Women - are you walking or jogging at 4mph?



  • castlerobber
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    I remember reading somewhere that it becomes more efficient for most people to jog rather than walk at right about 4mph.

    From what I've read, that point is around 12 minutes/mile (5 mph), at least when one isn't on a treadmill.

    I was a racewalker for several years. I could maintain around 11:40/mile in a 5K, or do a single mile flat-out at 10:30/mile pace. Any faster than that and I couldn't hold proper form.
  • broadway_Calls
    broadway_Calls Posts: 18 Member
    4mph is a walk for me, fairly fast but not speed walking (I am 5'8 though)
    I tend to jog at about 6.5 mph, and a fast run is just over 7.
  • GCLyds
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    I am short (5'1) and I walk 4 mph, and run 6 mph.
  • keeponkickin
    keeponkickin Posts: 1,520 Member
    I'm walking. I go to a slow jog at 4.8 and then start to run at 6.0
  • I walk out side at 4.0 and in the gym i walk 5.5.. and that isn't hard for me. :-)
  • LorinaLynn
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    My normal walking pace is 3.5mph. I'm still walking at 4 and 4.5 mph. I don't start running until 5mph, and my normal running pace is about 6.5 to 7mph.
  • TeriCounts
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    I'm 5'4" as well. 4.0 mph is a fast walk for me and more comfortable than jogging.
  • katevarner
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    I'm 5'3" and a fast walker--I'm walking until about 5.5 mph. Prefer to walk about 4.5 and jog at about 6. I'm incredibly competitive and feel like I'm hardly moving at all if I try to run under 5.5.
  • 4.2 @ 2% incline is jogging for me. I get plantar fasciitis, it kept me from running for 2 years, I have to be really careful about speed and incline. Monitoring my speed has kept me injury free since 2010.
  • algebravoodoo
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    4.2 @ 2% incline is jogging for me. I get plantar fasciitis, it kept me from running for 2 years, I have to be really careful about speed and incline. Monitoring my speed has kept me injury free since 2010.

    Ohhh, I have a wonderful friend who suffers horribly from PF ! My hat is off to you for managing yours and being able to keep training!
  • mikkimomof3
    mikkimomof3 Posts: 224 Member
    Fast walk...I am 5'5...start jogging closer to 4.5mph
  • mitchipooo
    mitchipooo Posts: 85 Member
    I'm just starting C25k and the walking is 3.7ish and my jog is 4.5ish. It's going to be a while before I get up to 5, but slow and steady wins the race right?
  • btor
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    I am 5'6ish... 4.0 is my warm-up walk. Last night I walked at 4.2 during my HIIT treadmill training, ran at 7.0. Essentially, I walk between 3.8-4.2 and run between 6-7 mph. Trying to speed up my runs! This is such an interesting topic... I didn't realize how much it could vary!
  • kathim429
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    I am 5'5". I am on the fence with this one too. I have short legs. I am on week 5 of C25K and 4 mph was a run for me but now...it feels like a slow jog. I got up to 4.7mph and it felt like a normal jog. I think 5 mph for me is going to be where I can truly say I feel like I am running.
  • happycauseIride
    happycauseIride Posts: 536 Member
    I'm 5'6" and I can walk it at 4.0. I have a short stride though, so I am really moving at that speed. I'm starting to jog and jog at 4.3-4.8.
  • I'm about 5'6 and around 4.3 mph I start jogging. I preferrably like my speed around 3.5-3.7
  • RobinvdM
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    Im 5'7" and am walking @ 4mph, and 4.2

    Im thinking the more frequently you do your 4mph "jogs" the better your chances at turning it into a walk. When I first started walking I couldnt get above 3mph without feeling like anything faster would mean me jogging. Gradually it built up to 3.5, then 3.8 now 4.0 is a comfortable treadmill speed for me, and 4.2 actually more of a workout pace. Im not looking forward to being forced to jog.
  • MariaMariaM
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    That is an easy walk speed for me. I start jogging after 5.5.
    I'm 5'4
  • heidibowling
    heidibowling Posts: 35 Member
    I definitely am running or jogging at 4mph. I am 5'6" so I don't know if that means anything in particular. My husband is a crazy fast walker so I could see how he might be able to walk that fast, but that is definitely jogging for me.
  • I walk fast at around 4.0-4.4

    At 4.5 on up I jog/run.