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  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,834 Member Member Posts: 2,834 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    I was to tired last night to get off the couch. :noway: This morning my feet where still sore, so I did some workouts that I could do without shoes. :bigsmile: Yoga Meltdown Level 2, and Skogg Intervals Level 2. It was a combo of workouts, didn't have to do any jumping around. :wink:

    DH and I actually where married 24 years ago yesterday. DH is out of town until Thursday, so we will not be celebrating until then. :smile: He did give me a very nice necklace though, so kudo's to him for giving me that before he left yesterday.

    Erika, Glad to hear that you have found workouts that have gone into the fun factor for you. Having some good workouts makes one happy to workout. I'm hoping that I will get back into the swing of things after this weekend. :laugh: Sorry to hear that you are missing the boys, but I'm sure that they are getting spoiled. You probably can expect some super great hugs when they get back though. :bigsmile:

    Michelle, So sorry to hear about the furniture during the move. I'm glad to hear that the family is getting al settled in, and the girls are already making friends. :wink: Hopefully it won't take to long to get all those boxes unpacked. Take care during this storm, hopefully it won't be so bad. WTG on getting back into your workouts, and have fun setting up your new workout space.

    Tami, Welcome back! What a great vacation is sounds like you had. Of course you needed to just spend some time at the beach and doing the tourist thing! :happy: WTG on getting some type of workout done, your order of workouts sounds great. I'm looking forward to a Saturday that I don't need to get out of bed at 4:30 am. :laugh:

    Have a great day!
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    Hi Ladies!!

    Day #2 without the boys...interesting! I talked to them last night, and they aren't missing us yet. They are having a blast, and my sis in law brought her 4 kids up to visit, so they were playing hard.

    Hubby and I managed to get out to dinner, but I had such a horrible headache, that it was to bed for me after that, so no workout. I'm home alone tonight with the pups, so I'll be getting in some cleaning and workouts too! :bigsmile:

    Michelle, welcome back!!! I'm sorry to hear the move was so horrible! I'm sure they don't offer any compensation for the damage to your furniture either, do they? I hope the next several weeks are much smoother, and you have some time for relaxing amidst the unpacking and running the household! Great idea to get back into the workouts with barre!

    Tami, it sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I love LA, and all the fun things to see and do there. :bigsmile: We stopped there on our honeymoon 12 years ago, and I can't wait to go back! Great workout to do upon your arrival back home!

    Laurie, ooh, those sore feet still. Great idea on the yoga workout, so you could go shoe-less. I bet that felt good on the feet and muscles. Congrats on 24 years, that is awesome! I hope you get to spend some time celebrating that when you get back, sounds like hubby already starting the spoiling with the necklace! :happy:

    Laurel, I hope you are doing well today!

    Back to work...

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    Hi Ladies! Sorry I was MIA yesterday. DH is taking a few days off, and I'm caught up in some things here with my volunteer work, so the combo of the two meant no time for the internet yesterday. But, of course, there was time for my workouts! I started Week 2 of P90X2 on Sunday, and I can already tell a difference. :smile: Amazing how quickly my balance and overall body control is kicking in. I'm impressed by what Tony is doing to my body! This has me so excited to continue this program. So Sunday was X2 Core followed by Cathe's Bootcamp. And yesterday was Plyocide followed by Pyramid Upper Body (because I really want the weight workout too!). Today was a rest day from P90X2, so I did Gym Style Legs and Cross Fire. Great combo there!

    Laurie, I'm so sorry to hear about the rain. Sounds like your days of working summer weekends are coming to an end. I'm glad you are enjoying it, despite the pain and exhaustion. Happy Anniversary!! I'm sorry to hear your husband wasn't there to celebrate, but nice that he thought of you with a piece of jewelry!

    Erika, while I'm happy your boys are enjoying themselves, it must be tough to hear they aren't missing you yet! :cry: I suppose that's better than them being miserable, but still.......So glad you enjoyed that new JNL workout the other day. Sounds like alot of workout packed into 30 minutes. That's as it should be!

    Tami, welcome home! I'm so glad you enjoyed LA. I still miss it some times, especially when I see parts of it on TV. Never thought I'd love that city as much as I came to love it when I first heard we were going to be living there. I'm glad you at least got some movement in while you were gone but, no doubt, that first workout back felt great. Thanks again for recommending these new Cathe workouts. I must admit....I am really loving them! They just fly by given all of the variety she has packed in them. That's what I need right now when doing my workouts.

