shorties weight loss pics



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    You look awesome RAMBO!!
  • i;m 5'3" and started July 18 at 222. I am now at 210.8 I haven't lost any in a few days but I am sticking with it. It does work. I don;t have any pics yet. I can't tell I;ve lost 11 lbs.
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    Thanks for the inspiration guys! Y'all are awesome! :flowerforyou:
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    *Sorry about the huge pics. Tried to make them smaller but it was freezing up and being stupid.*
    Starting weight, Sept/11: 168 lb.
    May/12 - 150 lb.
    Current - 146 lb. (No pic yet)
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    I don't have any pictures yet, I'm 4'11 and 132lbs. I know that doesn't sound bad but like someone else said, on short people, every pound is seen. I carry ALL my weight in my belly. My heaviest was 180lbs when I was pregnant, and not pregnant my heaviest was 148lbs. I have carried 5 children, and trust me it shows lol. I'm doing short term goals instead of one long term goal. As of now I am aiming at losing 15lbs, so I can be 115lbs and my over all goal is around 100lbs. I'm hoping to one day be able to fit back into a bikini. And my fiancee` is hoping that one day I will wear all those cute lingerie outfits I have hanging in our closet lol
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    Wow! All you ladies look fantastic. Feeling extremely inspired to start my journey so that I can post some before and after pics!
    Well done all :flowerforyou:
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    I'm 5'2'' just so you know :)
    The first picture I was somewhere between 170-180
    The recent picture I'm somewhere between 130-125.


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    I'm 5'3" and have lost 34lbs (17.5 since Jan) 11 more to go!
    Here's my blog on how I do it:

    Always accepting new MFP friends for support and tip sharing, especially fellow shorties! :)


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    I'm 4' 11" and back in 2006 I was 199lbs. The last picture in the collage I was 170lbs. I've been able to maintain my weight after my weight loss and just recently I decided it was time to start losing again and my current weight is 161.4.


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    I am 4'11" and 216 right now, I was 283 when I had my daughter and 271 when I start MFP!! I've been on here since Jan of this year!

    dang!! :)
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    someday..........somedamnday Im gonna post pics like this. I aint gonna look as good as most of you do but damnit.....I CAN STILL LOOK GOOD!!!

    Some of you are so damn good I wanna puke.....seriously I wonder if you even know HOW CUTE YOU ARE??? A few of you are downright HOT. As are some of the men....Niner (??)comes to mind.....
  • I'm new to the site & I'm a shortie too lol [ 5'3 ]
    All of these pictures have been a huge inspiration to me! :D
  • bump!
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    Bump! More pls 5'2" here. Looking for inspiration.
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  • I am 5'2. i started this journey in Feb. 2012. I was 154 lbs. I am now 117.
    This is my "Before" photo. by Khrystina the Ninja, on Flickr
    DSCN7562 by Khrystina the Ninja, on Flickr
    And just started some weight training.
    'nuff said by Khrystina the Ninja, on Flickr
    I started though with CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO!
    Freakin' AMAZING
  • 5' 0"


    You look fantastic!
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    Love this thread!
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    I'm 5.2. My starting weight was 250. My current weight is 202. My goal weight is 155.