When is a relationship beyond fixing



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    My parents went through times that they fought like cats and dogs--tigers and wolves. They stuck it out and have 62 years together. They know each other very well and have settled bliss.

    There are people who go from one relationship to the next searching for happiness or trying to be happy. They have not built a relationship to last. It takes time, effort and sacrifice. Rome wasn't built in a day.

    My advice: If you want a relationship, pick someone. Make the commitment. Just do it. If you want to be alone, be alone. Make the commitment to yourself or God. Just do it.

    Quit messing around.
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    When sex becomes a once a year experience.... hint hint guy from that other thread...your relationship is dead....
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    I do still have love for him, a lot of it and I miss the days when I confided in him and went to him for comfort.

    So why did you stop? Confide in him about this, and ask for some comfort. You might be surprised to find that a simple lack of communication has allowed some minor issues to fester to the point where you aren't talking TO each other any more, but AT each other. Just start talking, and if you still love each other the real issues will bubble up pretty quickly, and you can address them.

    Make it clear that you are in a crisis about your relationship and what you feel is lacking. Be honest about your own contributions to the problems and sincere about your feelings.

    If he steps up to the plate and agrees to work at it, there's still something there that the two of you can work with. If not, well, you've at least cut right to the chase and given it an honest go, and if you decide to leave it'll be clear to both of you why it happened.
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    Well now that I've stalked you, I see you have two children. As a woman who successfully raised two children alone, I say it can be done. I have never advocated to stay in an unhappy relationship for the sake of the children. If you love your man and want to fix it, fix it. Nothing is unrepairable if BOTH of you want it. If you want out, get out. Don't feel sorry for the kids, don't feel sorry because you may hurt him. Staying in an unhappy, unhealthy relationship is not good for anyone.
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    Unless flat out deal breakers (cheating, lying, etc) have been met... have you suggested counseling?

    I just had my 27th wedding anniversary with the man I have known for 29 years... Our divorce will be final May 1! Deal Breakers were hit more than once... :cry:

    Good luck!
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    When you work 70 hours a week yet you still feel like a single mother and an ATM to somebody..
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    You're together four years and the last two months have been rocky.

    Figure out what the problem is. If it's something that is solvable, solve it. Only you know if you can live with this or not.

    If you really can't even have a conversation anymore, get into a therapist's office. He or she will make you talk rationally and keep you on task. The last four years of your life deserve at least that.
    Agreed. Also like the post about talking it out with him and deciding jointly what to do.
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    I will tell you the same thing my sister told me. Eventually there will come a time in your life when you will look at your partner and basically just go " ick". Whether it is the same routine day in and day out, the toothpaste that is always in the sink, the smell of your partner, it just annoys the living day lights out of you. And it may be several times in your life.

    I laughed then but not now. Relationships are work. Whether you are married or dating, to stay with someone is a committment. And all commmittment requires communication. Sometimes the subject of the communication can be difficult, but it has to be done.

    At least with communication, you then know if what is there is worth it or if the "ick" is just not worth it.

    I couldn't have said it better.
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    If you are already gathering together the things to dispose of the body, then the relationship is beyond fixing.
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    We live in this culture where the longevity of a relationship is celebrated; where sometimes that becomes more important than the satisfaction in a relationship. People are always quick to say, "You've been together SO long, don't give up!" Meh. If you're unhappy, go be happy. There doesn't have to be some rock solid reason to break up with anyone (i.e cheating, fighting so many days a week, etc.). You can fall in love with someone who is a wonderful person - but maybe they aren't right for you for a lifetime.

    If you're not happy, go be happy! You don't need anymore justification than that.

    ^^^ THIS. When I called it quits after 18 months, no one could seem to understand that "because I was unhappy" was a valid reason, because somehow, sticking it out for so long meant it MUST be good. (I should have called it quits 6+ months sooner than that, honestly, but I didn't want to be the 'bad guy' right as holidays and birthdays rolled around.)

    In sum, if you're not happy, take a good hard look at whether you can fix it, or want to fix it. If the answer is no to any of those parameters, end it.
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    You might be surprised to find that a simple lack of communication has allowed some minor issues to fester to the point where you aren't talking TO each other any more, but AT each other.
    "Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any
    Sense of compassion
    Between supposed lovers"
    (Schism -- Tool)
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    as someone else said.. if your asking us instead of asking him... maybe its getting there..

    go talk to him about it!
    me and Craig started arguing more and more about silly things and it was because we both had things we werent saying... kill or cure ...we talked and we decided splitting was for the best... but we were able to do so on good terms :)
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    It's rarely beyond fixing unless one party doesn't want to work at it.

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    Just break up.

    If I ever get banned from MFP "JustBreakUp" is going to be my new handle. Then I can just post arrows to myself.
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    Get a nice bottle of wine that you both enjoy. Set up a relaxing, no-distractions time. Tell him that it's important for the two of you to talk.

    Print out your original post, and read it to him, word for word. Then be prepared to talk honestly and listen openly. Be open to the suggestion, or perhaps make the suggestion, to do a little couples therapy.

    Then, as a couple, decide how you want to proceed. Even if the proceeding means not "as a couple" any more.

    This is the best advice I have seen.
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    Move on. Why hold onto something you if you have no incentive to anymore?
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    So many people make the assumption that relationships are 50/50. They are not. Both partners have to give 110% or things begin to fall apart. My husband and I are going through a rough patch... but our relationship is not going to just be tossed away because he made a SERIOUS mistake a long time ago, that I only just now found out about. He hid the mistake, and a huge wall was built between us, to the point that we have been more of roomates than spouses. We are both (now) committed to making our relationship work. This month we'll celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. I'm hoping that our next 13 years blow the first 13 out of the water! :)

    Seriously, though, if you are are both interested in saving your relationship, consider counceling or at minimum reading "love and respect." You both need to learn how to communicate in a healthy manner. I know... because that's what my husband and I are doing right now.

    Good Luck!
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    Accept the fact that you're wrong and he's right. . problem solved.
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    You admit that you are not without fault in what is causing the problems. You need to ask yourself : What do I need to do the fix this relationship? That might mean both of you compromising more. All relationships require tolerance and give and take.

    Otherwise, if you don't want to fix it - don't. Move on.
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    My theory is any relationship is repairable if you truly love the person.
    I would suggest trying to recollect all the great memories.
    Also sit down with the person and decide with him/her to make an effort to fix the relationship, see if you can get their buy in