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What is your HONEST reason for losing weight??????



  • Angie_FrittsAngie_Fritts Member Posts: 263 Member Member Posts: 263 Member
    To feel better and for better health.
  • SammyHKSmithSammyHKSmith Member Posts: 6 Member Posts: 6
    1. I'm 30 in February and I want to look hot as hell for my birthday party. It's fantasy/sci-fi fancy dress and I want to go as Starbuck from BSG - gotta get pretty buff to look anywhere near as good as Katee Sackhoff.

    2. Health. I suffer with PCOS and weight loss will help with the symptoms.

    3. I'm off to NY a week after my birthday for a solo holiday - I want to look fabulous and buy lots of new clothes! Oh ... and have another cheeky tattoo :D
  • Destinie589Destinie589 Member Posts: 213 Member Posts: 213
  • Chrissy9632Chrissy9632 Member Posts: 24 Member Posts: 24
    Tired of being a fat girl and I want clothes to fit better.
  • amandamaedchenamandamaedchen Member Posts: 38 Member Posts: 38
    So I can be the one people are jealous of for once.
  • BIG_RON_NO_MOREBIG_RON_NO_MORE Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member Member, Premium Posts: 4 Member
    To get healthy look good on the beach and get off Viagra ..............
  • linda1243linda1243 Member Posts: 166 Member Posts: 166
    Because I am sick of hating the way I look. I am sick of avoiding mirrors, avoiding pictures and wearing large baggy clothes because although I have been fat all my life, I have never been comfortable in my skin. Sometimes I am jealous of fat people who wear fitted clothing. I can't do it, I disgust myself.
  • falcon367falcon367 Member Posts: 141 Member Posts: 141
    To look the best I have since my 20's, turn it into a lifestyle and remain healthy and active long past what I had envisioned years ago.

    ... that and to find a smokin hot g/f when I am ready to venture down that road. :wink:
  • kpye2011kpye2011 Member Posts: 40 Member Member Posts: 40 Member
    I'm tired of being single and would really like to meet someone. I hate the fact that I have to lose weight to get attention from men (that I would be interested in) but it is what it is and I'm ready to do what it takes. I want a healthy active person so in order to find that, I need to become that again!

    I want to have more energy to keep up with my kids.

    Feel free to add me as a friend...the more support the better:)
  • licorice_tealicorice_tea Member Posts: 59 Member Member Posts: 59 Member
    I want to "let go" of the supermodel ideal by getting to my minimum possible healthy weight. I know I won't look like a supermodel even at that weight, but then once I see it, I can say with absolute certainty to myself "in order to look like a supermodel, I'd have to start dying basically!" I mean I know intuitively that looking like a supermodel is unrealistic, but it's another thing to completely explore the range of "what is possible for me" and know what MY standards for ME should look like. I feel like I can't let go of the ideal until I see the real.
  • DJAbramczykDJAbramczyk Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    So I can get back to my lower weight in 1990 and fit into some favorite clothes.
    I also want to see if loosing weight will ease some my arthritis pain in my knees that is starting to develop.
  • dualcollisiondualcollision Member Posts: 87 Member Member Posts: 87 Member
    I have a few reasons, My first one was that fact I had high blood pressure for a 24yr old male. I always have been builkier, so being a little bigger wasn't bad, but i hit a new weight gain and that bothered me.

    The second reason, though sounds a little dumb, was that My last ex told me I had no drive and I could tell her family though it was discusting how much weight i put on my last year of college. So after I started my new job(Which has a nice weight room/gym) I started working out vigourously to prove her and all other past ex's wrong on how they though I worked. I'm an ever evolving creature and right now I'm merely evolving my body to it's best form!
  • Buettner22Buettner22 Member Posts: 159 Member Member Posts: 159 Member
    I have 2 reasons. 1. Several months ago I got my gallbladder removed because cholesterol was forming around it. Yes i know its a different kind of chol. then the one we consume however it was enough to freak me out. The 2nd reason is because i just found out i have a heart condition and the best way i can fight against it is if i make my heart and body as healthy and strong as possible. Im quickly learning you never know where your road will lead you so you need to be as healthy as possible in case someday your body has to fight for you. So my reason for lossing weight isnt to be hot but its to keep me off the operating table for as long as my heart can hold out!
  • gr8pillockgr8pillock Member Posts: 381 Member Member Posts: 381 Member
    I want to feel beautiful, be sexy, and I want to be able to do a pull up. Strange concoction, I know. :)
  • pudgeyloupudgeylou Member Posts: 209 Member Member Posts: 209 Member
    I am sick of being the girl with the great personality.
  • phoenix_59phoenix_59 Member Posts: 1,123 Member Posts: 1,123
    to be marketable in the event that my wife gives me the boot....
  • dmclement917dmclement917 Member Posts: 43 Member Posts: 43
    My number one reason is this:
    My cousin asked me to be in her wedding in November 2013. Since asking me to be in it, she has asked me multiple times how much weight I have gained in the past few months, cause she has noticed. She also keeps referring to me as being the smallest of her bridesmaids but then says, but I mean none of yall are small. And she also keeps referring to me as "healthy" to my face!! It is very rude if I do say so myself. And the worst part is, she recent lost weight on a program where you pay to eat certain food, and before that was big all her life. So she really has no room to talk. So my goal is to be slim and trim and smaller than her at her own wedding! :)
  • Sadiemae2008Sadiemae2008 Member Posts: 11 Member Posts: 11
    I'm tired of looking and feeling so overweight [and maybe a part of me is hoping I'll catch someone's eye and start a family of my own!].
  • jamifaithjamifaith Member Posts: 51 Member Posts: 51
    So that I feel like my husband didnt settle. (He would be super upset if I ever told him that I feel that way).
    And I want to get into killer shape before I start having kids because I never want my kids to grow up with all the body issues that I grew up with. My children will Never hear me say "imm starting my diet on monday" "imm eating a brownie because its my cheat day" or "I have to start working out to get skinny". My children Will see me live a life where eating right and exercising are a part of a healthy happy life, where natural endorphins are better than drugs or caffeine and where working out and eating healthy are not a punishment for being fat, but instead are the result of self respect and appreciation for the bodies we were blessed with. And until the mirror.and see those.values reflected in my own life, I cantt start the family that I desperately want, but keep putting off for fear of not living up to these standards.
  • _Tara_R_Tara_R Member Posts: 706 Member Member Posts: 706 Member
    Definitley to be a MILF!! :) I want to love myself and be happy with who I am. I always care what others think of me....I don't want to care!!
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