Who lost 100+ pounds WITHOUT surgery ?



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    It CAN be done! It takes PERSERVERENCE, hard work, and determination. You own your body, don't let it own you any longer!

    Friend requests welcomed if you are serious about changing your life! Get fit for life worth living!

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    I have almost come to close to 50 pounds lost without surgery...and moving into mode to lose over 100....I have thought about surgery and even have gone twice to meetings...But I am like NOPE your body was not made to be all rearranged..and the fact that I know I can do this on my own and change my lifestyle of eating ...I am loving myself more day by day and who I am becoming ...doing this the OLD FASHION way.
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    I lost 260 lbs with no surgery. Just watching my calories and exercising, a lot. The key is to make long term lifestyle changes. Nothing about doing it was quick or easy, but it was more than worth it in the end. Find that thing that makes you want to do this, and remember it every time you want to give up.

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    <--- this person has lost 126lbs and plan on losing another 20 without surgery. :)
  • surgery to adopt a healthy lifestyle... is it brain surgery??? because thats what does it.....

    im a big looser i lost 100 but have put 15 or so on due to muscle generation, i aint botherd :)
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    I have lost nearly 60lbs no surgery no pills no fad diets.

    Put in the hard work and patience and week by week you will see progress.

    Don't expect to lose in a couple of months, I know some have but I don't think that's the norm. I am losing bout bout 4-5lbs a month.
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    Hello...I am new to MFP and am finding alot of topics for support to people who have had bypass surgery. But, I am losing weight the old fashioned way...hard work, watching what I eat and exercising. I understand this will be a loooong process, hence why it is a life change NOT a diet. Would love to meet people who are/have done the same thing. I'm about a week and a half in and have lost 5 pounds so far. It's very hard for me to loose weight, I just look at a piece of candy and gain 10 pounds :-)

    that is awsome but i would just like to point out having weightloss surgery is not the way out, its not a quick fix it still involves allot of hard work just as much as losing it the " regular " way, for example with the lap band surgery over half of the people fail to lose weight with it because they dont not change their diet/ lifestyle they think its a quick fix and its not,. Good Luck to you with everything, you can do it it is possible, i just wanted to clear up the misconception
  • Wow - amazing reading everyone's story. I can relate to so many of them: emotional eater, need a hip replacement, done the weight loss thing before...

    I lost 100 pounds in a not so healthy way - on Medifast. I've lost the last 17 and maintained since July doing it the MFP way. I've also joined a gym, do water aerobics every week and started training to walk a half-marathon. It used to take me a half hour to limp a mile. Now I can walk a mile (still a slight limp, that hip still needs to be replaced) in 15 minutes on a great day; 16 on most. I think walking has been vital to me in this journey - I've learned I'm capable of so much more than I thought I was. I NEVER thought I could walk 9 miles in one day and feel okay after...and yet, that's just what I did last Saturday.
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    Me! 104 lb, 1 lb left to go :smile:

    Done by watching what I eat, exercising a lot (strength training and cardio), eating back my exercise calories, and have continued to include diet soda and chocolate in my diet.
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    I have. I'm more than halfway to my goal now. No surgery and no drugs. Just diet and exercise.
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    I have managed to lose over 100lbs between calorie counting and a food replacement diet. It is possible you just have to be determined Good luck!
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    I have 100+ to lose myself (originally 150+) and it does require hard work and sweat!! Please feel free to add me! We all need support :smile:
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    At the start of January 2010 I smoked 40 cigarettes a day and my weight hit 314 lbs. Since then I have quit smoking, changed my diet and started working out.

    I lost 114lb in 2010 and in 2011 I ended up hitting 174lb but I started to look a little bit like the walking dead. I have spent 2012 gaining about 20lb and I am currently 190.

    to succeed you have to make a commitment to living the rest of you life being healthy and active, eat good food, eat sensible portions and become active in your daily life, if you do these simple things it is easy to lose weight and more importantly to maintain weight BUT you have to change what you eat.

    Before March 2010
    Now July 2012
  • I have been overweight for the last 15 years and I don't expect it will change over night. I am also losing the weight without surgery. It is about making a lifestyle change and learn how much to eat more than depriving yourself. So far I am at 55 lbs although I have plateaued at that for a while I have lost inches. I do have more work to be done but I am certain I can do it with everyone's support Keep up the good work, and rely on your mfp friends to keep you upbeat and motivated. :smile:
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    132 LB without surgery. I think having weight loss surgery is a cop-out. Hard work and dedication will lose the weight.

    Congratulations on your amazing loss! :)

    I don't qualify to the original poster's topic (as I have not achieved a 100 pound loss and I have had surgery), but I have battled the weight battle most of my life. I've lost a lot of weight (75 to 80 lbs) and gained it back and then some several times (before surgery). I just want to say kudos to all who can do this without the aid of surgery. I think it is awesome you are achieving your goals.

    Every one is very entitled to their own opinion, and here is mine weight loss surgery is NOT a cop-out nor does it result in success without effort. There are four different bariatric surgeries that I know of all of which are a VERY SERIOUS DECISION to make. You don't just go into a doctor and say. "I want surgery." and it happens. There is a LONG process of information gathering on both the patient's and doctor's part. It isn't the "magic cure." It still takes hard work, dedication, lifestyle change and support or you can end up right back where you started.

    Sorry for butting in on a topic that wasn't meant for me right from the title, but I have a lot of weight to lose and am always intrigued by the many success stories I read here on MFP. I'm glad that MFP is here for everyone. It is a wonderful support system for all of us on a weightloss journey regardless of the "tools" we have to get us to a healthier self. I'm thankful for the wonderful friends I've made and that support me. Again, congratulations to all.
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    I am down over 100 and have about 50 left. I have found a lot of friends here over the past year who are doing this without surgery, and a few with surgery too. The most important thing is to find a good core group of friends willing to talk about the hard emotional stuff because there is a lot of that too! And without doing the inside work, I dont think the outside work will last.
    So very true. :)
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    103 total.. no surgery... 73 since the beginning of july. as of last monday.
  • I did it! :)
    Feel free to add! x
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    Hello, I am also losing the old fashioned way... My goal is 110 lbs. I have lost 50 so far. It is not easy, as you said.... Support helps, i also get ideas from others diarys. If you want, we can be friends and supportive of each other... I have a fairly small friends list and love to praise and support.... Have a great weekend.
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    92lb so far . . . . just another very stubborn and annoying 8lb to go!