    Michelle, I'm so sorry to hear about the bad move. I know that whole moving from one truck into storage into another truck for delivery is when so much of the damage is done to furniture, and I'm sorry it happened to you. I hope you are enjoying the area, though, and your new house. That will make all of the difference. I can't imagine how different it feels to San Antonio. In fact, I'm going to have a hard time remembering you aren't in San Antonio anymore! I can't imagine what it feels like for you. Take care, and great job getting back to the workouts. I know I go through really bad stages of eating/sleeping when we move too, and getting back into some kind of workout routine is always key to getting me back settled into daily life.

    Until tomorrow!

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    Hi Ladies :smile:

    Today's workout was no other than STS Total Body :bigsmile: I was anxious to get in a weight workout, so this was perfect! Work was craziness today as it usually is if I've been gone. :ohwell: But, being busy is always a good thing. I cannot believe how good my bottled water tasted today & clean food! I'm feeling a bit bloated today :noway: Most likely a combo of traveling, not the usual foods or normal water intake while on vaca, and TOM starting today :grumble:

    Laurel: Wowsa on your combo of workouts! :smile: Sounds so good & that you are feeling really good about P90X2! That's so great. I would imagine the combo of balance & body control is going to improve your strength as well on a whole new scale :wink: You're welcome on the recommendation! I really love them too.... Like you, the variety packed into both makes the time fly!

    Erika: No worries on your sweet boys....I'm sure they are just having fun & excited right now. No doubt they will be missing you guys soon. :wink: Hope your evening was great with the pups & you were able to get in your workout too!

    Laurie: Happy Belated Anniversary to you both:drinker: That's so great! Good on your hubby for a nice piece of jewelry :smile: Sounds like you chose the perfect combo for your poor feet, hope they are feeling better tomorrow.

    I did find out that in a couple weeks the Insanity workout at he gym will be back!, Different instructor but this is the spinning trainer I like a bunch so hoping it will be good! Two nights a week as well :wink: :bigsmile:

    Talk to you all tomorrow!
  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,834 Member Member Posts: 2,834 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning was 30 Day Shred Level 3, and Ripped in 30 Week 3. Both great workouts, and the only problem I had was with the one legged hops.

    Erika, Dang on the headache. I was surprised by the necklace. I had showed it to him, and of course said that I liked it. Guess he really does listen to me. :laugh: Hope you where able to get in a good workout last night.

    Laurel, So glad to hear that you are getting such great results in balance with just one week under your belt. :wink: Oh Bootcamp, that is one that I have not done in a while and it really sounds like fun. It has been really quiet around the house with DH not being there. My youngest spends most of her time in her room after dinner. :wink:

    Tami, I totally understand the after vacation crazies at work. :laugh: Wonderful news on the Insanity workout coming back to your gym. Guess it was a popular class that they are doing two nights a week. :wink: Another thing that I'm looking forward to is the eating better after this weekend is over with. Eating out every weekend really does get old. :wink:

    Have a wonderful day!
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    Morning Ladies,

    Another rough sleepness night in the house but this time due to scary dreams and then the eldest being sick:huh: I always have a difficult time sleeping in new places but the wierd dreams and waking up because I thought I heard someone is getting scary:blushing: Yesterday the eldest stepped off the bus wheezing and stated immediately how her asthma was really bad so she napped for several hours and then I woke her for a hot shower to help open her passages and then take her meds. Well at 1am she started with uncontrollable shivering and with 3 blankets I could not stop her body shivering and I actually woke my husband up so we could find a hospital and get there immediately. Eventually I wrapped her in a sweater and climbed on top of her with my body while he was trying to locate a hospital in the GPS, soon the shivering subsided and her temperature lowered and she started talking of playing with her Nintendo DS and that I was suffocating her:blushing: :sad: , I must admit that I was afraid and unlike our old home where the hospital was less than 5 minutes away this was an unknown territory. So after all the hoopla she seemed better this morning and then the 6 year old volunteers to stay home to help with her big sister...uhhh No thanks slick!:laugh: After a nice omelet breakfast my energy returned and it was off to see which dvd the player would allow and unfortunately TLC is not one of them so hopefully Jari Love 30min circuit will work..fingers crossed:bigsmile:

    Laurie- Setting up the place means moving into the garage as the inside is Brazilian Cherry wood floors:ohwell:, and constantly monitoring Mr. C's doggie socks is a pain in the butt as it is so setting up the TV/dvd outside is better for now. Barre workouts I can sneak and do in my daughters room as that is carpeted:bigsmile: Happy 24th Anniversary:flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: ...apparently some days they are tuned in more than others:wink:

