can of diet soda and cake mix? anyone?



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    has anyone tried it with diet sodas that are made with stevia?
  • cupcakes are bad...stop before its too late!!!!

    they are bad... but I am a great fiance and make sure I bake and cook for my hard working man... and HE LOVES CUPCAKES... so I know if I make them eventually I may eat one or two... and I figure I would try it out this way and not tell him and see what he says ... :wink:
    So what you are saying is you enable him by giving him fattening food rather than healthy? Do I have that correct?
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    Tastes great. I haven't tried the yellow cake but have done it with chocolate cake. Also works good with red velvet cake. You want to use liquid egg whites as well (or 2 egg whites seperated)
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    Oh Bumperoo
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    just wanted to mention I didn't use any egg, just the cake mix and the diet pepsi. Blended with electric handmixer. i baked it in a small lasagna pan, it's very moist. i cut it into 10 and divided into individual baggies. I did use pam spray in the bottom.
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    I did this today. Used chocolate fudge cake mix with coke zero. Also used mini cupcake wrappers so I got 36 from the recipe and calculated 62 cals each. I don't need a frosting as I keep these little babies in my freezer for a tiny treat after dinner.

    I find they are much better after chilling/freezing overnight. Will try egg whites next time but I found them to be very fluffy and moist.

    I prefer to eat clean too, but when a girl has PMS and wants some chocolate.....
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    Works with any type of diet soda that I've tried. Yellow cake mix and diet cream soda is delicious as well as chocolate cake mix with sunkist! I use sugar free cake mix and since they're already sweet I omit any icing which brings the 'mini' cupcakes to around 30 cals a piece. I usually only make half of a box at a time (makes 24 mini cupcakes) which means 6oz of diet soda instead of 12.

  • i tried it with Yellow Cake & Diet Lemon Lime Pop over the week-end it was awesome. Very light. Thanks to whoever posted it. :smile:
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    It works but I use club soda instead because I don't want the crap chemicals from diet pop
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    Sorry to disappoint you, but sugar turns into fat. Not good for you, if you're trying to lose weight... Unfortunately we all have to give ip the sweet things :/ but totally worth it in the end!

    Not true. I love sweets and love baking. I've lost 50lbs and didn't stop enjoying treats..
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    I prefer the cake mix and can of Pumpkin recepie. It has lots of fiber and it is about 150 calories per muffin when you make 16.

    Love these!
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    I do it every time and it is wonderful. Last night I actually used it for gluten free cake mix and it was great.
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    I haven't done diet soda with cake mix, but I have used Egg Beaters and unsweetened applesauce in lieu of eggs and oil and it was very moist and delicious.
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    First off, thanks for posting about this. I would love to have an alternative way of making a cake for when I decide to have it, and I am sure that the time will come. Contrary to some of the posts about the horrors of having cake, I think we can each make our own decisions on when to splurge and on what. Being on MFP is a way of teaching us how to manage what we eat and keeping within limits and keeping it reasonable.

    I will keep this idea on my bulletin board for the upcoming holidays.
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    My sister n law a teacher in Alabama learned from her school lunch lady!! She uses the orange cake mix with diet orange soda and the icing is sugar free jello mix in lite cool whip....awesome we love it!!
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    I recently discovered the diet soda and cake mix. I personally mixed a can of diet orange soda from Publix (made with Splenda) and a box of yellow cake. I personally thought it was more moist and dense than regular cake and would choose it over a traditionally baked cake any day.

    Also, this weekend I tried a different recipe: a can of pumpkin puree and a box of spice cake. Made muffins instead of a cake and sprinkled a tiny bit of cinnamon sugar on top of each muffin and they were amazing. Made 12 muffins at 170 calories a piece. My husband wants me to go get ingredients to make more ASAP.
  • Saving this for when I have more time to read recipies.