What Have You Given up?

Cp731 Posts: 3,195 Member
I used to drink 4 cups of coffee in the morn to wake up. Since I started MFP I am down to 2 cups. Eating healthier requires less caffiene apparently. All that food must have been weighing me down. I sleep better now and I have a lot of natural energy. What is the biggest difference you have noticed in yourself?


  • sarahxx68
    Not food, but excuses. I now force myself to get up and do my workout.
  • apriltrainer
    apriltrainer Posts: 732 Member
    I used to have a piece of chocolate cake every night from a local bakery. In reality this piece of cake was probably as big as 3 pieces of cake.. ..

    Now I save money and I am off the weightloss rollercoaster.
  • BrownEyeAngel
    BrownEyeAngel Posts: 331 Member
  • angelwings2000
    angelwings2000 Posts: 357 Member
    I have given up white, refined carbs. I now find myself getting full on much less calories and having a lot more energy!
  • Cp731
    Cp731 Posts: 3,195 Member
    Yea, I culd eat an entire layer cake in 2 days. My daughter would ask "hey, wheres all the cake?"
  • megsmom2
    megsmom2 Posts: 2,362 Member
    Nothing! I just make better decisions about when and how much.
  • Amber1070
    Amber1070 Posts: 106 Member
    No more junk food or sugar drinks. And no more excuses. I now exercise daily.
  • cmeiron
    cmeiron Posts: 1,599 Member
    I kept the morning coffees, but ditched the cream and sugar (lots of both) - I want the caffeine but I would rather eat those cals than drink them!
  • TheDarlingOne
    TheDarlingOne Posts: 255 Member
    2 weeks in - I find the biggest change, is my overall attitude.
    I tend to have a more cheery outlook on things. (must be not having fast food at least 1 meal a day every single day! lol)
  • babymaddux
    babymaddux Posts: 209 Member
    diet coke went first.
    then bread.
    then refined sugar :)
  • Snowbunny95
    Snowbunny95 Posts: 47 Member
    Soda! Regular and diet!
  • fishsticks913
    fishsticks913 Posts: 123 Member
    Pop, candy and the attitude. I have realized it is ME who has to change and ME who has to make the changes and ME who has to stop making excuses. So if I get on the scale and it is up... I pay the piper....there is no one else to blame.
  • EileenM63
    EileenM63 Posts: 3 Member
    Soda and other sweet drinks. Sugar and mood evened out and a wonderful bonus - the headache I use to get daily is no more.
  • CharRicho
    CharRicho Posts: 389 Member
    I used to have juice with every meal :S Not good, definitely have given that up.

    Also, I used to have a big bowl of ice cream after dinner (my husband seems to always scoop the same amount for me as he does for him, and of course I'd eat it). I've given that up but I've replaced that with Skinny Cow bars. Only 100 calories. And for a treat sometimes the Skinny Cow sandwiches, only 150 calories.

    Other than that, I don't think I ever ate THAT badly (never really ate fast food or junk food), but I've changed my portions quite a bit. Things like, I had no idea how many calories were in the peanut butter I was eating. I still eat peanut butter but not as much.
  • Shook765
    Shook765 Posts: 117 Member
    Soda and a ton of cream and sugar in my coffee
  • losing101in2013
    Cheesecake, fast food, candy, chocolate, ice cream......I suppose I COULD still have all these things, in moderation. But, right now I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I need to stay away for now so I don't go over board and completely fall off the wagon and lose any progress I have made. One day, I will be ready for cheesecake again.......just not today; and never again will I sit and eat an entire 6 inch cheesecake in one evening.
  • CassieReannan
    CassieReannan Posts: 1,479 Member
    Nothing, I still eat in moderation :)
  • SmartAlec03211988
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  • RoadsterGirlie
    RoadsterGirlie Posts: 1,195 Member
    Almost all fast food, with very few exceptions. French fries. Real sugar coke. I only drink diet coke if we are out somewhere.

    Other than those things, I haven't cut out much else. In the place of fast food, I cook at home, and drink coffee or water.
  • chelseybennett1
    chelseybennett1 Posts: 275 Member
    Pop, fast food and my ex-favorite food nachos!