Any other nerds/geeks dieting?



  • tlacox1
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    Did the site really just block out part of the author's name?
  • Bentley2718
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    It sounds like you're looking for fan-boy nerds, and not technical/science/math nerds, but I'm a statistician by occupation. In my spare time I've been known to write new procedures for my favorite statistical package.
  • mfpcopine
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    Well, I teach English and my favorite authors are Charles ****ens and Jane Austen. My biggest pet peeve is hearing someone say "My Bad". My is a possessive pronoun and you can't own bad!

    Apart from my fascination with "Doctor Who" and "The Big Bang Theory," I'm in your line of nerd. It's pathetic that the last name of one of the greatest writers of the English language is censored by myfitnesspal.

    I con't care about expressions like "My Bad." Of much greater frustration to me are people who can't distinguish "lose" and "loose," and who use "impact" as a verb.

    Time Warner Cable recently came out with a slogan that drives me crazy: "Enjoy Better." It's idiotic.
  • reneetherare
    My reward for getting in shape will be a TARDIS tattoo
  • peanutUK
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    Yup... video games, sci-fi woohoo!
  • Capt_Apollo
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    uh... yeah!
  • banshishi
    My reward for getting in shape will be a TARDIS tattoo halfway reward is to get a Judge Dredd sleeve...first sitting is this Thursday!
  • eightpock
    I am a major nerd, and was wondering if anyone else was the same and also trying to lose weight :)

    Indeed! =)
  • PhotogNerd
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    Biggest nerd in the Verse!
  • bruceinthepit88
    Not a nerd but more of a geek here. A movie/world cinema geek :D
  • Kona2014
    I've got 3 science degrees, does that count?
  • Beleg
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    I always considered myself a Jock growing up. Played all the sports and played them rather well. But in my late 20's I embraced the world of technology and now all my friends call me the sports nerd. I always have the latest and greatest tech gadget and I use them to track all kinds of sports stats for my boys youth teams. Also when there is computer problems among my family and friends I am the one that gets called. So if all this classifies me as a nerd then I am happy to join the club. :D
  • chanixxx
    Raging nerd...hmmm...I don't know, It takes me time to figure out any computer realated anything, but I'm really smart with almost everything else, can fix just about anything so far, and I'm in love with an anime character.. Does that count? :laugh:
  • Wecandothis
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    I write about video games and tech for a living, so I probably qualify.

    Well if your name has 'OSX' in it, you can be a Nerd, but not a Geek.
  • GeekMom17
    This thread is making me so happy. I see a lot of WoW gamers. Any DDO gamers? When I'm not being mommy and exercising I dabble on there. I'd love more friends that play...
  • NoWeighJose74
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    *ears perk up*

    I want some more nerdy friends!

    I'm an on again off again WoW gamer (currently on - awaiting MoP release).

    Pick me pick me! :smile:
  • LennyInFlorida
    Super Nerd Here!
  • moonpieto
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    Nope I am definately not a nerd. :huh:
  • lasombrs
    oh yeah..... that would definitely include me :)

    If you are up for a game of Magic, D&D, need a tank in an mmorpg, or a battle dressed warrior chick at a ren faire I'm your gal :)
  • monicalosesweight
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    I do, however, have a special love for science fiction, ever since I discovered at 11 years old that my school library had, weirdly, hundreds of science fiction novels and not a lot else.

    I would have loved to have had your librarian growing up. I have a special place in my heart for all that is science fiction. :)