Find Your Name Twin! (First Name Only)



  • My name is Lauren.
  • Chelsrf
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    Probably won't see another one on here.
  • SFbarmaid
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    Karlee. Where are you?? :)
  • silver_arrow3
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    7 pages, at least one Rachel, but no Rachaels. There were a few of us with the same spelling in my graduating class, but I haven't really seen it otherwise.
  • Cinnamon0603
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    My name is Cinnamon, and yes it's my real name. I'll bet my right arm that I don't have a twin!!!! :)

    Sorry guys, my parents were not :)

    My name came from the original Mission Impossible TV show. The actresses name was Barbara Bane, but her character’s name on the show was Cinnamon and that's where my mom got my name.

    True story about my name……………in third grade cinnamon was one of my spelling words. I was like, hot damn there’s no way I will get that one wrong. On my spelling test my teacher marked it WRONG because, I capitalized it. HA! I thought that was so completely :explode: :sad:

    love it!!!!! and your little story too!!! hahaha

    Thanks!!! :happy:
  • _EmmaStrong_
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    <--- Emmalee.

    Really surprised there aren't any Emily's or Emma's!

    <~~~~Emma - right here!!
  • foxfirekenzie
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    I'm Kenzie.

    Yes, Kenzie. Not Kelsy or McKenzie or Kimberly, all of which I get called. People rarely spell my name right and I NEVER had personalized pencils and such as a kid. Soooooo I started my own screen printing business so I can print my name on whatever I please! Any of you with odd names need something printed? :bigsmile:

    I just leaned that Kenzie means The Fair One. Hmmm...I would have liked it to mean something a bit cooler.
  • Strobins05
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    My name is Stephenie which is very common especially for my age but it's spelled with an 'e' instead of an 'a' because I am named after my late Uncle Stephen. :)

    Wow, my name is Stephanie and I was named by my brother, Stephen. Hi there name twin:flowerforyou:
  • Both my names are popular my real birth name and the name i go by

    Emma & Emmie

    I love both of these.
  • LBxLB
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    Chantel don't really know how my mom choose it but I always get compliments on it =)
  • PShep17
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    No Paula's so far....quite surprised.

    Named after my dad (Paul). Means small....I will forever blame my parents for this name stunting my growth at 5'1.
  • hockeyfan87
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    Noelle with an extra l and e haha. A lot of people spell it Noel
  • Strobins05
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    I bet I have a thousand name twins...STEPHANIE... Oh and middle name MICHELLE... lol yup, doesn't get more common that that!!!!!

    From one Steph to another, Hi!:flowerforyou:
  • jcjsjones
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    My name is Krystal, but my friends call me Krys :)

    Haha! Me too!! Only both of mine are with a C instead of a K. Besides that, both spelled the same! :)
  • krissyliz78
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    Kristen...Ten not tin. Not very creative with screen names lol


    Im also a ten!!!
  • My name is Erica too! I was named after Erica Kane from All My Children (obviously my mom's favorite daytime soap :)
  • Andreake08
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    I want a twin!!! My name is Andrea... :)
  • Letty_c
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    <---- common name, uncommon spelling :) .... Aimee ..not AH-May ... there is no accent! LOL I had a professor in college ( music school) insist me to me i said my name wrong?! :noway: lol.

    Used to hate the spelling because I could never find it on things..... like it much better now though :)

    My friends name is spelt like that and i always thought it was weird but eventually it grew on me :)
  • gspea
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    Geri - not Jeri, Jerrie, Jerry, Gerry and definetely not GER... And for some reason - some people don't understand it is pronounced 'Jerry' they call me Gary. Just Geri. Story is my grandparents wanted me named after each of them or other family members - quite the hassle I guess. So my parents named me after a friend with my mother's middle name - Geri Sue...
  • hypotrochoid
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    Gwynne, pronounced Gwin. Yay for Welsh names! I've run into a few Gwens, but never another Gwynne. My husband mispronounced my name for the first three years we were together. :S