please post your ~before and after~



  • AshleyLo_44
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    Started June and was 240


    At the 1/4 mark and I'm down to 214
    * I'm wearing Stage make-up I had to age myself for the role I was playing

    Hope to see it get under 200 by the new year.
    Everyone of you guys are going a great job. Keep it up!!!!!
  • AshleyLo_44
    AshleyLo_44 Posts: 206 Member


    Took 1 year and 10 months

    I'm hoping to have this transformation as well :)
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  • Here you go!

  • sakke777
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    Absolutely amazing transformation, you look fantastic and ten years younger. Interesting belly fat burner info, thanks for sharing!:smile::smile: :smile:
  • KodAkuraMacKyen
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    Everyone looks amazing. Congrats on your success!
  • ed30lbsless
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    You look great. You should be extremely proud of yourself. I lost 30 pounds and I feel like a new person. Keep it going.
  • mamabearcushing
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    Everyone looks great!
  • themommie
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    taken about a yr before starting MFP

    Taken a couple months ago after losing 105 lbs

    now trying to tone up but would like to lose another 10-15 lbs
  • Janet9906
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    I don't have many "before" pics. I'm down 56 pounds. 47 since I started here and 9 on my own.



  • Awesome job everyone! I hope to look half as great as you all do once I lose my weight! haha
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    You look great!!! I was just this morning looking for pictures results of women who had a c-section and completed insanity. I plan to start insanity soon. Great inspiration!!!

    That's exactly what I did the entire time I was amping myself up to work out. I Googled hours upon hours for REAL before and afters of CSection mommies. I was scheduled for a TT until my husband and I talked it over. We decided that if I bust booty for a year and still haven't got the results I want then I can get the TT no problem. I started seeing a huge difference and Googled more and more. I found out that muscle burns fat and that if you lift it tightens everything back up into place so hopefully this ChaLean is going to do its job!!
    Chalean is awesome and if that doesn't work for you, windsor pilates or 30day shred works wonders for me.
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  • Lol gosh you are hot ????
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    thanks!.. first pic is at like 165lbs age 13. I'm now 27 with two kids and 130lbs.
  • GenesisandEden
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    wow to all of you =)
  • You all look awesome. :) This is so motivating! I'm so proud of you! <3

    As for me... I don't have "after" photos yet, so you'll have to settle for during-photos. :P
    The black splodge is there to cover up scars and a random tattoo that I don't care to show off.

    From the 5th of August 2012:
    Weight: 97 kg / 213.8 lbs.

    From the 26th of August 2012:
    Weight: 95.5 kg / 210.5 lbs

    From the 16th of September 2012:
    Weight: 94 kg / 207.2 lbs

    From today (29th of September):
    Weight: 92.7 kg / 204.3 lbs
  • inufan4evar
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    This is me in highschool..... 220 pounds...


    This is me last saturday..... 139 pounds....

    Holy wow, you look incredible, and you are such a gorgeous gal :D
  • 285 to 149


    Same pants:
  • Jaime0604
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    285 to 149


    Same pants:

    This is honestly the best before and after I have ever seen. The pictures are pure, you can clearly see the results and hard work. Best of all, you are celebrating your new life with your son. VERY inspiring. Thank you for sharing, and I LOVE the last photo! Amazing job, you are and have always been beautiful!!!! <3