Things they never tell you about weight loss



  • 52in13
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    I just fit into a ring that I hadn't been able to wear in almost a year. And I am now joining the ranks of cold blooded animals in my office. LUV IT!
  • bahhumbug2
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    Can only tell you that for me, exercise makes me - plan on eating less for dinner since I don't like working out with a full stomach; - come home in a much better mood, so I'm not tempted to stress eat; - feel so much warmer that I don't want to crank up the thermostat when I get home.
    And I've noticed that after working out, a big glass of water does the trick, too.
  • lauren3101
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    Those of you feeling cold all the time:

    A lack of iron in your blood due to your new diet could be causing this. A quick blood test from your doctor can tell you if you have low iron in your blood. Pick up a daily iron supplement, or add iron to your list of things to track on your food chart and make sure you are getting enough.

    Is this true? Can anyone else vouch for this?

    I have just changed my settings so I can see how much iron I'm getting and for the last week, out of the 100 a day I'm allowed the max I've hit is 3!
  • Crookey21
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    My boobies are gone :sad:

    NOT THE BOOBIES!!! :sad:
  • annepage
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    Definitely colder than it used to be. For the most part, my grease no longer makes my stomach happy. Some of the food that I've tried that I used to crave, no longer tastes as good.
  • jnj1013
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    I can't just go shopping for clothes anymore, I have to order most of my clothes online because there are no smaller sizes carried.

    It's definitely a first world problem, but would it kill a retailer to have some size 2 pants in stock!

    It's mostly annoying because now that I am smaller, I thought shopping would be fun but it's just annoying :-)
  • cyoka13
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    My skin is sooooo soft and clear! However this might be more a product of better eating then the actual weight loss. Regardless, I like it!
  • kklotay
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    Agree with everything. I lost 30 lbs. before joining MFP. I was always cold and had to double up my blankets. Not anymore though. I guess your body adjusts with time. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe, new belts, new shoes, and new glasses. Did not mind buying new ones, but it was a little hard parting with my favourite pieces.
  • MrsPong
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    My biggest thing my heels were to big. I was so mad bc I loved them!
    It suprised me like when I got pregnant my feet were so fat, and afterwards also!
  • I get full very fast and can't finish my food. My boyfriend always ask if I'm gonna finish my food and I tell him that I can't. But I'm loving the journey though.

    That too. "Aren't you going to eat?" "Uh...I have?" "But you're only half done." "I will vomit all over you if I eat any more." "Oh...then...let's box that up!"

    I also have gone down band-sizes in my bra. Which is great but annoying, because those suckers are expensive!
  • Leeanne1974
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    The best unexpected thing for me was how I can manage to get to sleep early without tossing and turning. If I am tired at 9.30 I can sleep and do sleep till the morning. I get out of bed now without feeling that a Rhino has tapdanced on my back. Its great!
  • cmwhited6204
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    I agree that I am always cold and it is easier to find boots that fit my calfs properly.
  • floshideaway
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    Since losing weight, I’ve noticed a number of changes that had never even occurred to me may happen:

    Sleep is much less disturbed and I find I have a full 7-8 hours now rather than repeatedly waking up.
    I used to be ill all the time – now in the unlikely event that I do catch a cold, I’m over it in a day or two.
    If I eat a take-away, I can now taste the fat and grease in things I used to eat all the time without noticing. It’s horrible. (most of the time :laugh:)
    I’m cold. ALL the time.
    My body can’t handle binges any more. I used to be a compulsive binger, and now on the odd occasion I slip up, I get AWFUL stomach pains only an hour later.
    Rather than buy new jeans like I’d hoped, the first thing I had to change was my ring size. :laugh:

    Anyone else noticed anything you weren’t expecting?

    Except for the ring sizing I could have written this post, lol....
  • Kurrupt1922
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    I had to resize my ring
  • NCchar130
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    When you've spent most of your life being the overweight wallflower, it's hard to adjust to suddenly being noticed. That sounds so depressing but it's true lol Customers that I've waited on for a year are suddenly flirting with me, the guy in Starbucks is suddenly flirting with's weird lol Honestly, I'm uncomfortable with the attention and sometimes I wish they didn't see me that weird? lol

  • seamatt
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    You start being able to understand dog language and to a lesser extent cat. I used to think my pets just made noise.
  • Exercise is a natural appetite suppressant!
  • Juliejustsaying
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    I used to be hot all the cold all the time. I sleep with my new bf every night ---> new bf=heating pad. Old bf doesn't

    But the biggest thing I never expected is my tail bone hurts ALL the time now. I broke it about 15 years ago and apparently muscle doesn't pad as well as fat. So yeah, it hurts sitting on it. sucks, but I prefer it to being overweight.

  • lol me too
  • weston23
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    I have noticed all of these. On the positive side a lot of things are better! It’s easier to find clothes, sex is more enjoyable, and I don't hate looking at pictures of myself anymore.
    I also can identify with my ring size and being cold and the taste of crap food. I also have better sleep too, and I don't always need as much. Also I am more confident at work, now that I move quicker :)