    Tami- I 'm with you on the clean eating and water increase for the stomach bloat but TOM arriving this week will hopefully remove some of that bloatiness by next week:grumble: Glad to hear that you had an awesome time with your sister:bigsmile:

    Erika- I looked up your JNL fusions and those 30 minutes sound appealing. I went on Ebay to see if anyone was selling any single dvds but nothing yet:laugh: Kids always suprise us and as parents we tend to worry more than they do when they are without us:tongue: I'm sure that when they come home you will hear how much they missed you:bigsmile:

    Laurel- Yes it is strange here. I forgot what living in a smal town feels like and traveling 30 minutes to get to a Target is crazy:grumble: I actually miss San Antonio and our home as this house is smaller and lacks some critical things like a great closet system:tongue: or storage for my pots and pans. The community is friendly with that Southern hospitality that you don't see everyday and hopefully things will get easier in the coming months.

    Have a great day Ladies, thinking of hitting the garage again and tackling those boxes.

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    Hi Ladies!!! :bigsmile: I'm feeling much better today about the boys being gone, as I got a sweet call from them last night. My oldest did the "Hi Mom, Love you, Bye!" which is normal for him, but my youngest said he was so excited to talk to me and missed me a bunch. Made my heart melt! :blushing: They are having fun, but I'm sure will be happy to be home tomorrow night.

    Last night was girl time (ok, I count my 2 girl dogs in that mix!), so I had a vet appt with my oldest pup, then came home to do my workout. I did one of my famous circuit workouts where I did the weight portion, and then when the cardio portion came up I ran upstairs and vacuumed and mopped. So, by the time my hourlong workout was done, I had gotten most of the house cleaned! :bigsmile: Then, it was movie night while I made my fingernails and toenails all pretty. It was a nice, relaxing night!

    Laurie--Great job on the workout. I need to get some short circuit DVD's again...maybe Jillian's Ripped in 30 would do the trick! :bigsmile:

    Tami--Vacations are wonderful, but as much as we try, we almost always end up changing from our normal routine, and suffer when we get back. I am much better at drinking water when I'm on vacation, but foods are not as good as normal. I bet it feels good to get back into the normal routine, even if it means crazy busy at work! Great choice on STS Total Body! :bigsmile:

    Laurel--Great workouts, and I'm glad to hear you're happy with P90X2 and what it's doing for your body.:bigsmile: Those body weight/core strength workouts are always a challenge, just due to not actually using weights (or at least heavy weights), but they are so good for overall strength! Keep at it!

    Michelle--I hope you got a good night of rest and are feeling refreshed today!

    Back at it. Have a good one!

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,093 Member Member Posts: 3,093 Member
    Hi Ladies! Another good workout today. I started wth X2 Total Body, and because I'm beginning to get better balance, I was actually able to increase the weight in some areas. YAY! I followed it with X2 Ab Ripper and Turbo Fire 45. Lots of fun today.

    Laurie, I forgot to answer your question about what's next in P90X2. The next phase focuses on strength. I haven't looked at the workouts yet, but I imagine they may be more tradtional in the P90X way. The third phase is performance, and unlike Phase 3 of P90X, these are all new workouts. I haven't looked at them yet either, but I imagine they will be a blend of strength and balance type moves. At least that is what I'm hoping for! Great job with the workouts!

    Tami, I bet STS Total Body felt good. I love that one. I understand the bloated feeling. I felt like that when we came back from Florida. It is amazing how much better I felt after a few days of being home. I'm so glad your Insanity class is going to start up again. I know you loved that one!

    Erika, how sweet of your little one! No doubt that made you feel better. I love your idea of cardio for your circuit workout. I must admit, I've done my fair share of cleaning during the 2 1/2 minute breaks Cathe takes in her Meso 3 Squat Rack Leg workouts! Maybe I should look at those are circuit workouts! :tongue:

    Michelle, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. That must have made for a long night. I'm glad she feels better today. That is indeed a scary time...wondering where to go in case of an emergency. I hate that about moving into a new community. Sounds like you've got a bit of a transition ahead of you right now. I'm thinking about you!

    See you tomorrow!

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    Hi Ladies ~ :smile:

    No workout this a.m.:grumble: :yawn: :sad: but the good news is (which I’m reminding myself all day) I have Spinning tonight! :happy: Lower Body workout planned for tomorrow a.m. This week was just getting back into the groove. I am going to get my workouts all penciled in for Sept this weekend!

    Laurie: Great job on the workouts this a.m. Sounds like you are doing a combo of Jillian & Skoggs for your rotation right now?!? Enjoying them too it sounds like. :wink: Glad you can relate & I know you just went through this but you were gone much longer! Today feels a little better, I even took a lunch break today. Yes, I didn’t know it was that popular but I am excited to hear about the two nights a week forsure.

