What's your worst craving?



  • jbbrannon
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  • Boomshakalaka01
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    Fettucini Alfredo
  • Tercob
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    Enchiladas, carnitas and potato tacos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually any taco but potato just the stuff!!!
  • Tercob
    Tercob Posts: 151 Member
    Enchiladas, carnitas and potato tacos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually any taco but potato just the stuff!!!

    my daughter saw me put this and said don't forget margaritas and bacon quesadillas

    hahaha, she knows me oh so well!!!
  • PEANUT BUTTER! I know it is healthy but I could eat it by the TBS by itself and do sometimes (I have no self controll).
  • alibeec75
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    Beer. I miss copious amounts of beer.
  • laydeneko
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    Sweets. Chocolate, carmel, ice cream, cookies, etc.
  • LOUSIANA PASTA CHICKEN FROM CHEESE CAKE FACTORY! HAHAHA OH AND A GYRO CHEESE BURGER! Havent had these things in a while, so Im scared to eat them at this point because my stomach may not like them as much as my mouth does. lol
  • blindedbyawesome
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  • SarahHebert1
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    Depends on the day.
  • fresh baked bread
  • michelletyler38
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    Probably the food fatty restaurant ranch and anything I could dip in it.... :blushing: Sweet potato fries, wing stop and their ranch and fries and dipping their fries in their honey mustard or their honey mustard fries and their lemon pepper fries. Chicken biscuits... Spicy chicken biscuits from chickfila and i used to CRAVE their chicken salad but I'm over that now. And brownies. :/:brokenheart: :sad:
  • michelletyler38
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    Crank, cocaine, alcohol and Cool Ranch Doritos!

  • Hmmm.... I'm noticing a trend. It's mostly sweet or salty but a rare lucky few with no cravings. What do people with no cravings eat usually?
  • teachmom32
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    Just came across this as I am having a huge craving for nachos right now! Also, I really miss potato chips. I love any kind of chips in general. Just had half a reese's peanut butter egg...thank God it's the last one in the house! Easter eating killed me. I was doing great with all my cravings, but then I opened up a bad can of worms by eating way more than I should have/ foods I shouldn't have on Sunday. Must fight the cravings!!!!!!!!
  • dexter4564
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  • KaraKramerRapp
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    My problem is i crave sweet things, and I'm a snacker. I don't like to sit down and eat a regular meal, but would rather put a few baggies of things in my lunch bag and snack all day.

    My newest thing is a serving of skittles in my pocket I can snag one every now and then when I'm craving something sweet. It goes into my food diary in the morning, and I snack on it all day long.
  • KaraKramerRapp
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    I don't have a weak spot for any foods. I don't get mad cravings for things. If I want to eat something, I fit it into my calorie goals and macros. I occasionally have meals where I don't bother to track, but I make sure that doesn't happen too often. If I want to eat something healthy, I eat a lot of it, and often, until I get bored of it. If it's something that's not so healthy, or that will make me go over if I eat too much of it, then I eat a small portion of it.

    deprivation leads to cravings.... forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. If you can move away from "forbidden fruit" mentality, you don't end up wanting to eat tons of forbidden fruit.

    Love it!!
  • AddieOverhaul
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    Pizza and chocolate.
  • KimberlyAndrews1
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    Chinese food, steak, pork chops, then salty foods & drinks, then sweets.