What's the Best Healthy Recipe Website??



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  • trogalicious
    trogalicious Posts: 4,580 Member
    Unless it points back to a confirmed site, Pinterest is no use. I looked through a ton of the "healthy recipe" pins that were out there and a good portion of them were pinning stuff from generic tumblr posts that didn't provide any serving size information or no calorie/nutrient info. While it is possible to find good stuff on pinterest, I can't recommend it as a reputable source. Kinda like writing a paper and using wikipedia as your primary source.
  • CM9178
    CM9178 Posts: 1,272 Member
    Skinnytaste is my #1 favorite.
    I also really like Laaloosh, Emily Bites, Eat Yourself Skinny and SkinnyKitchen.
  • hifromjamers1984
    hifromjamers1984 Posts: 301 Member
    Tastykitchen.com has a healthy food section that I really like. Thanks for all the new webpages to check out!
    DMOMofTHREE Posts: 55 Member
    I've made a bunch of things of hers and the only one I didn't like is the chicken pot pie soup. Yuck! I will say that I sent the recipe to my boyfriend who made it, so I can't guarantee he made it correctly! haha. My favorite is the crockpot 3 bean turkey chili. I've made it 3 times already.

    Skinnytaste!!!!! except chicken pot pie soup, very bland
  • hnyb1212
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  • bootsandfros
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    i'm going to have to check these websites out.
  • freasabreze
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    I like skinnytaste.com I made the Stuffed Pepper soup for lunch. It was very yummy.
  • trogalicious
    trogalicious Posts: 4,580 Member
    I like skinnytaste.com I made the Stuffed Pepper soup for lunch. It was very yummy.
    We've had that for a few dinners this past week, it's incredible. It works well later in the week if you pop it back in a pan and reduce it down. Add a bit of plan greek yogurt and it's almost like a taco dip.
  • Any good sites for party food??
  • Amazon_Who
    Amazon_Who Posts: 1,092 Member
    I just ran across Slender Kitchen.


    I haven't tried any of these yet, but they look wonderful and there is a lot a variety. Calories and WW points are listed.
  • Clarissia_Nicole
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    eatingwell.com has a lot of amazing recipes! It's a little confusing to navigate though...
  • shellybob79
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    bump for later, cannot wait to check some of these websites out!!
  • AmesMc1972
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    Oooooh, I had forgotten all about skinnytaste! Glad I looked at this thread!
  • http://www.slimmingeats.com/blog/

    Lots of good healthy recipes
  • MELLY319
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  • AshlynG923
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    Lots of links to healthy recipes around the web