    Michelle: What a night you had! :noway: I bet you were scared whitless. I’m so sorry but also glad she is feeling better. The adjustments you are going through right now I’m sure are making for sleepless nights alone, I hope tonight is better :flowerforyou: Poor Mr C. So he has to wear booties in order to be in the house because of the floors? I bet he loves that. Thanks for the thoughts on the “bloating” feeling. Even today I feel WAY better so I’m very glad! :wink:

    Erika: I’m so glad you received the call from your boys! :smile: Awwww, very sweet & just what you needed. That’s so great. Your night sounds fabulous with the girls! Great job getting in some workout time, cleaning and of course prettying up the nails! Yes, when I go anywhere I always try my best to stick to what is normal for me but it’s hard forsure. I think next time I go visit my sis I will ask if I can take advantage of her gym membership at UCLA that she doesn’t use! HELLO. I found this out on the second to last day there. :laugh: :laugh:

    Laurel: P90X2 is sounding more and more awesome! :bigsmile: Would you say it goes on the top of the heap for recommending it or still too early to tell? Glad you are enjoying it and the combo today sounds really fun. Yes, STS felt so great and I am actually feeling a little sore today … after sitting and getting up from my desk I had that moment of :huh: hello hamstrings!

    I’ll chat with you all tomorrow ~
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    Morning Ladies,

    Well I was awake at 3am this morning due to construction noise from the freeway. I usually don't hear them hammering away, but the wind must have been blowing in the right direction. :huh: I decided to get up earlier than normal, so I managed to get in Banish Fat Boost Metabolism and 6W6P Level 1.

    Michelle, What a scary experience you had with your dd. Hope she is doing better each day. LOL about your youngest dd though, of course she would volunteer for the duty. :laugh: WTG on getting in a workout after all that! :wink: I take it Mr. C. doesn't like having doggy socks? I know that mine would be trying to take those off. :laugh:

    Erika, Today is the boys homecoming, bet you are very happy about that! I'm sure that you will receive two big hugs. :laugh: WTG on your girls night, we have been having a whole week of those this week. :laugh: I really like the Ripped in 30 workouts, and it is a great deal. You get four 30 min. workouts. :wink:

    Laurel, I'm glad to hear that Tony still has the three phases, and it will be interesting to see what those workouts are like. :wink: I think that we can all use the balance part, I know that is why I want to make sure I still get in some type of yoga.

    Tami, Sounds like some great workouts you have lined up. :wink: Yes I'm doing the Jillian/Skogg combo, they really work great together. I can get in both workouts within the 60 min. timeframe that I give myself. This morning I added on the 6W6P workout, just because I had the time. :laugh: I'm going to extend this combo into Sept., then I'm thinking of doing a Bob Harper rotation. Just a thought for now though. :laugh: That first two days back are always my busy days, glad that you are seeing some daylight before the end of the week. :bigsmile:

    Have a wonderful day!
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    Hello Ladies!!! :bigsmile:

    Today I get to see my little cuties...I can hardly wait!!! :bigsmile: They called numberous times last night, because they are really missing us. Feels good to be missed! :wink: Today is my oldest DS's b-day, so he's extra excited to get home and open presents and go out to dinner with the family. He's been saving all his b-day money to buy a Nintendo DS...little does he know, we have a card for him with enough money to make up the difference he needs to buy one. He's going to be really excited. This is a device he's been wanting for the the last 3 years!

    No workout for me last night. I took advantage of my last night w/o kids and got my grocery shopping done and went to open house at the boys' school. I'm hoping to get a workout in tonight after the the boys go to bed.

    Laurie--Ugh, 3am working on the highway?!?:grumble: But, I guess you benefited by getting in a couple great workouts! :bigsmile: I have Ripped in 30 on the way via a trade on the VF website...I'm excited! :bigsmile:

    Tami--I'm with you on the missing workout...I feel like such a slacker this week, but I'll make up for it next week. Still adjusting to hockey starting, school schedules, etc. I'm not sure if I'm going back to morning workouts, or if I'm going to stick with evening workouts. I have more energy to really kick butt at night...morning not so much! :ohwell:

    Laurel--YAY on another great P90X2 workout! I'm happy to hear the balance is coming along, so you can increase the weights! I'm a big one on filling rests with some housework...I've done it a few times now and it's the ultimate in multitasking! :bigsmile:

    Michelle--Ugh, you guys just can't seem to get a break since your move! I sure hope that those nightmares go away, and your daughter starts feeling better. Respiratory illnesses are really scary, esp. when you aren't familiar with the closest hospital. I'm happy you were able to get rid of the chills and hopefully get some sleep. I'm sending healing vibes and good sleep vibes your way! :bigsmile:

    Back to with you all tomorrow.

