50 Member Member Posts: 50 Member
    Hello! I am on Day 47 of Insanity! I've lost 20.75 inches on 12 (it could just as well be 10 because my calves WILL NOT shrink!) body parts and...just got on the scale the other day and I'm down 17 lbs! In the beginning, I was trying to stay around the 1300 calories mark, but last week I tried to keep it around 1500-1700 with eating back most of the exercise calories(I'm 5'3" and now 153 lbs! Holy cow, does that feel good to type!). I can definitely tell the difference in eating those extra calories! The past week I have taken an extra rest day due to a pulled groin muscle, but I'm definitely keeping with it. I'm definitely going to keep doing the workouts after the 63 days. But most likely in a random order. I've been eating healthful, however to get all the calories I need I don't have to deprive myself of the homemade cookies I make for the Ol' Folks! :)

    The progress you gals have made is AWESOME! It's definitely helped inspire me to keep at it! Good work ladies, we rock!! :happy:
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