Double bras, anyone?



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    I believe in wearing ONE well-fitting, heavy duty sports bra if you're larger than a D cup. I bought a Shock Absorber D+ Max a little under a year ago, with it being a little too tight in the band, and I'm just now ready to retire it for a smaller band/bigger cup size bra in the same model. Being able to jump around in comfort was well worth paying $46 for a bra that carried me through a year's worth of workouts.

    And with regular use, sports bras lose their maximum support after 6-8 months and should be replaced, anyway.
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    The new Victoria's Secret VSX line is amazingly good. No uniboob, good support, and good padding/comfort. i'm a C cup.
  • Im a DDD and I wear two Champian Sports Bras. for working out, I used to have a Nike bra that zipped up the middle that i LOVED and didn't have to double up on, but the Champion two work pretty good.
  • I double my sports bras. I'm a 34 D. it's pretty comfy and they stay in place, for the most part. I'd triple bra it if needed
  • Have you tried Moving Comfort bra's? Well worth the dinero.


    I'm a 34H and they are the best I've found.

    umm.. they only make them up to an E.
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    I have tried it all - double bras, all brands, types and the absolute most amazing bra I have found is Enelle - I should work for the company at this point as i tell everyone to buy it. It honestly makes my DD's look like perky round c's too! Really worth the price - you will no long need to wear two bras and you won't even notice any's that good. It is tight around at the bottom but I got used it quickly.
    trust me...just get this one!
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    I really can't afford the super supportive sports bras. So I just wear a regular underwire bra under a sports bra. Maybe I'm used to it but it doesn't seem too uncomfortable.
  • When I run, I usually use two bras (one light and one durable on top of each other) because I'm paranoid and I want it super tight. But, the best two bras I've used for running were:

    $58 Lulu lemon TaTa Tamer ( or Ebay)
    $60 Anita Extreme Control Sports Bra (available on Amazon)
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    Champion sports bra plus size zip front. Look for that i had it years ago and it was great I need to get another one.
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    I too am overly Thanks to the poster of this question. And thanks ladies for all the suggestions on bras to try. I will definitely be looking into some of these. I am also guilty of wearing a regular bra and a sports bra but I'm still not getting the support and "hold em down" non-movement I'm looking for. :grumble: So hopefully one of these suggestions will work.
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    I wear a regular bra under a sports bra. If i wear just the sports bra I will be rocking a uni-boob that bounces all over the place. :wink:

    ^this, I am an E cup and i have to wear a normal bra and a sports bra, and then i wear a tight top to help keep them still too
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    I felt like i was the only one with this problem, since all my friends have smaller chests! i've been doing the double bras forever and didn't want to spend hundreds on a really good sports bra.. but i need to look into this moving comfort because doubling on these bras, are causing discomfort and sometimes scaring .. =( thanks for posting this
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    34D here (32 in sports bras) and I bought and love the underarmour bra. Perfect amount of support and very comfy! A bit pricy, but I think it keeps the girls in place :)
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    It sucks, doesn't it!? I've always had to double up and they are a pain getting off. I just got the Fiona sports bra - a little pricey though, I think I paid around $40, but it is THE BEST one I have found so far. I can't imagine going back to double. It is well worth the price and I will be getting more and checking out where I can get them cheaper!
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    I'll have to check out the suggestions posted. I'm a F cup and right now I just wear two sports bras. Admittedly, I haven't invested in quality sports bras - I wear one Danskin with an Adidas on top. I don't care about the uniboob, as long as the sisters stay still.

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    I wear two sports bras because I don't find a regular bra comfortable to work out in. It may get uni-boobish (new word hah) sometimes, but I don't care as long as I get full non-moving support.
  • Nikki_42
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    When I run, I usually use two bras (one light and one durable on top of each other) because I'm paranoid and I want it super tight. But, the best two bras I've used for running were:

    $58 Lulu lemon TaTa Tamer ( or Ebay)
    $60 Anita Extreme Control Sports Bra (available on Amazon)

    Thanks for the tips, Anita Extreme Control Sports Bra looks tight/non-moving, which I like
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    Elomi and Freya both make some really great products for us well-endowed ladies (I'm a 38 FF!!) and they use seaming and underwires for support, so no uniboob. The extra expense was completely justified the moment I hit the pavement and I didn't feel like a bouncy, jiggly mess.
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    I'm a 42 DD and I like the Champion Powerback® Underwire Sports Bra. It's a bit of a pain to put on, but works great.

    I can usually find them on sale at the outlets near me.
  • The Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer is also amazing! I'm a D and it holds me in place without giving me uniboob. It has removable pads (not that you really need them) that help maintain shape and avoid any, um, poking out that you might experience with other sports bras. Plus the straps can be worn like a regular bra or crisscrossed in the back.