  • StiringWendelStiringWendel Member Posts: 3,093 Member Member Posts: 3,093 Member
    Hi Ladies! I started out today with Cardio Fusion.....the Mix and Max premix, which is my favorite. It felt really good. Then I followed it up with X2 Yoga. :heart: I really like this yoga workout from Tony. I think the more I do it, the more I will like it too, and that's a great feeling.

    Tami, don't worry about the missed workout. You are still getting back on schedule and, as you said, you have spinning to look forward to! :drinker: I don't know if P90X2 is top of the list yet for recommendations, but it might just get there. I'm even getting used to the warm-ups. :smile: I will have to look at the other sections first, though, before making a full recommendation because my only thought right now with this first section is about the lack of weight work. What I like about this program, though, is that Tony doesn't even pretend there is any traditional cardio in it (unlike P90X), so in alot of ways, it reminds me more of STS in that I can do my own cardio without thinking twice. And I kind of like that it is five days a week instead of six so on days like Tuesday, I can take a Tony break. So in some ways, I'm finding it more versatile than I thought it would be, especially since I've been adding in other weight work.

    Erika, I hope your son has a great birthday! How nice that they are so excited to come home, and that you have a special birthday planned for your oldest. What a great way to end this week (one day more, of course!) Don't worry about the lack of workouts. I am sure you've been a little uneasy this week with your boys away, and you'll be back on track in no time.

    Laurie, I'm sorry to hear about the construction noise. We have some train tracks about 2 miles from our home, and when the wind is blowing just right, it is like those trains are coming right through the house :noway: ....all night long. :grumble: But great job at utilizing the time! I think a Bob Harper rotation would be some great fun. I really like his personality because he makes me smile!

    Michelle, I hope things are going well for you. :flowerforyou:

    I won't be around tomorrow. It is Parent's Weekend here at the Air Force Academy, and the season of college football starts Saturday. So there are lots and lots of events to attend over the next couple of days, but it is all good fun. Can't wait for the game on Saturday (Air Force v Idaho State). It is going to be so much fun back in this college setting and attending these games. I'm beginning to feel like a kid again. :laugh: So I hope you all enjoy a terrific Labor Day weekend!

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    Hi Ladies ~ :smile:

    Spinning went well last night! The lady that teaches the BootCamp class & Fri Spin was our instructor, it was good. Not a lot of us there. This a.m. was Plyo Legs (STS #29) which felt great! :bigsmile: I always enjoy those workouts so much. Debating on either Group Strength class tonight or a workout at home after work.

    Laurie: Yikes on the 3AM wakeup :noway: but good I suppose that you had a little extra time for your workout. You’re probably feeling pretty tired about now. Great job on the workout combo, that sounds like a great one. If the two are working well together (JM & Skogg) and you are enjoying them, that’s perfect! A Bob Harper rotation will be a good one to look forward to as well. :heart: Bob.

    Erika: Awwwwwwww, I’m so glad you have been missed and his Birthday surprise sounds so perfect! He is going to be elated! Sounds like you had a good evening to yourself, that’s great and I’m sure it was nice to not be rushing through the grocery store. Hope you get in your workout tonight if that works out! I’m sure with the boys getting back into school & sports it will be finding the workout time that you can squeeze in. Hopefully the evenings can work for you. :wink:

    Laurel: Very fun workout combo today! I bet it felt amazing. Thanks so much for your encouragement on the “miss” yesterday, I always appreciate your kind words on that. Felt great to get in spinning and Plyo this a.m. STS always feels so “at home” for me. Looking forward to hearing more of your reviews as you go through the program. Have an absolute blast this weekend …. Go Idaho State … joking! :drinker: Have a great weekend.

    I’ll check in with you all tomorrow – woohoo! Already Friday and a 3 day weekend coming.:bigsmile:

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    Morning Ladies,

    As much as I would love to jump back in with daily workouts realistically it is sooo not happening. I think that mentally I'm just drained and if I can get in at least 3-45mins sessions then I will accept that until I have a place and necessary equipment available:sad: Jari Love Get Ripped 1000 circuit was a nice 45min routine but my motions were definitely limited in my DD bedroom for those combo moves:blushing: Today I opted for a Bar routine as it does not require too much space and the rest of the day will be in the garage as I plan to create a new path so that my truck can come back inside:bigsmile: My husband is in Montgomery with his dad going through the pre-op procedures for the heart transplant and will not return until late Saturday. Hurricane Isaac seems to be officially gone and the rain and Tornado watch has lifted for our city, which means the school was back on a regular schedule this morning.

