girls (or guys) who lift and grunt



  • oldernotwiser
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    I make a little noise too. Unfortunately, it's more of a whimper than a grunt.:ohwell:
  • jimmie65
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    For some reason, I find this discussion of women grunting and cussing a little exciting.
  • notenoughspeed
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    Yep. Grunted on my last set of my incline and regular bench presses tonight. I increased my regular bench press by 5 pounds though tonight. Very happy with that. I didn't even see if anyone was looking. I had Pandora cranking out techno in my headphones. I don't give a flip what anyone else thinks.
  • mamasmaltz3
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    I'm really glad I workout at home. I would totally be getting dirty looks.
  • EmilyJackCO
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    I huff and puff and cuss and fight... and then I cuss out my trainer if I still have breath left. Yesterday, I ended up just flipping him off after the lunge jumps. Inbetween 175lb sets on the leg press. People are used to hearing me grumble and tell my trainer he's under-weighting me. We crack people up around us, it's fun. Except when he makes me laugh when I'm in the middle of a bench press.... that gets dangerous. :devil:
  • lorenzoinlr
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    If you're working your *kitten* off and it's organic, let it out. Don't lie there like a dead fish either....
  • bostonwolf
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    I really don't care what people in the gym think of me. I keep clean, I put on deodorant before I go (I wish that was a more common practice) I put my weights back in the proper place, and I might occassionally make some noise when lifting heavy weights. If that annoys people, they'll have to live with it because there are far worse offenders than ma
  • __RANDY__
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    I grunt and moan and I make it look damn sexy.

    I need a video, to check your form of course ;)
  • ChrisR0128
    Better the occasional accidental grunt than the more dreaded workout FART!!!!!! LOL :blushing:
  • ninerbuff
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    People that look are either:

    Impressed with your work ethic


    Appalled because they don't challenge themselves in the same manner

    Either way, you got what you wanted done and that's really all that matters.

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  • Yanicka1
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    I grunt and moan and I make it look damn sexy.

    I need a video, to check your form of course ;)

    my "form".....sure :tongue:
  • danimalkeys
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    Not only is that useless for lifting (how can you keep your core tight for a competition squat when you are yelling on the descent?), I would have red lighted both of those as not deep enough... I can understand yelling at a meet to get psyched up. but when it's time to lift, you need to shut your mouth. I was always the quiet one, though I do believe I did a fist pump when I hit a personal best bench of 475. I yelled louder when my son deadlifted 610 lol.

    If you are doing sets of x amount of reps, then breathing in and out during the rep is ok. If you are doing heavy stuff, at least for me, there is no way I can exhale on the way up. I hold my breath and keep everything tight. Then I exhale, reset, and inhale for the next rep while at the top of the lift (for squats, at the bottom for deads) You want your core to be totally engaged on a heavy squat or deadlift and yelling or exhaling doesn't let you do that.
  • marywanoKC
    Yeah, I tend to curse or grunt quietly the last couple of reps. I've never noticed anyone looking at me sideways, so I don't stop or feel self conscious about it. I'm not yelling or dropping weights, so... *shrug*
  • denezy
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    I agree.... a little noise for the last reps is ok. But no loud extended groaning!!
  • mathjulz
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    Ha - I talk to myself on the last reps - the "come on, one more, push push…." It's generally under my breath (I hope! with earphones in, maybe I don't know for sure, oh my :blushing: :laugh: ). And I'm sure I grunt or something. I think it depends some on the gym, whether people care or not. But as long as it's not in the rules that you can't grunt, etc (planet fitness?) who cares what they think?
  • PamelaRae88
    I wish I grunted. I make a moaning noise and it's really awkward if someone hears. I'm struggling but it doesn't sound like it. :blushing:
  • HeidiMightyRawr
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    Yes I grunt a little when the reps get tough. It's not exaggerated or put on, it just happens when you're exerting yourself. Nobody looks though (maybe that's because loads of people do it in my gym)
  • 714rah714
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    grunting doesnt bother me unless its those annoying guys who YELL "AAAHHHH" when benching or deadlifting on every rep just so everyone looks at them and their manliness.
    Just a sad cry for attention
  • TrailRunner61
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    Don't worry about it. You're lifting weights...
  • agggie550
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    Grunt because you earned it .. it doesnt have to be last set last lift last anything, if you have to make a little noise to reach your potential then hollar, if people have an issue with that, well then they can all go work out at gym that doesnt have weights.