what foods lead you to binge?



  • sarahg148
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    ANY carb rich food!!! I can eat a whole box of pasta and not blink...it just doesn't fill me up! Also ice cream...it's baaaaaaaad.
  • freasabreze
    freasabreze Posts: 98 Member
    Cookies are my weakness. Love crispy anything. Chips, tortilla chips, pretzels,
  • IlfirinLuthien
    IlfirinLuthien Posts: 17 Member
    Pasta and meatballs... Or pizza. Or just cheese. Loads of it...
  • shutterbug282
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  • Zieu
    Zieu Posts: 1 Member
    I have a couple: pizza, specifically the Two for Tuesday deal...I only have takeaway once a week, but if that day happens to land on a Tuesday, all bets are off. Why get one pizza when I could have two? Thus the second pizza is waiting in the fridge for me Wednesday morning, and that's how takeaway night sometimes lasts two days.

    Also, a packet of Oreos (I find it impossible to stop at one or two) or whenever I bake something sweet.

    How close physically the temptation is can also be a factor...if it's within arms reach, chances of me reaching over to have a couple are pretty good. My solution? When I realise I'm binging, I chuck it across the room. Sorted.
  • O man...binging is by far my WORST habit to overcome...I find myself binging when I'm around ****ty food in general...any time I'm out to eat it's like I use it as a license to over eat...pizza, greasy stuff, desserts...I've gotten better and it really helps to surround myself and ONLY go out with people who don't share the same problem.
  • mactaffy84
    mactaffy84 Posts: 398 Member
    For me, it would have to be potato chips and onion dip. Chips alone? No problem. Pair them with onion dip, and I'm in trouble. Yummy trouble, to be sure, but trouble.
  • I usually find I have developed good willpower when it comes to staying away from food or limiting myself (especially thanks to mfp and calorie counting). However I have to make sure if eating krispie kremes I buy just the one instead of a box as I would eat half a dozen then and there.

    What foods do you stay away from that would lead you to a binging session?

    ANY SWEETS...!! :-/ That's why I don't buy any...
  • ehorn625
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    CARBS! cookies and cake especially. I try to keep them out of the house!
  • Rethesa
    Rethesa Posts: 19
    Any Reese's products slay me. I am defenseless in their majesty.
    Also, carbs. Bread, pasta, pancakes, waffles, cereal, potatoes, chips, cake, rice, bagels, cookies...It feels unjust to deprive my body of massive quantities of their deliciousness.
  • 6size6
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    For me the biggie is any bread products. I can't stop at one slice.
  • ladyark
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    For me it would have to be cake or cupcakes. I have very little self control if there is more than a serving treat worth. I also love chocolates. As far as meal foods i can pretty much have self control with those. Just thinking about cupcakes now makes me want to go get one.
  • ang3h
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    Peanut butter..
  • jenj1313
    jenj1313 Posts: 898 Member
    Chocolate candy, cookies, cake, brownies, potato chips, ice cream, pie...
  • MelMoly
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    sigh.... wheat thins... it is seriously bad... I will eat an entire box at one time..
  • groversa
    groversa Posts: 450 Member
    Cookies. Just normal, chocolate chip cookies. Uh. So great.
  • deniseblossoms
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    Never realized it until this week but Pizza.
  • Panamajen
    Panamajen Posts: 5 Member
    Chocolate and potato chips
  • janeite1990
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    I cannot have pizza or popcorn without a Coke, which isn't really good.
  • janeite1990
    janeite1990 Posts: 696 Member
    sigh.... wheat thins... it is seriously bad... I will eat an entire box at one time..

    I agree...they are good, and they say Thin on the box, so you would think they would be ok. It is a conspiracy.