Four pounds, 1.5 ounces of Godiva Chocolates



  • sharpeoplepc
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    What a great story! Congrats on your weight loss and your self control!
  • AliciaStinger
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    This post brought a smile to my face--thanks for reminding us of our humanity within this weight loss journey! Enjoy those chocolates, but if you could spare one dark piece--fed ex to Seattle!!

    And one more for Chicago, perhaps?
  • paulvt65
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    Erudite commentary for the win!
  • VanessaHeartsMasr
    Lovely post!! Cheers!! :smile:
  • gobraves47
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    Yay! I love your posts. Enjoy your chocolate!! :smile:
  • TKelly06
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    Thanks Scott. It reminds us that totally depriving yourself of things you enjoy will only make you resent yourself later. Indulge a little now, make sure you record it and take the stairs if you ate one chocolate too many. I enjoyed this post very, very much!
  • Tarin626
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    Enjoy your Godiva and your new "toy" (or tool - I look all new tech things and plan on getting a FitBit soon)!

    You should definately take up blogging or save it all and publish a book! You have a wonderful sense of storytelling and can engage a reader no matter what the topic.

    Congrats again on your progress and keep it up :-)
  • Live4More
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    Wonderful post!!
  • scapez
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    Erudite commentary for the win!

    Blasted smart people, I had to google erudite! :laugh:
  • KodAkuraMacKyen
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    Love it. You get it! But you also get one of these because I too am now craving chocolate :grumble:
  • Woodmangler
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    Enjoyed your post... very well written. Sums up the great attitude that I am trying to adopt so that this is a new lifestyle, not a diet. Thanks!
  • Nikiki
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    Love your post and good job! I hope you enjoyed every creamy dreamy morsel!! (dark chocolate truffles are my favorite!)

    And good for your family for making such wonderful life for yourselves :)
  • CJ_Holmes
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    Great post! I agree with some others that you should submit this to a magazine or something.
  • TamsinEllis
    Amazing post, well done! (And wow at the weight loss)
  • likemeinvisible
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story.
  • XXXMinnieXXX
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    wonderfully written! your going to love that fitbit. be sure to not get it damp. wear it on your top where it won't get sweaty! I am on my 3rd! lol x
  • tonilizzy88
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    this is the first long post i actualy sat and read that i enjoyed reading. thank you and enjoy :)
  • islandnutshel
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    I enjoyed reading your post. And I agree with enjoying your favorites. Mine is quality icecream. Gelato, Haagendas, and Good chocolate is not forgotten. It is about living healthy, finding balance, and sharing joy.

    Thank you for sharing yours.
  • TisMeEggin
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    AWESOME!!!! :drinker:
  • Eisskween
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    Loved your post! Good for you! We all need to give ourselves a little goodie every now and then. I look at it as appreciation for all the hard work we've done. :)