Find Your Name Twin! (First Name Only)



  • this_is_my_year
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    <---- Rachel

    Im Rachel too!
  • The_New_Christina
    The_New_Christina Posts: 821 Member
    Christine. I used to get called ChristinA a lot and it drove me nuts! I had a teacher in high school that would call me Christina and when he was taking attendance I would never answer him because my name is not Christina!!

    What's wrong with Christina?? LOL :drinker:
  • maggiemay365
    maggiemay365 Posts: 181 Member
    Margaret Mary

    ..aka (MaggieMay)
    ..yep my folks wanted a nun for a daughter..ohh well :)
  • <
    Melissa :glasses:

    Me too!!! :flowerforyou:
  • Im_NotPerfect
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    My name's Erin .. there'll be loads on here. But it is an uncommon name in England. And I like it that way ;)

    Hi Twin!! Got another Erin here! :) I always get asked if I'm Irish, but'm German and Polish mostly! I did the same thing to my daughter...Colleen! :) Plus she's got quite a bit of red in her hair from my Mom's Scottish heritage! LOL
  • MimiCro
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    My name is Marita, after this German olympian winner, back in the 80s..

    My dad had a huge crush on her..and then I came, and there was no discussion about what they are going to name me like.
  • skinnybearlyndsay
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    My name is Ruby, it was my mothers name and I have a granddaughter with the same name.

    I love it when "older" names make a come-back. :) I feel like too many people want their kid's name to be unique nowadays. One of my friends named her new daughter Hadley. :noway:
  • daughterofthesea
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    JESS! Short for Jessica, meaning "God beholds" (I've always asked what God is meant to be beholding XD) any name twins? Friend me if you're a Jess/Jessica!
  • mandorla
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    Amanda. Shouldn't be too hard to find a name twin given how common my name seems to be. That's the reason I hate it afterall!

    I'm an Amanda. In high school there were four of us with lockers in the same area and two of them were very popular. For a very long time I quit responding to my name.
  • maggiemay365
    maggiemay365 Posts: 181 Member
    Ohhhh this should be fun- b/c NOBODY has my name..i've only met one other in my life. My first name is Bryn (pronounced bren)

    My home town is Bryn Mawr (means High Hill in Welsh)
  • Miss_dannii
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    My name is Dani which is short for Danika

    Yeah I'm not gonna have a twin.. lol
  • My name is Joana :)
  • Im_NotPerfect
    Im_NotPerfect Posts: 2,204 Member
    My name's Erin .. there'll be loads on here. But it is an uncommon name in England. And I like it that way ;)

    I love our name! :)

    Triplets!!! Woot!

    Wow...apparently Quadruplets! :flowerforyou:
  • samra2012
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    :laugh: gabyyyyy... where are u??? Gabriela? Gabriel?? hahahaha:laugh:
  • Letty_c
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    Collett...... ive never met another one I have heard of two others but they spell it Colette I prefer mine :) and one of them had the same last name as me.... till i got married I do know a bunch of nicholettes which I was constantly called
  • cdub78
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    Loving all of these unique names!!

    I used to know a girl named Dani, it was short for Daniella.
  • IrishSin
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    My name is Cynthia, not to common in the area that I live. It means moon goddess its also Hercules mother in Greek Mythology. I was named after my Grandmother.
  • Cinnamon0603
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    My name is Cinnamon, and yes it's my real name. I'll bet my right arm that I don't have a twin!!!! :)

    Sorry guys, my parents were not :)

    My name came from the original Mission Impossible TV show. The actresses name was Barbara Bane, but her character’s name on the show was Cinnamon and that's where my mom got my name.

    True story about my name……………in third grade cinnamon was one of my spelling words. I was like, hot damn there’s no way I will get that one wrong. On my spelling test my teacher marked it WRONG because, I capitalized it. HA! I thought that was so completely :explode: :sad:

    I work in a school district and there is a girl at one of the schools and her name is Cinnamon and her sister's name is Peppermint (no joke!!!).

    That's just not

    I have a brother and his name is Coriander ........................

    Just kidding, it's actually Ben. Go figure. :laugh:
  • embersfallen
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    <---- common name, uncommon spelling :) .... Aimee ..not AH-May ... there is no accent! LOL I had a professor in college ( music school) insist me to me i said my name wrong?! :noway: lol.

    Used to hate the spelling because I could never find it on things..... like it much better now though :)
  • allisonmrn
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    Allison...and my very fav people call me Allie.....
    Any other Allie's out there???