460 days on MFP - 109 pounds gone! Pics



  • ckmama
    ckmama Posts: 1,668 Member
    wow you look awesome. You have my same body shape and just an inch taller so this is total motivation.

    My goal is 155 so I am glad to see how good 160 looks.
  • cgilles9
    cgilles9 Posts: 53 Member
    Wow! You look amazing!! Great job on your success!
  • semousse
    semousse Posts: 17 Member
    You look great! Congradulations on your results.
  • M_lifts
    M_lifts Posts: 2,224 Member
    wow you look amazing! also love how you inspire your girls too. well done!
  • shrinkingislander
    shrinkingislander Posts: 315 Member
    Now that is how you rock a little black dress. I'm also partial to the one with those snazzy sneakers, gotta love me some cardio.
  • ckhardeman
    ckhardeman Posts: 195 Member
    You look awesome!!!
  • fitnhealthymama2
    fitnhealthymama2 Posts: 34 Member
    You truly are amazing! Inspiring me every day!
  • ryansgram
    ryansgram Posts: 694 Member
    Wow, you look fantastic!
  • MandiK3
    MandiK3 Posts: 218 Member
    you look amazing!! :love: :drinker:
  • wendyj910
    wendyj910 Posts: 58 Member
    Good job! You are truly an inspiration!!
  • lauriem1966
    lauriem1966 Posts: 134 Member
    You look amazing! I haven't read the story of your spinal cord injury yet, but I will....I just wanted to say WELL DONE before I got distracted :)
  • Lemonaiding
    Lemonaiding Posts: 78 Member
    So amazing. So inspiring. I love it.
  • AngisBubis
    AngisBubis Posts: 25 Member
    Wow! Very motivating! You look GREAT!
  • m0ll3pprz
    m0ll3pprz Posts: 193 Member
    Thank you for sharing your amazing story and fabulous photos! You are a real fighter and your commitment has certainly paid off :-) You are a positive influence to your family, friends and all of those who read your post today! Congratulations and enjoy your continued success!
  • Krys_T
    Krys_T Posts: 1,406 Member
    You look amazing girl! Way to see it through!
  • You are very inspirational. God bless you health.
  • Lestina
    Lestina Posts: 2 Member
    God is so good. Keep up the excellent work!!
  • ZeeShay
    ZeeShay Posts: 1,132 Member
    so awesome!
  • 9410hayden
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  • CristyMusicLovr
    CristyMusicLovr Posts: 179 Member
    Wow! wow! You should be very proud of yourself!