    Erika- Yeah on the Nintendo:bigsmile: , it is such a great device and of course the 3DS XL is in the store and even my eldest daughter is talking of selling her DS lite to purchase the bigger screen. She just earned the new one for her bday this January after dropping hers twice on concrete.:noway: It sound slike a will be a great weekend and of course a tip to Gamestop is a bonus for used games at discount prices:wink:

    Laurie- We actually started with our youngest daughter's socks first as he is a sock smeller and he actually ignores them and the scrunchies I use to hold them up:laugh: We are waiting for some new ones to arrive with the rubber soles so hopefully those work even better:bigsmile:

    Tami- Yes Mr. C has to wear socks to prevent damaging the Brazilian floors, apparently the prior renter/owner had a pet whcih scratched them up pretty good and she was against renting to pet owners initially. Her husband had to leave immediately which meant an empty house with a mortgage and their own rental, so we negotiated and signed the lease on this house. My husband and I took lots of pictures of the prior damage to protect ourselves and after watching him in motion I honestly can only see that happening if he was running or just scratching the floors.

    Laurel- Yeah to feeling like a big kid again and cheering at a football game:bigsmile: Go Air Force!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    Have a great three day weekend ladies!

  • lvnascarlvnascar Member Posts: 2,834 Member Member Posts: 2,834 Member
    Morning Ladies,

    This morning I really wanted to do a kickboxing workout so I did 10lb Slimdown Xtreme Cardio Kickboxing! :drinker: :heart: That workout. :happy: I followed that up with Skogg Ladders Level 2. Kickboxing is another thing that works really well with the kettlebells. May have to think up a rotation with doing those together some day. :laugh:

    Erika, Happy Birthday to your DS! I bet he will want to get that new gadget right away. :laugh: My girls saved up their money for a DS also, it makes them appreciate and take care of those type of things a lot more when it is bought with their $. :wink: Hope that the boys return was full of many hugs, and lots of stories of what they did while they where gone. :smile: One thing I like about Ripped in 30 is Jillian does the weight work at a slower pace, so on some of the exercises you can go heavier than the usual 5 lbs.

    Laurel, Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, it sure sounds like it will be very busy with all the incoming parents. :wink: I purchased the kettlebell workouts of Bob's, so I think that I have everything of Bob's. I have not done them all so that is why I decided that I need to try a rotation using all of his workouts. Something to look forward to for the month of October. :wink: Wish that BB would sell those individual workouts, sure would love another yoga workout with Tony as the instructor.

    Tami, Glad to hear that your spin class went well, that instructor sounds like a she is a busy one. I'm surprised at how much I am liking the kettlebells, it seems to be working for my upper body. I think that I need to get a heavier bell though, because the 15lb is getting light. :wink: Like I said above I think having a month with Bob will really be good also. I'm thinking that he will up the intensity from Jillian, but should be a ton of fun. I found a rotation that Bob put up on his facebook page, and it looks doable. :wink: He incorporated all of his workouts into the four weeks.

    Michelle, Glad to hear that the storm has gotten out of the way for you. Hope your DH's Dad goes through the surgery well. Very interesting way to get those socks to stay up, and it is wonderful that Mr. C. doesn't try to take them off. I like when people are so creative. :wink:

    Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!
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    Hi Ladies!!! TGIF!! :bigsmile:

    Last night's homecoming of the boys was so awesome. I got tackled with hugs and kisses and I love you's! They missed us so much (I like to think they missed me more given the fight over who got to sit next to Mom at dinner :wink: ) and I think it made them respect us a bit more. I have never heard so many good manners, I love you's and just general sweetness out of those 2 boys!!! Cade ended up making a haul on b-day money...he had enough to buy his DS, games and accessories. He was thrilled. I had to explain to him that now that he's old enough to save his money, he has to pay for all related items, which included the car charger. He was certain we'd pay for it, but I told him that was his responsibility! :happy: The best part about the whole b-day, is that Cade was up bright and early this morning to complete his b-day thank you cards, which made me smile.

    I was able to get in a quick workout after dinner last night, which was nice. Sticking to the 30 minute workouts makes it easier to get one in here and there.

    Laurie--Great workout for your Friday morning! :bigsmile: Did I ever ask you what you think of that set as a whole? I'm really trying to get more into circuit workouts, as I think I can get more bang into those that doing separate cardio/weights, but I'm struggling with the best systems for that. I think I remember you saying you liked the set a lot.

    Laurel--Nice mix on the workouts! So, do you like X2 yoga better than X yoga??

    Michelle--You are doing the right thing with your workouts...when you have the time/space/equipment to do them, do them. But, if your body is tired, or the time just isn't there, sometimes you just have to roll with that. Keep in mind, I'm sure you are working your tail off unpacking, moving things, cleaning, running the kids everywhere, etc. There is something to be said for all that daily running we do! :wink: We ended up at Game Stop for the the DS and the games last night. We go there a lot for selling systems/games, as we've shuffled around stuff at our house. We used to have a Wii, that never got played, so we traded that in for a PS3, which is what my hubby and boys like to play if they do any gaming. We still have a PS2 that I bought for hubby when we first got married, that I hope kicks the bucket soon, so I can clear all that out! :wink:

    Tami--That's fun that the Bootcamp lady taught Spin Weds. night. That is nice to see familiar faces in class! :bigsmile: I hope you had a great workout last night either at class or home!

    Have a wonderful weekend! We have hockey tonight, but the rest of the weekend is play time. I'm planning on getting in some good workouts, and some gardening (I have some plants to move around) and lots of snuggles with the boys! :happy:

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    Happy Labor Day Ladies ~

    Sorry I missed you all Friday, workouts for me were Circuit Blast & went to Spinning after work. Its been nice having a 3-day weekend. I had a wedding on Sat. That was very nice & the remainder of the weekend has been time at home, took the dogs swimming & a couple good workouts too. :wink: Sat was Cathe's High Reps, ended up using yesterday as a rest day & today was Cardio Core Circuit followed by 300 walking lunges... It's part of the rotation I chose for the next few weeks. She adds in some lunges & "butt blasters" after some of the workouts! I think it will be good. Includes some KB workouts, 4DS, STS Plyo & STS Total Body, DrillMax, Lower Body Blast, Butts &Guts. :bigsmile: So a lot of my fav's along with a good rotation. Planning on a nice walk with the kids later this evening too.
    Michelle:  With all that you have going on right now I think it is definitely ok to give yourself some time.  I hope your father-in-law’s surgery goes well and great news about the storm passing by for you.  I agree with Laurie, that’s awesome Mr C doesn’t try to chew the socks off!  My Golden Retriever walks on our hard floors so gentle that we don’t have to worry but the Lab has to stay on his bed when he is in or he does the “Barnie Rubble” we call it and I can see where deep scratches would occur.  Hang in there lady, things will be back to “normal” soon.  Thinking about you.:flowerforyou:

    Laurie: Great workout!!! I know how much you love that one, and sounds like you had lots of fun with it as well! It’s nice to hear you are enjoying the KB’s so much, definitely a different way to work the body.  I remember doing Bob’s KB workout and I like it.  Just been a while since I’ve done that one.

    Erika:  That’s so fun hearing about your cute boys and their excitement to see mom!  Glad the Birthday was a success as well, and how darling is that about the thank you cards the next morning! Hope you had a fabulous weekend with your boys, gardening & everything else that fell into place for you.:smile:

    Talk to you all tomorrow :bigsmile: Tami

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    Hi Ladies! I hope you all had a good weekend. Everything here was really good. We had alot of fun at the game on Saturday (sorry, Tami, but Idaho State didn't win....YAY Air Force!!!) The weather was so nice that DH and I golfed both Sunday and yesterday which felt great because we know the season is going to come to a quick end here in about a month. And, of course, I got my workouts in. :smile: Sunday was X2 Core and Drill Max cardio/legs premix. Yesterday was X2 Plyocide and CTX Upper Body. Today is my 'rest and recovery' day from X2, so I did Butts and Guts followed by Rhythmic Step. Not much of a recovery day, but it all felt good! I actually put in the X2 Recovery and Mobility DVD after my other workouts to see if I could gel with it and got through more than half of it this time. I might have continued....but I ran out of time. :blushing:

    Tami, sounds like you had a great weekend of workouts. The rotation you are doing sounds great. I hadn't done Butts and Guts in a long time, and I think I might feel it tomorrow! So enjoy when you get to it. :tongue:

    Erika, so glad the boys were happy to see you and the birthday went well. Sounds like so much fun. It is a real toss up for me between YogaX and X2 Yoga. I like the latter because it is shorter, flows better, and Tony doesn't hold all of the moves as long as he does in YogaX. I YogaX the former because it is more thorough, contains balance moves, and has better stretching. So.....they are both terrific!

    Laurie, great job on the workouts. Your summer weekends are over now, aren't they? That seemed to fly by this summer for some odd reason. I wish BB would sell individual workouts as well. I still think that company is such a racket. But they do put out some good workouts, so I don't complain too much. I'm growing increasingly impressed with these X2 workouts. I could really feel a difference in my core strength today when doing Butts and Guts. I love that feeling.

    Michelle, I think a few 45 minutes sessions a week is just perfect for right now. Don't be too hard on yourself because moving is painful and stressful....PLUS you've got other stressful things going on in your life. So do what feels good to you and forget the rest. That's the best thing to do right now. I hope all is well with your FIL. :flowerforyou:

    See you tomorrow!

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    Hi Ladies,

    The long weekend was good for relaxing with the girls and late Saturday hubby returned home although by then the neighborhood had showed up to play with the girls and they were at the pool:bigsmile: At one point the bell rung and these really big kids were there to play with your daughter, now based on them being bigger, taller and more developed than me I assumed they meant Jordan my eldest:blushing: TG my lil one ran up to the store and started rattling off hellos to all of these kids who were here for her:huh: . So then Jordan keeps saying , "Mom those kids are big and I'm stumped because soon she peeking through the shutters watching them in the backyard and I'm trying to convince her to introduce herself to these 6th graders to no avail:ohwell: It seems that the 7 yr old is the socialite and my eldest is shy and told us the kids tend to gossip and her interests(Books, animals, games) are not the same..:brokenheart: I'm thinking I need to add more Mommy and me dates on the calendar with her until she finds a few friends with similar interests.

    It started storming here majorly yesterday but we did get the volleyball net up and a game in and then it was hangingon the swingset with the youngest...good quad workout:laugh: This afternoon was a mismosh of Wii Zumba which left me drenched, then 10min Kb followed with Core Fusion Legs:noway: My hair was wet after Zumba but then those Leg Barre exercises wiped me out completely:bigsmile:

    Erika- What an amazing weekend:love: I love when the kids argue to sit with mom, it definitely makes you feels appreciated:laugh:

    Tami- Yes, TG Mr. C is not an inside runner unless provoked or spooked and unfortunately his spoiled butt loves to relax on the carpeted areas only:bigsmile: . I purchased an 8x10 rug and several matching runners for high traffic areas and our wool rugs from the formal LR and DR works great in the DR here and at the front entrance. I did clip and file his nails on friday and will definitely stay on the ball with his nail trimming plus I found a new groomer that is really close.

    Laurie- Funny I was on collage looking at dvds:blushing: and thinking that a KettleBell rotation with Barre and a few Hiit sessions may be a great rotation now but kickboxing is even a better idea as running is not my fave:laugh:

    Laurel- Sounds like a great weekend and yeah Air Force for you guys:laugh: I'm definitely going to stop pressuring myself to do it all here.

    Ladies, thanks for the well wishes for my FIL. Fall is approaching and it is my favorite season, not to forget those wonderful pumpkin dishes and cinnamon/nutmeg scents that creates that comfy feeling:blushing: Ok so looking at this Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte pop-up is causing this craziness to flow from me:laugh:

    Have a great day my friends:flowerforyou:

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    Hi Ladies ~ :smile:
    This a.m. was Lower Body Blast …. Planning on trying a Step class at the PEAK Fitness near my house after work for a little cardio. My friend who I meet at spinning, etc. said it is a good one and she will be there so thought I would give it a try. :smile:

    Laurel: I’m glad you had fun at the game ….. I was teasing you about ISU … just because I live in Idaho. :wink: :laugh: Glad it turned out for Air Force. That’s awesome that you had such nice weather, we did too. We are supposed to have sunny skies and low 80’s all week. The golf sounds like it was lots of fun and of course WAY to GO on the workouts! I had to chuckle about your “Rest & Recovery” day! :laugh: :huh: It’s funny you mention B&G because as I was writing it down on my calendar I thought, I bet I’ll be feeling that the next day. It has a combo of something else with it in the same day, definitely a burner! Which is always good though.

    Michelle: Sounds like you had a nice weekend of relaxation …. Which I’m sure you cherish when you have that time! :bigsmile: Very nice that the neighborhood kids are making friends and I’m sure your eldest will find just the right friends in due time that share her interests. That’s so hard sometimes. Nice job on the family activities and workouts you did, I bet it felt good! I’m glad to hear things are going smoothly with Mr C and nice that there is a good groomer close to your home. Yum on the Pumpkin Spice Latte ….. Fall is in the air forsure isn’t it?!

    Hi Erika & Laurie ~ Hope you both had nice weekends!

    Talk to you all tomorrow,

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